City of Melbourne Annual Report 2015-16

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City of Melbourne

Annual Report 2015–16

We are pleased to present the City of Melbourne’s Annual Report for 2015–16. This report describes the City of Melbourne’s performance over the 2015–16 financial year against the objectives of the 2015–16 Annual Plan and Budget and the four-year priorities of the Council Plan 2013–17.

The report is designed to meet our obligations under section 131 of the Local Government Act 1989. It also draws on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 framework for sustainability reporting, with a view to being able to report fully to core requirements of the G4 framework in future years.

The City of Melbourne has obtained external assurance for the financial and standard statements, as well as the performance statement contained in this report. External assurance was not sought on the GRI components of the report.

Visit City of Melbourne1 for more information about our activities, policies and plans for the future.

We value your feedback on this report because it helps us make our next report better. If you’d like more information about any item in this report, just contact us and ask.

Email your feedback or questions to

Write to us at:

Improvement and Program Integration, City of Melbourne, GPO Box 1603 Melbourne VIC 3001

Speak to a Customer Relations Officer on +61 3 9658 9658


City of Melbourne 1

Annual Report 2015–16 1

Welcome to the City of Melbourne 8

Fast facts 9

Our vision and goals 10

Year in review message from the Acting Chief Executive Officer 11

Message from the Chief Financial Officer 12

Highlights and summary of progress 13

2015–16 Budget key projects 17

Sustainability at the City of Melbourne 18

Events calendar 21

Council governance 24

Our councillors 29

Council planning framework 34

Our reporting framework 35

Performance against our goals 37

Goal 1: A City for People 37

Goal 2: A creative city 46

Goal 3: A prosperous city 52

Goal 4: A knowledge city 57

Goal 5: An eco-city 62

Goal 6: A connected city 70

a motorcycle plan 75

the Spring Street footpath at Collins Street 75

footpaths and a pedestrian crossing on Flinders Lane between Spring and Exhibition streets 75

the O'Connell Street pedestrian refuge at Peel Street 75

Goal 7: Resources Are Managed Well 76

Goal 8: An accessible, transparent and responsive organisation 81

Our organisation 86

Our functions 86

Finance and Procurement: Phu Nguyen 86

Technology Services: Colin Fairweather 86

Governance and Legal: Keith Williamson, Kim Wood (Chief Legal Counsel) 86

People and Culture: Clive Peter 86

Customer Relations: Joelene Schembri 86

Strategy and Partnerships: Alex Links, (Acting) Eamonn Fennessy 86

Senior Strategic Advisor: Geoff Lawler 86

Lord Mayor’s Chief of Staff: Amelia Bitsis 86

City Communities: Linda Weatherson 86

City Design and Projects: Rob Adam 86

City Operations: Geoff Lawler 86

City Economy and Activation: Martin Cutter 87

City Strategy and Place Kate Vinot 87

Senior Executive Team 87

Our people 88

Staff profile 90

Equality and diversity 92

Employee health and safety 93

Employee development and training 94

Involving the community in our decisions 95

Interacting with customers 97

Improvement 99

Our environmental performance 101

Risk management 104

Audit operations 106

Our partnerships and charters 108

Our procurement and supply chain 109

Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2016–26 111

Our reporting approach 111

Mapped ‘must report’ indicators from Local Government Act 1989, Council Plan 2013–17 and Corporate Risk Register 112

Staff workshop held to sense-check ‘must report’ issues, identify new ones and categorise and prioritise all issues 112

Outputs aggregated into final issues list and reviewed against the GRI principle of ‘completeness’ 112

List of issues reviewed by Annual Report working group 112

Issues approved by Annual Report leadership group 112

Global Reporting Initiative Index 113

Property holdings 120

Governance and management checklist 121

Local Government Performance Reporting Framework Performance Indicators 124

City of Melbourne 2015–16 performance statement 136

Annual Financial Report

2015-2016 153

Financial Statements 154

Comprehensive Income Statement 154

Balance Sheet 155

Statement of Changes in Equity 156

Statement of Cash Flows 158

Statement of Capital Works 159

Notes to Financial Statements 160

Introduction 160

Statement of compliance 160

Note 1. Significant accounting policies 160

Note 2. Budget comparison 169

i) Explanation of material variations 170

i) Explanation of material variations 171

Revenue 172

Note 3. Rates and charges 172

Note 4. Statutory fees and fines 172

Note 5. User fees 173

Note 6. Grants 173

Note 7. Contributions 175

Note 8. Net gain/ (loss) on disposal of property, infrastructure, plant and equipment 175

Note 9. Other income 176

Expense 177

Note 10. Employee benefit expenses 177

Note 11. Materials and services 177

Note 12. Bad and doubtful debts 178

Note 13. Depreciation and amortisation 178

Note 14. Borrowing costs 178

Note 15. Other expenses 178

Assets 179

Note 16. Cash and cash equivalents 179

Note 17. Trade and other receivables 179

Note 18. Other financial assets 181

Note 19. Inventories 181

Note 20. Other assets 181

Note 21. Investment in subsidiaries, associates and trust 182

Note 22. Property, infrastructure, plant and equipment 186

Note 23. Investment property 195

Note 24. Intangible assets 195

Liabilities 198

Note 25. Trade and other payables 198

Note 26. Trust funds and deposits 198

Note 27. Provisions 199

Note 28. Interest-bearing loans and borrowing 200

Equity 201

Note 29. Reserves 201

Other Disclosures 204

Note 30. Reconciliation from net cash provided by operating activities to surplus 204

Note 31. Reconciliation of cash and cash equivalents 204

Note 32. Financing arrangements 204

Note 33. Commitments 205

Note 34. Operating leases 206

Note 35. Contingent liabilities and contingent assets 206

Note 36. Superannuation funds 207

Note 37. Financial instruments 213

Note 38. Related party transactions 218

Note 39. Events occurring after balance date 222

Certification of the financial statements 223

City of Melbourne Annual Report 2015–2016

September 2016


This report is provided for information and it does not purport to be complete. While care has been taken to ensure the content in the report is accurate, we cannot guarantee it is without flaw of any kind. There may be errors and omissions or it may not be wholly appropriate for your particular purposes. In addition, the publication is a snapshot in time based on historic information which is liable to change. The City of Melbourne accepts no responsibility and disclaims all liability for any error, loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information contained in this report.

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