Chris Bairstow Director of photography Self shooting producer/ director


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Chris Bairstow Director of photography

Self shooting producer/ director

REEL EMAIL Tel +44 (0)77 11 67 23 02

DRAMA Seams Director - Leanne Savill HDCAM
Bloodcount  Director - Bernard Coughlan 35 mm


Emma's Last Date  Director - Chris Thomas HD P2

Aged 8 and Wanting a Sex Change – A Channel Four Body Shock Special

Zig Zag/ Channel Four. 1 x 60 mins doc

Highly controversial film about children as young as 8 years old wanting to change their sex.

3 weeks shoot in USA on HDCAM.

Director Alex Berk Exec Brent Baker Channel Four commissioning editor Simon Dickson
Seven Faces in Seven Days - Transparent TV/ Channel Five

1 x 60 mins doc . A team of top British plastic surgeons travel to Vietnam to perform life changing operations on children with severe facial deformities.

Director Suzanne Lynch Exec Richard Hughes

Bleach, Nip, Tuck – The White Beauty Myth Wildcard/ Channel Four. 2 x 60 mins obs/ docs, on the highly controversial topic of people from ethnic minorities undergoing plastic surgery so that they can look less ethnic and more western.

A major 2 part series by awarding director Krish Majumdar for 2009. Exec producer Narinder Minhas.

I’m Running Sainsbury’s Silver River/ Channel Four. Obs/ doc. Sainsbury's staff will try radical ideas to transform the company's stores in one of Channel 4's major factual entertainment series for this year

1 x 60 mins, part of series of 4 for 2009.

Director - Ed Kellie Series director Dave Nath Exec producer Dan Adamson
The Trust Hart Davies/ Channel Four. Bafta and Grierson winning obs/doc series on a NHS Trust hospital in Nottingham. 5 x 60 mins/ 8 months shoot.

Directors - Jonathan Smith, Jenny Crowther Exec producer Guy Davies Channel Four Peter Dale


Make Me Normal Century films/ Channel Four. Bafta winning obs/ doc on a school for autistic children.

Director - Jonathan Smith Channel Four commissioning editor Simon Dickson


Faking It - Drag Queen RDF/ Channel Four. Can an ex naval officer fake it as a drag queen in just 4 weeks?

Director - Jenny Crowther


Shipwrecked 2008,2009    RDF/ Channel Four. Sun, sea and.... in the south pacific


Wife Swap RDF/ Channel Four. Vegan wife moves in with fast food husband.

Poison Pen    Siguy/ BBC 1. The Story of a mysterious letter writer who terrorized a quite Yorkshire village for twenty years. Director - Norman Hull


A Salford Lad    AVP/ BBC2 Modern Times. A portrait of one of Manchester's most notorious gang leaders, this film has gone down in TV history because of events that happened on the last night of filming.

Director - Norman Hull Exec producer Stephen Lambert

Chris Bairstow Director of photography

Self shooting producer/ director

First Love, Second Chance ITV 1. How would you react to going on a date with your first love? Directors - Wendy Ottewill, Suzanne Lynch. 2 x 60 mins programmes.
One Life Mentorn/ BBC 1 obs/ doc. A mother and son both dying of cancer.

Director - Jonathan Smith

Dog Borstal series II, III, IV BBC 3. When dogs go bad. BBC Exec Clare Sillery


30 Minutes Mentorn/ Channel Four current affairs series. Including Carol Thatcher comparing Tony Blair's foreign policy with that of her mother’s. We were allowed unique access into both Parliament and the Foreign Office.


Amsterdam - City of Sin Hart Davies/ Channel Four obs/ doc series on sex, crime and art in Europe's sin city. 3 x 60 mins/ 4 months shoot.

Directors - Anthony Wonke, Mark Soldinger, David O’Neil

Real Life - Essex Social services Emergency Team Hart Davies/RDF ITV 1 x 60 mins obs/doc.

Director - Jenny Crowther Exec producers Stephen Lambert, Guy Davies


Baboon Woman (2009) – Location producer/ director

1 x 60 mins programme – Firecracker Films / C5, Animal Planet

I spent 6 weeks on my own filming the amazing work of South African baboon expert Karin Saks.(HDV)

Exec producer Mark Soldinger

The Great British Menu (2006) – Location producer/ director

20 x 30 mins programmes - Optomen TV/ BBC 2

I scripted and directed 40 x 3 mins video inserts of the celebrity chefs discovering the origins of the ingredients for their menus. (Sony Z1)

Exec producer Nicola Moody

The Dark Heart Of Italy (2005) – Director/ cameraman (including scripting, editing)

1 x 30 mins programme - Hart Davies Productions/ BBC 4

Writer/Journalist, Tobias Jones, explores his adopted home town of Parma to uncover the extremes and contrasts of Italian life. (PD 170)

Exec producer Guy Davies

Making Slough Happy (2005) – Location director/ cameraman

Series – Optomen TV/ BBC 2

Can a whole town be made happier? 6 happiness experts have 2 months to find out. (DSR 570)

Exec producer Nicola Moody

As an experienced director of photography my goal is to make visually and emotionally engaging films, so that the audience can fully immerse themselves in the world of the story and characters.


I have travelled extensively, visiting some of the most remote and hazardous countries of the world e.g. Vietnam, China, Russia, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Irian Jaya, Mexico, Cook Islands - South Pacific, South Africa.

I am experienced in using many different camera formats including film, HDCAM, HDV, DSR 570, Z1, mini cams and the latest P2 card cameras. I can light for both intimate interviews and larger drama sets.


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