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Clocks and More Clocks

Pat Hutchins
Book Description:
Mr. Higgins finds a clock in his attic and suddenly finds himself surrounded by more and more clocks, as he tries to keep track of time.
Academic Objectives:
M2M2. Students will tell time to the nearest five minutes and know relationships of time such as the number of seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour and hours in a day.
Brilliant Star Objective:

Deductive Inference: Students will be able to derive a particular observation or conclusion from a generalization based on logical thinking.

Readability Level:

  • Accelerated Reader ® level 2.3

  • Lexile Level: 440

Essential Question: How do I use a clock to show time?
Activating Strategy:

  • Tell students that they will be reading a book about clocks and which they will need to be able to tell the time from the clocks. Show a few different times on a large Judy clock and have students determine the time in order to get them focused on the concept of telling time.

Acquisition Lesson Activities:

  • Give each student their own little Judy clock. Students will be divided into four groups, assign each group to be a certain clock, one group will be the attic clock, another will be the hall clock, another will be the bedroom clock, and another will be the kitchen clock. The teacher will play the role of the “clockmaster.”

  • While reading the story, students should set their clocks to the appropriate time of their clock in the story. For example, when the hallway clock says it is 4:20, then the hallway clock group should all have their clocks to the time of 4:20.

  • Also while reading, the teacher should question the students and see if they know why every time Mr. Higgins looks at his clocks they all say a different time.

  • Once the story is over, the teacher should discuss with the class why the clockmaster told Mr. Higgins all is clocks were correct.

Extending/Refining Activities:
Have students write a similar story to the book that takes place at school. Students can work in pairs to come up with times for each clock that would be appropriate to use in their story. Example…”The music room clock said 10:20, but when we got to the classroom, the clock said 10:25!” Students should show deductive inference reasoning in their stories.
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