Code Geass: Lost Colors Translation Days

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Code Geass: Lost Colors

Days (日目): 1 to 5

Times: Both Middays ()

Tokyo scene: Head Special Dispatch Trailer (特派ヘッドトレーラー)

Characters: Lloyd and Cecile
Scene Start
Location: 大学研究施設前: In front of university research facility/institute


  • Several huge military truck parked on a road in front of the school.

My translation: There were several military trucks parked on the road in front of the school.

  • According to the story of Solomon, located across from the school to college, that military research facility in lodgings.

  • It is said that according to the story of ミレイ Mr. across the campus University in that room is research facilities of the army.

  • I say that a research institute of an army lodges at the university which is across the school according to Mirei's talk.

My translation: According to Milly, there was an army research division being lodged at the university across the street from the school.

  • While seeing in this way, machinery and materials are carried in the university one after another.

My translation: While I was looking, machinery and materials were carried into the university one after another.

  • If you look closely, have a conversation with someone tall man dressed in white clothes like near the track.
  • Dressed in the track near white clothes like tall man the talk with someone.

  • Who a man of a tall figure who fits clothes like a white robe on a body near the truck is when it's often seen, I'm talking.

My translation: If you looked closely, you could see a tall man dressed in white clothes talking to someone near the back of the truck.

  • Obscure figure who is hiding behind a truck, like a woman.

  • The form of the partner can be close in the shadow of the truck, and it doesn't look good, but they seem to be a lady.

My translation: The other person was hiding behind the truck, but it seemed to be a woman.


  • "More important than that, this college ..."

My translation: More importantly, this university…


  • "Oh, the talk is passed. "

My translation: Ah, the negotiations are complete.

「そう? しかし、ランスロットごと追い出さなくてもさぁ……」

  • "Do you meet? But even if every Lancelot doesn't drive, well...,...,".

My translation: Really? However, if we can’t even drive out the Lancelot…


My translation: That’s true…


  • A man looked up at a building in a university.

My translation: The man looked up at the university building.

  • Even under such conditions, war and peace Ashford Gakuen seem alien enough.

  • Ashford campus seems without relation to the war, even under such situation as peaceful.
  • The ash Ford school which is so peaceful that even such situation bottom seems a war irrelevantly.

  • Peaceful ash Ford educational institution as it seems to be without relation to war under such a situation.

My translation: Under the current state of affairs, it seemed impossible for Ashford to have any connection with war or the like.
でも、すぐそばには戦争がある。 彼らをみていて、それを実感した……。

  • But there is very close to war. They try them, I realized that ... ....

  • However, there is a war in nearby soon. Because they were seen, it was actually felt …….

My translation: However, this country was currently very close to war. Because I saw them, I could actually feel it…

Scene End.

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