Complete the following to earn the Bible pin and a brick on the

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Faith Foundations

The Bible

Complete the following to earn the Bible pin and a brick on the

Building Faith Foundations wall.

___ Do three weeks of Bible reading with your parents or grandparents. Bible

Bookmarks are available to help you with this. A new one is available each

week at the BFF table. (These do not have to be consecutive weeks.)

___ Share your favorite Bible Story with a creative retelling. Ideas include:

*create a comic strip

*create a short story

*act it out with friends or puppets

*create a song about the story

___ Be a lector at one of the services and read one of the lessons. Ms. Lori can help you and your parents schedule this. Practice with your parents at home.

OR Interview 5 people about what their favorite Bible story and Bible verses are and write them down.

___ Create a Bible Verse book with verses you learn in Sunday School and verses that are important to you. Ask your family and Calvary friends what their favorites are too and include them in your book.

Share this Building Faith Foundations project with Ms. Lori and she will gift you with your pin and help you put your brick on the wall!

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