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More than 24 years experience in programming and developing games and related software. Developed more than 45 commercially published games on numerous platforms, over many genres, in many languages. Strong project lead and project management skills. Broad, deep experience and understanding of the game development process, including design, pre-production, production, project management, engineering and QA. Flexible, adaptive engineer. A fast study. Highly motivated, self starter. Creative thinker and problem solver. Strong 3D skills. A generalist, with a preference for gameplay mechanics and AI. Fluent in lots of high and low level programming languages, including; C/++, Cg, Assembly, PHP, Java, PERL... Knowledgeable in many Platforms, SDKs and APIs, including; DirectX / XBox / Xbox 360 / XBLA, Playstation 2 and 3, PSP, Wii, Gameboy / DS, SunPlus SPG, Gamecube, J2ME / Brew, OpenGL.
Professional Experience
1997 - Present
floating.point developments. Simi Valley, CA.

Owner / Game Developer / Webmaster / Internet Consultant / Software Developer.

• Produced, Designed and Programmed Mythic Mahjong for Windows / DirectX. Currently in Beta.

• Programmer on PnP TV game (TBA), on the SunPlus (SPG, SPG288) platform. Programmed game engine / framework, and game content.

• Produced, Designed and Programmed Choo Choo Challenge for Windows / DirectX. Released non-exclusively through Oberon Media.

• On-going development and maintenance of "The Atomic Engine", and ”The Alchemist”. A 2D / 3D game engine and tools suite, for Windows / DirectX.

• Webmaster / Designer / Programmer for,,,, (The Swapz Network), (Pickled Arcade),, and

• Back-end server application design and programming, software architecture, web page design and programming and system administration.

1998 - Present
Mass Media Inc. / THQ Inc. Moorpark, CA.
Snr. Computer Programmer.

• Programmer on new title, TBA. Primary role as lead AI systems architect.

• Programmer on Stuntman: Ignition on PS3 for THQ.

• Programmer on Tetris Evolution on Xbox 360 for THQ. Primarily worked on network / multiplayer / Xbox Live.

• Programmer on Full Spectrum Warrior 2: Ten Hammers on PS2 for THQ. Network / multiplayer, gameplay, audio.

• Programmer on Full Spectrum Warrior on PS2 for THQ. Engine, gameplay, audio and optimization.

• Programmer on Metal Arms on PS2 for Sierra / Vivendi Universal. Engine, gameplay, visual effects and optimization.

• Programmer on Shrek Super Party on PS2 / Xbox / GCN for TDK. Gameplay.

• Programmer on The Lost Vikings (GBA), Rock n' Roll Racing (GBA) and Blackthorne (GBA) for Blizzard Entertainment. Engine, conversion of assembly to C, and tools.

• Programmer on Pac-Man Fever on PS2 / GCN for Namco. Engine, conversion of assembly to C.

• Technical Lead (US) Simpsons Skateboarding on PS2 for FOX Television. Technical management.

• Programmer on Bass Masters 2000 on N64 for THQ. AI and gameplay.

• Programmer on DS9: Dominion Wars for Windows / Gamespy for Simon and Schuster / Paramount.
• Mentoring and training of Junior programmers.

1997 - 1998
VRTO Inc. / Gametek / Interplay. Thousand Oaks, CA.
Snr. Software Engineer.

Lead Programmer for VR Football ’99 on Windows 95 / 98 (Unreleased).

• Support Programmer for VR Football ’99 on Sony Playstation.

1994 - 1997
Disney Interactive. Burbank, CA.
Snr. Software Engineer.

• Programmer on Toy Story Video Game on Windows 3.x / 95.

• Lead Programmer for Gargoyles on Sega Genesis.
• Technical lead / support for several internal and external projects.

1991 - 1994
ACME Interactive / Malibu Interactive. Westlake Village, CA.
Snr. Computer Programmer.

• Programmed Cliffhanger for Sega Genesis / Sega CD.

• Programmer on Batman Returns for Sega CD.
• Programmed Ex-Mutants for Sega Genesis.

1989 – 1991 Eurocom Entertainment. Ripley, England.
Co-Founder / Computer Programmer / Games Designer / Producer.

• Designed and programmed James Bond Jr. for NES

• Designed Magician for NES.

• Design and programming for proprietary development hardware and software for PC and Atari ST.

1988 – 1989 Core Design. Derby, England.

Co-Founder / Computer Programmer.

• Programmed Saint & Greavsie Football Trivia for C64.

• Programmed Action Fighter for C64.

• Design and programming for many proprietary tools.

1986 – 1988 Gremlin Graphics Software. Sheffield, England.
Computer Programmer.

• Programmed Skate Crazy for C64.

• Programmed Masters Of The Universe (The Movie) for C64.
• Programmed Re-Bounder for C64.
• Programmed Footballer Of The Year for Multiple platforms.
• Co-Programmed Future Knight for C64.
• Co-Programmed Bounder for C64.

• Design and programming for many proprietary tools.

• Programmed music and sound driver software for numerous platforms.

Freelance Work ..
1997 – 1997 Eclipse / Electronic Arts. Agoura Hills, CA.

• Programmed NHL ’98 on Sega Genesis.

1994 – 1994 Western Technologies (Adrenaline Entertainment). Long Beach, CA.
• Programmer on Spider-Man on Sega Genesis.
• "Fire fighting" and consultation work.

1991 – 1991 Gremlin Interactive. Sheffield, England.
• Programmed Hero Quest for NES.
• Programmed Dominion for Atari ST.

1988 – 1989 Codemasters Software. England.
• Programmed Advanced Pinball Simulator for C64.

1983 – 1986 Dream Software. Basingstoke, England.

• Programmed Mega Mall for C64.
• Programmed Mad House for C64.
• Programmed Pub Quest for C64.

Other Experience
I am currently the Technology Chair for the Los Angeles Chapter of The Foundation Fighting Blindness ( Responsibilities include; Website maintenance, working closely with the organizations centralized web services department, and information gathering and presentation for the Web and at Chapter meetings. I am also Information and Technology Co-Chair for the San Fernando Valley FFB Support Group.
1983 – 1985 Wilmorton College. Derby, England.

Studied Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and English.

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