*Classroom News February 7, 2014

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*Classroom News*

February 7, 2014


Mrs. Noel

Room 109

Second Grade

Where Effort Creates Ability!

We earned 2 letters this week! We ROAR!


Important Dates:

2-14 Valentine’s


2-17 Presidents’ Day – SNOW DAY MAKE UP


Notes From Home:

Please include…

-Child’s first and last name
-Teacher’s Name




Week of

February 10th
Mon. - Library

Tues.- Computer

Wed.- Music

Thurs.- Art

Fri.- Gym



Next Week In:

***Language Arts***

Unit 4: Dream Big

Lesson 18

~ Story: “Ah Music!”

~ Spelling: oi and oy

~ Phonics: oi and oy

~ Comprehension: Locating Information and Reference Sources

~ Grammar: Number Words

Next Week In:


Unit 7: Patterns and Rules

Unit 8: Fractions
~ Finish Mid-Year Math Assessment

~ Lesson 7.8: Frequency Distribution

~ Lesson 7.9: Review and Assessment

~ Lesson 8.1: Equal Parts



February Birthdays
Mrs. Noel 20th

Valentine’s Day

I will send a class list home for valentines. There are 22 students in our class. We will decorate bags in class. Feel free to make a box at home and bring it in! If you would like to send in a sweet treat for Friday, we would appreciate it!


If you can dream it, you can do it.”
~ Walt Disney

Math Memo:

Ask your child about the “heads or tails” math game we played today!

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