College Writing Journal Assignments: Collection #6: 6 entries: Due 1/17 at Final Exam Week of 1/8

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4/24/184/24/18 Collection #6

College Writing Journal Assignments: Collection #6: 6 entries: Due 1/17 at Final Exam

Week of 1/8

1/11: (#6) Complete your Overall Assessment.  Follow the Scoring Guidelines. All early exams must be shared by 2:07 today. Remember to bring your journal, example papers and final exam (and anything you will need to finish the final) to the exam period. (CWFinal). Extra Journal Entry Idea: Revise your short story.

1/10: (#5) Assess your journal (Journal#6).  Refer to the Journal Grading Criteria and follow the scoring guidelines.  Remember to be specific. Number Your Journal Entries!
1/9: (#4) Prepare a final copy of your short story. Put one copy in your journal and share a copy with me. (Early exams due Friday, 1/10.)
1/8: (#3) Complete the Course Evaluation section of your Self-Evaluation.  This section has two parts: the allotment of time in the course (Note this section is different than the midterm) and the course itself.  Follow the guidelines. Bring five clean best copies of your short story to class tomorrow for proofreading groups.

Week of 1/2

1/4: (#2) Assess your goals using the terms significant, satisfactory, fair or very poor (CWFinal2). Select a paper for each goal that illustrates your progress.  (Counts as two entries.) Follow the Scoring Guidelines.  Mention that you have five example papers! Bring 5 copies of your short story to class tomorrow for Revision groups.

1/3: (#1) Complete your Class Participation self-assessment (CWFinal2).  Follow the scoring guidelines.  Be specific.
Key: √+: Excellent entry √: Entry complete √-: Too short/incomplete ?: Entry missing

End-of-Semester Class Activities
Week of 1/15

1/17: Review returned short stories rubrics. Complete your final self-evaluation (CWFinal) in E102. Share the self-eval, the example papers and your journal (Journal#6) before the end of the period.

Week of 1/8

1/11: Read and write poems about food (Food Poems). Group hug.

1/10: Short stories shared? Share early exams. Review final exam assignment (CWFinal), due dates and criteria. Read "Where I'm From" (*WhereI'mFrom) and write a Where-I'm-From poem.
1/9: Review Short Story Proofreading Ideas (SSProofreadingIdeas) and share in proofreading groups of five or six people who not the same people you shared with yesterday. Start with different papers so everyone receives a few thorough readings.
1/8: Revise your short story in A102 by improving the mix of Description, Action, Dialogue and Interior Monologue mix where appropriate, incorporating the feedback from Friday's revision groups and using my suggestions on Print five copies for tomorrow's proofreading groups.

Week of 1/2

1/5: Review Short Story Revision Ideas (SSRevision Ideas).  Share short stories in groups of three or four.  Look at three areas identified by the author in addition to the beginning, the MDQ, the complications and rising action, the climax, the resolution and the emotional arc.  Look at the DADI mix.

1/4: Review the Short Story Rubric (CW SS Rubric), the line of the story (LIneof Story), MDQ and DADI (ElemntsofStry). Workshop student short stories.
1/3: Read "Just a Man" and look at how the main character changes from beginning to end (the narrative arc and the emotional arc) and how the author shows that change. Read "Pools of Green" as an example of convincing details and a subtle change or realization. Remember your stories must be submitted to


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