Com 110 overview purpose the overall purpose of the Communication and Critical Inquiry

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Describe how you felt

Before the speech:

During the speech:

After the speech:

Was your argument development effective? Why or why not? Did you notice any fallacies in your speech? If yes, what were they and how could they be corrected? Did you anticipate all key counter arguments on this topic?

How did you improve from your informative speech?

What do you feel you still need to improve upon for future speeches?
How well-prepared were you for this speech? What did you do to prepare? Was your use of evidence

effective (pay particular attention to the number of sources used as well as the three tests of evidence—

bias, timeliness, and credibility)? Did you follow the guide for citing sources orally in the speech?

What did the video of your presentation reveal that you were not aware of during your presentation?

Grade yourself and provide a rationale based on the grading criteria (use the back of this form if necessary):

Persuasive Speech Assignment

Option 2

Name: ____________________ Topic: _________________________________
Instructions: Please provide at least 15 constructive comments after viewing the video of your presentation. Provide scores for each section in addition to the total score.

Follows Outline Format

References correct/sufficient



Gained attention

Showed relevance of topic to audience

Established credibility

Introduced topic/thesis statement clearly

Previewed body of speech


BODY (30 pts.)

Main points clear

Strong evidence & supporting material

Organization effective

Argument development effective

Refuted counterarguments

Language precise, clear, powerful

Transitions effective

Sources are well integrated,

credible, & cited fully


CONCLUSION (10 pts.)

Audience prepared for conclusion

Purpose & main points reviewed

Closed speech by reference to

intro./other devices


DELIVERY (15 pts.)

Maintained eye contact

Used voice, diction, & rate for maximum effect

Used space, movement,

and gestures for emphasis



Topic challenging

Adapted to audience

Maintained time limits

Evidence of preparation & practice

Quality & relevance of visual aids

Was persuasive _______ pts.
TOTAL POINTS _____________________

Portfolio Assignment
The portfolio is a collection of material accumulated over the semester that represents your insights, observations, experiences and reflections on communication. This is your opportunity to see material evidence of your accomplishments. The portfolio will be turned in at the end of the semester, but you should keep up with the materials to be included as the semester progresses. In other words, keep everything! In addition, you will need these materials for your ENG course next semester. All materials for this class must be typed, double spaced, with no more than one inch margins and 12-point font.

_____ Your Communication Improvement Profile (CIP). This is a set of communication goals you would like to attain by the end of the semester. See attached handout (CIP). _____ pts.

_____ Speech Materials. These will include all relevant materials such as instructor evaluations, outlines, references, and peer and self evaluations for three speeches: informative, group presentation, and persuasive. See attached self-evaluation forms. _____ pts.
_____ Artifacts. These may include any phenomenon outside of class that are effective examples of course concepts discussed in class. Artifacts might include television shows, movies, newspaper articles, comics, guest speakers, personal conversations, etc. In a brief (one page) paper, you are to describe the artifact, link it to a communication concept, and analyze how the artifact is related to the communication concept. The first paragraph should discuss and/or describe the artifact in detail (who, what, where, when, how) and the second paragraph should identify (reference class discussions or text material) and analyze the communication concept being discussed. When appropriate, include the artifact with your paper. Each artifact will be evaluated based on writing, format, description, link, and analysis. How many? _____ @ _____ pts. each
_____ Final Synthesis Paper. In this paper, you will reflect on your progress over this semester in COM 110. You should compile your portfolio before you write this paper. As you look over the documents provided, identify at least three things you think you improved on the most, goals that were not met, and possible topics for revision in your ENG course next semester. Use the items in your portfolio as the evidence of the claims you are making and reference them in your paper. See attached handout (Synthesis Paper Assignment). _____ pts.

_____ Formal Appearance. The portfolio should have a formal appearance. All writing should be typed, double spaced and titled. Your portfolio should be displayed in a three ring binder (1”) with organizational tabs indicating assignment division. _____ pts.

_____ Video Tape. As discussed in class, each of your major presentations will be recorded. Don’t erase speech #1 when taping speech #2. You will want to review your progress and use the tape as “evidence” of your improvement in your synthesis paper. While both the informative and persuasive speeches will be taped on your own individual video, the Group presentation will be on a group tape and will need to be shared among group members for the self evaluation process.
Instructor Notes:

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