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Vol. 15 Issue 30 – 9th May 2013

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Twitter: @ClythaPrimary

Year 4 – Science

In Year 4 we have done a magnificent experiment. We made an eruption with our clay volcanoes! We mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar to make the eruption. It did smell in our classroom of vinegar but we were ok. We found out that the foam bubbles are full of carbon dioxide. It was very messy but it was fun! Caitlin and Christopher

Year 6 - Animations

In Year Six we have made ‘stop/start’ videos in the style of David Attenborough. We made a background out of a printed picture of Africa and green paper as grass. We used fishing wire, ingeniously, for making the animals jump. We tied the fishing wire onto one of the animal toys. We moved the animals a tiny bit each time and took photos so it would make it look like they were moving. Then we used ICT, putting them onto ‘photo story’ and then added music, using the new’ Acid Express’ program. The final touch was adding our ‘voice overs’, in the style of David Attenborough, again. Our feedback from critics was brilliant, giving us five stars and rave reviews! ‘MADAGASCAR’, here we come!

Robbie, Ben and Khalil

Netball SE Wales Finals

On Wednesday 1st May, the netball team represented Newport in the SE Wales Regional Finals at Caerleon Campus. The top 10 schools in SE Wales played matches throughout the day (2 schools from each of the Monmouthshire, Torfaen, Newport, Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent counties). As the day progressed, the team picked up their pace and applied superb skills to their matches. They lost against Ysgol Caerffili 3-1, lost against Georgetown (the overall winners) 7-4, won against Greenmeadow 13-0 and won against Castle Park 8-0. This put the team 3rd place in their pool and the next game against Beaufort Hill, they won 5-1. They were unlucky to lose their last match to Overmonnow 7-3 but were really pleased to come 6th in the overall competition. We are immensely proud of this result and of the way in which the netball team have developed since September. We would like to thank them all for their determination to improve their game and for always displaying superb sportsmanship to their own and other teams, win or lose. Huge thanks again to all parents who helped on the day. Any children interested in joining a netball club outside school, please see me for further information. Mrs Taylor

A Few Reminders …Nut Free School

Children have recently brought in peanut butter in their lunchboxes from home, causing our children with nut allergies great concern and anxiety. Please could families refrain from sending any nut products into school to help us keep all our children happy and healthy? Many thanks for your support.

School Shoes

Please could we ask that all children wear black or navy shoes to school, there are several children wearing trainers to school. Many thanks for your support

and finally Water Bottles

All children should be bringing a full water bottle from home each day. This is especially important on after school club days when they maybe outside for an hour in the warm weather.

Clytha Friends Association News

We have a newly established Events Committee who met with representatives of Clytha Friends Association last Friday to discuss Fun Day. It was a very useful meeting with the children giving some great ideas for new things for Fun Day on Saturday 29th June.

Special Mentions from Assembly on Friday 3rd May 2013

Reception – George for such super writing about planting seeds.

Jasmin Sandhu for being a wonderful nurse in our class clinic.

Attendance – Week Ending

3rd May 2013

REC –99.3%

Y1 – 99.7%

Y2 – 99.3%

Y3 –92.8%

Y4 – 98%

Y5 – 98.7%

Y6 – 88%

Winner –Y1

Year 1 – Zach for fantastic writing about the local area. Good boy!

Kirsten for working really, really hard at her reading and writing in school and at home. Well done Kirsten!

Year 2 – Junior for writing a super poetry using alliteration.

Isla for super work in maths this week.

Year 3 – Ben for being our maths ‘headband’ champion!

James for super speedy division solving in ‘Mathletics’

Year 4 – Jack for producing a fantastic Tudor menu using ICT.

Molly for producing a fantastic Tudor menu using ICT.

Year 5 - Finley for working so hard to complete all of his tasks.

Llewie C for such superb explanations in History and Science.

Year 6 – Ben for producing a superb ICT leaflet and all-round excellence.

Darcey for bringing extra home-learning to school and introducing us to Betty.

Dates for your Diary (new dates will be highlighted)


6th May May Day – School Closed

8th 22nd May National Tests in Reading and Numeracy for Year 2-6 children.

10th May Year 3 visit to Caerleon

14th May Y5 visit to St Woolos Cathedral

16th May Tennis Tournament for KS2 at Newport Tennis Centre

16th23rd May Book Fair in School

16th May Gilwern Parents Meeting at Clytha 5.30pm

17th May Open Day

21st May CFA Parents Meeting at school at 5.30pm – 6.20pm

22nd May Sports Day @ Gaer Primary School - afternoon

23rd May Y5 Class Assembly 9.15am

23rd May Parents evening for new EYU intake 5.30pm


School Meals for Week Commencing 20th May need to be ordered by Monday 13th May

7th31st May Half Term

5th June Malpas Fire Brigade to visit Reception Class

6th June Bag 2 School Collection

11th June Y4 Class Assembly at 9.15am

12th14th June Year 6 at Gilwern Outdoor Education Centre

20th June Y4 visit to Llancaiach Fawr

20th June Y1 Class Assembly at 9.15am

21st June Primary Schools Athletics @ Newport Stadium

25th June Y3 & Y4 Multi-skills Festival @ Newport Tennis Centre

26th June Y5 visit to Big Pit

26th June Y6 Class Assembly 9.15am

27th June Y3 Class Assembly 9.15am

29th June Clytha Friends Association Fun Day

3rd July Y3 & Y4 Multi-Skills Festival at Duffryn High School

3rd July Last week for Clubs

4th July Y2 Class Assembly at 9.15am

18th July Leavers’ Concert

22nd July INSET Day – School closed to pupils

2nd Sept INSET Day – School closed to pupils

3rd Sept Y1-Y6 children to return to school today

4th Sept EYU & Reception children to start today

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