Class Sample… Cinderella Story Map

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Class Sample…

Cinderella Story Map

Who -main- cinderella, prince, fairy godmother,

(characters) -middle-step-sister

-supporting- step-mother, king, queen, animals, dad

When -Once upon a time…

Where -Palace, castle, house


What -step-sister treated her badly.

(problem) -Cinderella wants to go to the Ball-clock strikes at midnight

-the Prince can’t find the glass slipper

-prince wants to find his true LOVE!

Why -it makes her feel bad

(Is it a problem…?) -she never gets to have fun

-the Prince wants to be happy
How -fairy Godmother helps.

(problem solved) -prince finds Cinderella

What -step-sisters are mean to Cinderella

(main events) -invitation to the Ball

-fairy Godmother comes to help

-clock strikes midnight

-prince finds the slipper

Name___________________________ Date: _______

Directions: Using your “My Original Cinderella Story Planning Sheet”, fill in and complete the Story Map below.
Cinderella Story Map










(Is it a problem…?)

(problem solved)

(main events)
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