Cms 111H: Atkins-Sayre Introductory Speech Purpose

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CMS 111H: Atkins-Sayre

Introductory Speech

Purpose:  The purpose of the speech is to introduce yourself to the audience.  This allows you to have a comfortable first speaking experience and to make speakers feel more comfortable as they learn something about their audience.

Due: Thursday, January 23


  1. The speech should be between 2-3 minutes long.  Make sure that you time your speech so that you know about how long to speak when you come to class.

  2. You can use notes for your speech, but limit what you put in the notes.

  3. Choose one important aspect of your life and build the speech around this theme.  In other words, this is not a hodge podge of information.  While you may include some basic information about yourself (name, major, hometown, etc.), you should mainly focus on the theme.

  4. You should have an introduction, body, and conclusion for the speech.

  5. Make sure that you practice the speech a few times before you come to class.  Force yourself to stand up, speak out loud, and only use your notes.  Also make sure that you time yourself as you practice. Consider using the Speaking Center for this assignment. It is not required, however.

  6. You should speak extemporaneously for this speech.  You should sketch out an outline and talk from that.  In other words, please do not memorize the speech or write it out word for word and read it to us.  Make sure to maintain eye contact with your audience.

  7. Be creative!  Think of a good way to begin and end the speech.  Use stories to make the speech interesting.
  8. Feel free to use visual aids if you think that you need them.

  9. There is no outline required for this assignment, but I’m assuming you are working from an outline.

  10. You will record your speech.


I mentioned in class that I am originally from Texas.  I might choose to give my introductory speech on being from Texas.  I could start my speech with a story (maybe something funny about Texas stereotypes).  I would then tell you some basic information about myself and give some type of thesis (what we will eventually call a preview or central idea) for the speech:  “Consequently, being a fourth generation Texan is a big part of my life.”  I would then explain that statement (in the body of the speech) using examples and stories.  Finally, in the conclusion, I would re-cap my thesis and end with some type of story or creative phrase.

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