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Clark School Newsengine

1. Logging In

  • The newsengine requires you log in.

  • Where you log in depends on your department, institute, center, office, or other affiliation. Note the URLs begin with https and that they are case-sensitive:

Example: Aerospace (replace aero with your news acronym)

2. Your Privileges

  • You will not be able to log into another unit's "area" unless your account has been explicitly set up to do so.

  • By the same token, others will not be able to access your area (unless such privileges have been assigned), and those outside your unit will not be able to edit or remove any of your submissions.

  • Unlike the calendar, at this time, only those with accounts on the system may submit news.

  • There are at present two types of users in the system:

    1) Department Admin: Can add, edit, preview, publish, un-publish, and use any other options for any item for their designated department. People designated as Communicators will have this level of access. An email will be generated to Department Admins letting them know an event has been submitted, whether by themselves, or another department that is recommending an article. Example: Jennifer from Aerospace can fully manage all of Aerospace's news, and will receive e-mail notification any time any submitter checks the "Aerospace" box in the Submit To: field on the newsengine form. They may choose whether to accept the news for their site, or

    ignore it.

    2) Super Admin: Can add, edit, preview, approve, un-approve and promote to front page for any department. They will also receive event submission notifications for the department to which they are designated. Currently, this level only applies to Bari Mitchell, and Dale Morey. A Super Admin can be called upon to assist in emergencies where the usual Department Admin(s) are not available.

3. Some Basic Rules

  • Thumbnail images must be 80x120 pixels (including the border). Put a 1px black border around its edge.

  • Do not use a thumbnail-sized image as the one that appears with the full story.

  • Images that appear in the full story may vary slightly in size, but for best results use images that are at least 150px wide.

  • Please put a 1 px black border around any news images.

  • Do not use the tag in the body of an article.

  • Please consider using no picture instead of a poor one. The newsengine will automatically use a generic thumbnail image, and the full story will look fine, without an image.

4. Tips and Quirks

5. Reporting
Problems and Asking Questions

  • For questions concerning content, the media, writing style, etc., please contact Bari Mitchell at or x50236.

  • For questions regarding functionality (how to do something) and images, please contact Bari Mitchell (, x51418)

  • To report a bug or other system error, please e-mail Bari so she is aware of the problem.

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