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Cinderella Around the World (2nd Grade)

Date May 7, 2004

Unit Overview


Cinderella Around the World

Unit Summary

Students will study various cultural versions of Cinderella stories. Students will compare and contrast the stories as well as discuss the location and plot of the stories. Students will create a local version of a Cinderella story.


Essential Academic Learning Requirements:

 Reading GLEs:

2.1.7 Apply comprehension monitoring strategies during and after reading: summarize informational/expository text and literary/narrative text.

  • Summarize the events or information in informational/expository text with teacher guidance (e.g., the important characteristics of certain animals or plants presented in text).

  • Summarize the plot/message in culturally relevant literary/narrative text with teacher guidance.
  • Organize summary information from informational/expository text and/or literary/narrative text into a teacher-provided graphic organizer to enhance text comprehension.

2.2.3 Understand story elements.

  • Describe physical traits of characters and tell how they act.

  • Retell the important events of a story.

  • Describe the setting of a story.

Identify the speaker/narrator in a story.

KSD Curriculum Frameworks (or SLOs):

 Writing Focus

2.0 The student writes in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes.

 Language Arts:

1.0 ...apply word attack skills and use contextual cues to read and interpret factual information, plays, stories, and poetry, and to compare and contrast elements of a variety of literary genre including folk tales and fairy tales through Venn diagrams, group discussions, comprehension questions, illustrations, and creative drama

 Social Studies Targets:

 Science Curriculum:

 Middle Level Health and PE Curriculum:

KSD Technology:

 Student Tech Standards:

IV: The student as effective communicator through a variety of appropriate technologies/media.

  1. Publishing: Design, develop, publish, and present multimedia and online products using technology resources that demonstrate and communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside and outside the classroom

Learning Outcomes (Enduring Understandings) – (relates UBD worksheet 5.1)

Students will

  • Explain the cultural setting and characters of fairytale.

  • Compare and contrast story elements using a learning log

  • Apply the writing process to create a local version of Cinderella

  • Understand plot, setting, character traits and main ideas

Overarching Essential Question(s) – (relates to UBD worksheet 5.5 and/or 6.3)

How and why are cultural versions of Cinderella the same and different?

What components make a Cinderella story?

Evidence of Learning

Students will have completed a local version of a Cinderella story according to the components of a Cinderella tale.

Unit Implementation – Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction

Instructional Activities





Read Various Stories list given in book log,

After reading each story, students will add information into book log with teacher assistance (Gradually Release responsibility vary with ability level).

Evaluate individual stories.

15 min-20 min

Continuously throughout unit

Whole group

Informal Assessment

Create comment boxes in appropriate area on map where Cinderella story takes place. Place Title and area in comment box.


Whole group, or partners with older school buddies

Completion of map

After reading various stories, complete circle map of characteristics of what makes a Cinderella story

20 min

Whole group, individual

Completion of Circle Map

Compare and Contrast original Cinderella story to a cultural version

20 min

Whole group or partner choice a story

Completion of double bubble

Ask students which was their favorite version according to the options given in the excel spreadsheet. Discuss the graph that is created after completing the questions.

15 min

Whole group/


Informal assessment of participation

Which Cinderella is Which?

Students are to select the correct story from the drop down form after reading the riddle. Only some of the stories are covered in the riddles

25 min.


Assess students answers upon completion of form

Show PowerPoint to students, which is an explanation of final task, including rubric to assess final draft

20 minutes

Whole Group

Participation of viewing PowerPoint

List of Local Websites that may be helpful for students in creating a setting

30 minutes


Character Mapping-Students complete character map to help them to develop a local Cinderella story

1-2 days 25 minutes


Completion of Character Map

Local Version of Cinderella

Students are to write a local version of a Cinderella story according the specifications given in the rubric.

1 week, 20-30 each day


Completion of local version according to rubric

Accommodation Options

ELL / IP Students

Partner, visuals

Highly-Capable Students

Create a reader’s theatre of local version

Prerequisite Skills

Listening and writing

Materials and Resources Required for Unit

Adopted Print Materials: Various versions of Cinderella stories, see Book Log     

Adopted and other Audio/Visual:      

Supplemental Resources (including Internet resources): The following were resources used in the planning of this unit:

Teaching With Cinderella Stories From Around the World, Scholastic 2003.


Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed.)



 Projection System


 Video Camera


 Digital Camera


 Video Conferencing




Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)





 Internet Explorer




 Clicker 4



 Image Blender/Photo Editor


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