Choose a for antonym and s for synonym

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Unit #3 Warm Ups

Get out your goal sheet, review your goal from last week and evaluate how you did. Record whether you reached your goal on the line “Goal Reached”
Make a new goal for this week. Have it relate to your relationship with your parents. How can you improve that relationship?
Answer the following review vocab exercises:
Choose A for antonym and S for synonym.

1. abdicate - retain 6. affectation - pretense

2. abet - promote 7. affluent - destitute

3. abhor - relish 8. agenda - docket

4. abject - hopeless 9. aggregate - cluster

5. absolve - impeach 10. agile - lethargic

Vocabulary #3, Exercise #1
In each of the following groups, select the item that best expresses the meaning of the numbered word at the left.
1. ambience

a. formula b. concern c. atmosphere d. schedule

2. ambivalent

a. discourteous b. imaginary c. wealthy d. conflicting

3. anathema

a. throwback b. abomination c. champion d. illusion

4. anarchy

a. chaos b. poverty c. fear d. danger

5. amnesty

a. assemblage b. gap c. mannerism d. pardon

Grammar #7
Please identify the words below as ID for independent clause, DC for dependent clause, P for phrase.
1. Most countries already employ this system of weights and measures
2. While the changeover will probably take many years

3. The only people in the water

Vocabulary #3, Exercise #2

Complete each of the following sentences be selecting the most appropriate word from the group of words below.
allege anachronism alienate
anecdote allude anarchy
1. In the account he gave of his war experiences, he didn’t once___________ to the three decorations he had received for outstanding valor.
2. Since the American Indians didn’t have cigarettes, it would be an __________ to portray Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse puffing a Marlboro.
3. I know the senator is __________ to have accepted bribes and other favors in return for his political support, but so far none of these accusations has been proven.
4. In the late 17th century an Englishman named Samuel Pepys kept a diary that is full of amusing stories and _________ involving people who were prominent at the time.
5. “If you treat the people around you badly,” Anita observed, “you will eventually ____________ every last one of them.”

Grammar #8

Please identify the underlined portion of the sentence as I for independent or D for dependent. Also, identify the type of sentence as S for simple, CP for compound, CX for complex, or CC for compound-complex.
1. Earl is an ardent fan of baseball and football, but he abhors soccer.
2. When I went shopping, I could not find any shoes.
3. The Mountain View basketball team was very successful last year.

Vocabulary #3, Exercise #3

Classify each of the following pairs of words or phrases as S for synonyms and A for Antonyms.
1. alienate – antagonize 6. ambivalent – unequivocal

2. milieu – ambience 7. allude to – hint at

3. anathema – blessing 8. order – anarchy
4. anecdote – yarn 9. anachronism – throwback
5. claim – allege 10. immunity – amnesty

Grammar #9

Please identify the words below as ID for independent clause, DC for dependent clause, P for phrase.
1. Jane Austen is the author of Pride and Prejudice
2. In the account he gave of his war experiences
3. At the bottom of the ocean
4. While we waited at the Honolulu airport

5. Hawaii is an excellent vacation destination.

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