Class Size: (23) and (21) Timing: 65 minutes

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Dripstone Middle school

English Lesson Plan

Learning Area: English

Year Level : 8

Class Size: (23) and (21)


65 minutes


Noah and Saskia

Curriculum Connections

In this unit, students read and view a television series script that explores significant moral or ethical questions. They listen to, read and view text excerpts relevant to the central ideas in the story. Students demonstrate their understanding of the story through short-response comprehension questions. (C2C)

Intended learning outcomes

At the end of the lesson students are expected to: LMQ 2
  1. Identify and name the different punctuation marks;

  2. Match punctuation marks to their corresponding meaning; and

  3. Apply correct punctuation marks in the sentences.


Students deliver a spoken persuasive presentation, arguing that their response to a moral or ethical question from the series is justifiable. LMQ 7

Prep (negotiation)

Prior to this lesson, students are given enough time to watch the movie Noah and Saskia. They were given opportunity to discuss it among their friends and teacher through the Edmodo online discussion. This way, students are able to outline their ideas and their responses to the assessment task which is to deliver a spoken persuasive presentation regarding the ethical or moral issues found in the movie. LMQ 1



Students will create the different punctuation marks making use of their bodies. Each will name the punctuation mark they demonstrate.


Powerpoint Presentation:

Students will participate actively as the teacher presents ideas on punctuation marks with the use of multi-media. Students will answer and participate actively in the discussion.


  • Multi-media LMQ 4

  • Powerpoint Presenatation


What are examples of punctuation marks?

How is it used in the sentence?

When is it best to use it?


Students are going to reflect on the correct usage of punctuation marks. They are going to check their written persuasive speech about the ethical and moral dilemma in the movie Noah and Saskia.


Teacher’s evaluation:

  1. Are my strategies effective?

  2. Do students actively involve and cooperate in the activity?

  3. What effective management strategies I need to do to motivate students in my class?

Richel Hernandez

Pre-service Teacher

3 September 2014


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