Commitment March 4th Grade Commitment

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4th Grade

Commitment: the hard work & loyalty that someone gives to an organization, activity, or person

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” Zig Ziglar
Materials: 1 copy of story “The Most Powerful Person in the Whole World” and small pieces of paper with a number on it (1-32)
Activity 1: “Shifting Spaces”

  1. Tell students to stand in a straight line.

  2. Give each student a number (not in order).

  3. Tell them the object of the game is to eventually have all the students stand in a straight line in numerical order.

  4. Here is the catch: the students can only move two at a time.

  5. The students cannot stand out of line, they can only move with the person next to them. THEY CANNOT BREAK OR GET OUT OF THE LINE!!!!!!

  6. If they get out of line, they have to sit out

Questions after the game:

  1. Does anyone know the definition of commitment? Discuss the definition stated above.
  2. How was commitment shown in this activity? Answer: committed to each other by staying in line, following the rules, staying patient, etc…

  3. Was everyone committed to working together in order to achieve the goal? Explain.

Activity 2:

  1. Read the story “The Most Powerful Person in the Whole World.”

  2. How does this story show commitment?

  3. Mentors: Share a moment in your life where you have shown commitment to a person, activity or organization. For example, “I have been in the band program for four years. I have been committed to both the directors and my fellow members because…”

  4. What can happen if we give up and don’t show commitment?

5. Ask students the following questions:

    1. How can we show commitment in our everyday lives?

    2. What are some things that you commitment to?

    3. What are some future things that you might commit to?

Lesson Plan Evaluation
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Was the lesson easy to read and understand buy the teachers?

Was the sequence of the lesson correct?

Were the activities easy to understand?

Were the students engaged throughout the lesson?

Did the students enjoy the activities?

Were the materials easy to use?

Were the visuals appropriate for the learners?

Were there adequate activities planned?

Was the lesson relevant to the learners?


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