College of Southern Idaho Faculty Forum Minutes

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College of Southern Idaho

Faculty Forum Minutes


  1. Call to order: 1:03pm

  2. Introduction of guests (Administration and Board of Trustees)

  3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting (2 min): Clark Draney moved to approve minutes. Minutes approved.

  4. New Business

a. The “Voluntary Framework for Accountability” (Am. Assn. of Comm. Colleges),

Drs. Fox and Campbell (20 min): Dr. Fox explained the different approaches the state is going with the accountability piece of education. The Voluntary Framework for Accountability is an organization that seeks to tell the community college story. Dr. Fox showed a clip from the VFA’s website to explain its purposes. He also encouraged us to go to the website for our own information. All the community colleges in Idaho have chosen to work with the VFA. The State of Idaho is working with an organization called Complete College America. CCA looks at all the colleges as a whole for matters of retention and completion rates. It also acts as a link between high schools and college and assists with tracking graduates. Working with these organizations will help us answer the question, “How do we remain relevant?”

b. Bandwidth usage issues at CSI, Jay Sneddon (10 min): Jay spoke to the faculty about bandwidth uses on campus. We have two main pipes that supply bandwidth to the campus. One pipe is large and one pipe is smaller. Each of these pipes can get maxed during peak times of 10am-3pm. Jay encouraged faculty to download videos to a flash drive rather than stream them during class. (He likes “easy Youtube downloader” for doing this.) He also warned us that we get permission for downloading the materials on Youtube. He encouraged faculty to avoid using Pandora, online radio stations, Netflix, Hulu, online gaming, etc. This use slows things down in the classrooms and all over campus. Please also logout of the computers when you are done.

c. Changes in the Computer Skills Assessment at the Information Technology

Education Department, Lori Garnand (10 min): Lori described changes to the CSA exam. The test used to be 5 tests that took about an hour to complete each. The test is now 1 single test that takes about an hour to complete. Students will get 5 chances to take the test without any fee. Students will access to this test in June. Lori encourages the faculty to get students taking the test at the beginning of their college experience rather than waiting until the end. CSA will still be an option for students to take when necessary.

  1. Reports from special committees:

    1. Student course evaluation faculty survey, Randy Simonson (10 min): Please look for email from your department chairs.

    2. Update on Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, call for volunteers, Jim Woods, (2 min): Jim will send an email out to the faculty regarding this.

  2. Unfinished Business

    1. Faculty questionnaire, Jim Woods (5 min): Jim will send an email out to the faculty regarding this.

  3. Upcoming Forums

a. There will be no Faculty Senate Forum next month due to Spring Break

b. The final regularly-scheduled Faculty Senate Forum for Spring semester 2013 will be

held April 23, 1 pm

- hour-long presentation by the Office of the State Board, Complete College Idaho

- may be in a different location, watch for announcement.

VIII. Adjourn: 1:50pm

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