Classroom Pages August/September Pre-Kindergarten Highlights

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Classroom Pages
August/September Pre-Kindergarten Highlights
The new school year has welcomed many new three and four year olds into the Pre-K classroom. They are eagerly learning each other’s names and are becoming fast friends. Songs, fingerplays, and musical games help them in the “get acquainted” process. A unit on Manners, reinforced by daily discussions, helps remind the children of proper behaviors. Senses play such a key role in our lives and in how we learn. Discoveries are being made in all five areas.

In Religion, they have come to realize that they are very special, each with their own differences and uniquenesses. God has made them, their families, and their friends. While listening to Bible stories, they have met Jesus and have seen Him as a friend. Practicing the sign of the cross and some short prayers is a daily ritual.

Storytime is one of their favorite times of the day. It is a quiet time when each child sits and listens the very best they can. They have met Corduroy, saw how Wemberley Worried, related to Owen and his blanket, experienced friendship with Gossie and Gertie, and laughed along with Roll Over. Names are very special as Chrysanthemum proved to them.

The children have begun our Rowland Reading Program, Happily Ever After.

They have listened to folktales and engaged in a variety of activities evolving from these classics. Practicing how to listen for different sounds and how to identify the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, and Dd have kept them busy.

The Number People are arriving in the Pre-K classroom. Mr.1, a scientist, and Miss 2, a doctor, are becoming their friends as they write them and make sets with them.

The three primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – have the children discovering not only in art activities, but in their show and tells as well. Discussing the different types of weather and how the seasons occur has been quite interesting. Learning some sign language provides the children with another way to communicate and another way to learn and share information.

Listening and following directions is an important part of each day. The students have become quite good at tracing their names. Practice makes perfect! School has become an interesting place where they can both learn and play.

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