Christ in Our Home Sample Briefing

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Christ in Our Home Sample Briefing

Revised March 4, 2016
Thank you for your interest in writing for Christ in Our Home.
Contributors to Christ in Our Home are selected on the basis of their demonstrated ability to write thoughtful, faithful, and concise meditations on assigned scripture texts. The majority of our readers are Lutheran and we expect the devotions to be consistent with Lutheran theological heritage and understanding of the Bible.
In order to be considered as a writer for Christ in Our Home, please write one meditation on Exodus 2:1-10 and one on Romans 6:1-11, following the Guidelines for Writers below. You will receive no payment for these samples. (If you are selected as a writer for the devotional, your assignment will be done on a work-for-hire basis.)
Submit the two sample meditations, your contact information, and the name of your home congregation to Please allow up to sixteen weeks for a response.
Guidelines for Writers
About the audience

Christ in Our Home is published by Augsburg Fortress Publishers. Nearly all Christ in Our Home readers are active in their congregations. Typically, they are familiar with the church year and worship regularly. On the whole, they know the Bible well and expect the devotions to be theologically sound. The majority of Christ in Our Home readers belong to congregations with 175-350 members. Most pick up their copies of Christ in Our Home at church. This devotional has a large-print edition.

Writing tips

  • The meditation must be based on the assigned text.

  • These meditations are very short. Choose one idea as your focal point!

  • Devotions that tell a story or are rich in image and metaphor are more memorable than devotions that explain.

  • Use your own experience if it genuinely relates to the text. Use an anecdotal approach to relate your experience, rather than presenting it as a lesson learned or as advice.

  • Watch for bias in your writing. Bias can be sexual, racial, socioeconomic, cultural, and even religious.

Christ in Our Home is read by people in many nations, so avoid thinking only in terms of those who live in the U.S.

• Avoid use of masculine pronouns when referring to human beings in general.

• Avoid using pronouns when referring to God.

• Balance the use of male and female examples in your stories.

After you write, ask yourself if your devotion will be meaningful to both men and women—married and single, old and young. Will it be meaningful to a person with a disability?

Preparing Your Samples

  • Include these elements in the manuscript for each devotion:

    • Assigned Bible reference

    • Title

    • Focus verse (verse or portion of verse taken from assigned text)

    • Body of the devotion

    • Prayer

    • Prayer Concern (an invitation to intercessory prayer related to the devotion you write)

  • The lengths for key sections of the devotion are given below as characters with spaces. Check character counts using the word count tool in your word processing software.

    • Focus verse: 90 characters with spaces, maximum

    • Body of the devotion: 1055 characters with spaces, maximum

    • Prayer: 100 characters with spaces, maximum

    • Prayer concern: 55 characters with spaces, maximum

  • Use the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

  • If you quote biblical material that is not part of the assigned reference, give a complete citation (book, chapter, verse).

  • Do not quote material from other sources.

  • Sample manuscripts must be created using word processing software. Name your file in this way: CIOH sample from your name

  • If you do not use Microsoft Word, please save your work as a “rich text file.”

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