Computer Glossary

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Computer Glossary

AA Auto Answer

AAB All-to-All Broadcast

AAL Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer

AAP Applications Access Point [DEC]

AAS All-to-All Scatter

AASP ASCII Asynchronous Support Package

AAT Average Access Time

ABC * Atanasoff-Berry Computer (First digital

calculating machine that used vacuum tubes)

ABEND Abnormal End

ABI Application Binary Interface


ABIST Automatic Built-In Self-Test [IBM]

ABLE Adaptive Battery Life Extender

ABR Available Bit Rate

ABRS Automated Book Request System [British Library]

ABS Address Book Synchronization [IBM] + Absolute

ABT Abort

ABTS ASCII Block Terminal Services

AC Autocheck + Automatic Computer + Alternating Current

ACAP Application Configuration Access Protocol

ACC Accumulator

ACCMAIL Accessing the Internet Via Email

ACD Automatic Call Distribution

ACDI Asynchronous Communications Device Interface

ACE Access Control Encryption/Entry +

Advanced Computing Environment [SCO] +

Adverse Channel Enhancements [Microcom] +

* Automatic Computing Engine

ACF Access Control Field +

Advanced Communications Function

ACH Automated Clearing House

ACIAS Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System

ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems

ACK Acknowledgment

ACL Access Control List

ACM Association for Computing Machinery

Audio Compression Manager [Microsoft]

ACMS Application Control Management System

ACP Ancillary Control Program + Auxiliary Control Process

ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACR Allowed Cell Rate

ACROSS Automated Cargo Release and Operations

Service System

ACS Access + Access Control Set + Access Control System +

* Advanced Computer System [IBM] +

Anti Curl System + Asynchronous Communication Server

ACTS Automated Computer Time Service

ACTT Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology [Seiko]

ACU Automatic Calling Unit

ACVC Ada Compiler Validation Capacity

A/D Analog to Digital

ADA Automatic Data Acquisitions +

(Programming Language named after Augusta Ada Lovelace)

ADB Apple Desktop Bus

ADC Adaptive Data Compression (protocol) [Hayes] +

Add with Carry + Analog to Digital Converter

ADCCP Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures

ADD Automatic Document Detection [WordPerfect]

ADF Automatic Document Feeder +

Automatically Defined Function

.ADF Adapter Description File (file name extension)

ADI AutoCad/AutoDesk Device Interface (driver)

ADL Address Data Latch

ADLAT Adaptive Lattice Filter

ADLC Adaptive Lossless Data Compression [IBM] +

Asynchronous Data Link Control

ADMACS Apple Document Management And Conrol System

ADMD Administrative Management Domain [X.400]

.ADN Add In Utility (file name extension)

[Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

ADO Active Data Objects

ADP Automatic Data Processing

ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation

ADR Address

ADS Application Development Solutions [AT&T] +

Application Development System +

Automatic Distribution System

ADSC Address Status Changed +

Adobe Document Structuring Conventions

ADSI Active Directory Service Interface [Microsoft] +

Analog Display Services Interface

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ADSP Apple Datastream Protocol

ADSR Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

ADT Abstract Data Type + Application Data Types

ADU Automatic Dialing Unit

AE Above or Equal

AEB Analog Expansion Bus [Dialogic]

AEC Architecture, Engineering, Construction

AES Advanced Encryption Standard

AESA ATM End System Address

AF Auxiliary carry Flag

AFA Accelerated File Access

AFC Automatic Font Change + Automatic Frequency Control

AFD Automatic File Distribution

AFDW Active Framework for Data Warehousing [Microsoft]

AFI Authority and Format Identifier

AFII Association for Font Information Interchange

AFIRM Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match

AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System

.AFM Adobe Font Metrics (file name extension) [Adobe Systems]

AFP Advanced Function Presentation [IBM] +

Appletalk Filing Protocol [Macintosh]

AFS Andrew File System (protocols)

AFTP Anonymous File Transfer Protocol

AGA Advanced Graphics Adapter

AGC Automatic Gain Control

AGP Accelerated/Advanced Graphics Port

AGRAS Antiglare-Antireflective-Antistatic

AGU Address-Generation Unit

AHS Automated Highway Systems

AI Analog Input + Artificial Intelligence

AIA Applications Integration Architecture [DEC]

AIC AIXwindows Interface Composer [IBM]

AIF Audio Interchange Format

AIIM Association for Information and Image Management

AIN Advanced Intelligent Network [Bell Atlantic]

AIR Architecture Implementation Review

AIS Automated Identification System [NCIC] +

Automated Information Systems

AISB Association of Imaging Service Bureaus

AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals

AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape (drive) [Sony]

AIX Advanced Interactive Executive [IBM]

ALC Arithmetic and Logic Circuits +

Automatic Level Control

ALE Address Latch Enable +

Application Linking and Embedding

ALGOL Algorithmic Oriented Language (see IAL)

ALIBI Adaptive Location of Internetworked Bases

of Information

ALINK Active Link [HTML]

ALIWEB Archie Like Indexing in the Web [Internet]

ALN Asynchronous Learning Network

ALR Advanced Logic Research, Inc.

ALT Alternate (mode)

ALT. Alternate lifestyle [USENET Newsgroup Category]

ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit

AMA Automatic Message Accounting

AMANDDA Automated Messaging and Directory Assistance

AMD Active Matrix Display + Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

AMI Alternate Mark Inversion +

American Megatrends, Inc.

AMMA Advanced Memory Management Architecture

[Everex Systems]

AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service

ANCOVA Analysis of Covariance

ANDF Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format

ANI Automatic Number Identification

.ANI Animated Cursor (file name extension) [Microsoft]

ANN Artificial Neural Network

.ANN Annotations (file name extension) [IBM]

ANOVA Analysis Of Variance

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANX Automotive Network Exchange [Chrysler/Ford/

General Motors]

AO Analog Output

AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment

AO/DI Always On/Dynamic ISDN

AOE Application Operating Environment [AT&T]

AOL America Online

AOS Add Or Subtract

AP Adjunct Processor + Application Processor

A/P Accounts Payable

APA Adaptive Packet Assembly +

All Points Addressable +

Arithmetic Processing Accelerator

APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report [IBM]

APAREN Address Parity Enable [IBM]

APCUG Association of PC User Groups

APDU Application Protocol Data Units

API Application Program Interface

APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (bus) [Intel]

APIS Advanced Passenger Information System

APL * A Programming Language (Mathematics)

APM Advanced Power Management [IBM]

APNIC Asia-Pacific Network Information Center [Internet]

APOP Authenticated Post Office Protocol

.APP Application (file name extension) [R:Base]

APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communications [IBM]

APPI Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking

APPLETS Applications

APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking [IBM]

APPS Applications

APRP Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing

APS Advanced Photo System + Advanced Printing Service [IBM]

Asynchronous Protocol Specification

APSE ADA Programming Support Environment

APT Address Pass Through +

Advanced Parallel Technology +

Automatically Programmed Tools

A/R Accounts Receivable

ARA AppleTalk Remote Access

ARAG Antireflective-Antiglare

ARAS Antireflective-Antistatic

.ARC Archive (file name extension)

ARCA Advanced RISC Computing Architecture

ARCnet Attached Resource Computer Network

.ARJ Compressed File (file name extension) [Jung]

ARL Adjusted Ring Length

ARLL Advanced Run Length Limited

ARM Advanced RISC Machine (processor) +

Annotated Reference Manual +

Asynchronous Response Mode

ARMA Association of Records Managers and Administrators

ARP Address Resolution Protocol [Novell]

ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

ARPL Adjust Requested Privilege Level

ARTA Apple Real Time Architecture

ARTIC A Real-Time Interface Coprocessor [IBM]

ARTS Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server

.ARTS Cultural Groups (Domain Name) [Internet]

ARTT Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal

ARQ Automatic Repeat Request

ARU Audio Response Unit

AS Autonomous System [Internet]

ASAI Adjunct Switch Application Interface [AT&T]

ASAP As Soon As Possible +

Automatic Switching And Processing

AS3AP ANSI SQL Standard Scalable and Portable

.ASC ASCII text (file name extension)

ASCC * Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator [IBM]

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASF Active/Advanced Streaming Format [Microsoft]

ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

ASIT Advanced Security and Identification Technology

ASL Adaptive Speed Levelling

ASLM Apple Shared Library Manager [Macintosh]

.ASM Assembler Source Language (file name extension)

ASMP Asymmetric Multprocessing

ASN Abstract Syntax Notation + Autonomous System Number

ASO Automated Systems Operations

ASP Active Server Page [Microsoft] +

Authorized Service Provider +

Association of Shareware Professionals

.ASP Active Server Page (file name extension)

ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface [Adaptec]

ASPS Advanced Signal Processing System

ASR Address Space Register + Automatic Send-Receive +

Automatic Speech Recognition

AST AST Research, Inc. (named from first initials of

the founders: Albert Wong, Safi Qureshey, Thomas Yuen)

AS/U Advanced Server for Unix

ASYNC Asynchronous

AS/400 Application System/400 [IBM]

AT Advanced Technology + Attention

ATAPI Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface

ATDP Attention Dial Pulse

ATDT Attention Dial Tone

ATE Automated Test Equipment

ATG Advanced Technology Group

ATH Attention Hang-Up (Modem command)

ATL Active Template Library

ATM Adobe Typeface Manager + Asynchronous Transfer Mode +

Automated Teller Machine

ATPS AppleTalk Printing Services [Macintosh]

ATR Automatic Terminal Recognition

ATS Administrative Terminal System +

Apple Terminal Services

AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph

ATTN Attention

ATTRIB Attribute (also ATR)

ATX Advanced Technology Extended [Intel]

ATZ Attention Restore configuration profile from

nonvolatile RAM (Modem command)

.AU Audio (file name extension)

AUDIT Automated Data Input Terminal

AUI Attachment/Autonomous Unit Interface

AUP Acceptable Use Policy [Internet]

AUTO Automatic

AUTOEXEC Automatic Execution

AUX Auxiliary + (First Serial Port)

AV Audio/Video + Audiovisual + Authenticity Verification

AVA Audio Visual Authoring [IBM]

AVC Audio Visual Connection [IBM]

AVD Alternating Voice and Data

AVG Average

AVI Audio Visual Interleave [Microsoft]

AVR Automatic Voice Recognition

AVT Applied Voice Technology

AWE Advanced Wave Effects [Creative Lab]

AWG American Wire Gage

AWK (Unix language named after its authors...

Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan)

AWS Advanced Workstations and Systems (group) [IBM]

AWT Abstract Window Toolkit [Java]

AX Architecture Extended + Automatic Transmission

BACP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol

BAK Binary Adaptation Kit [Microsoft]

.BAK Backup (file name extension)

BAL Basic Assembly Language

BALUN Balanced Unbalanced (device)

BAM Boyan Action Module

BAPI Business Application Programming Interface [SAP]

BARTS Bell Atlantic Regional Timesharing

.BAS Basic Language (file name extension)

BASH Bourne Again Shell [Unix]

BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BASM Built-In Assembler

BAT Block Address Translation

.BAT Batch Processing (file name extension)

BBS Bulletin Board System

BCC Block Check Character

BCC: Blind Carbon Copy

BCD Binary Coded Decimal

B-CHANNEL Bearer Channel

BCL Batch Command Language

BCN Beacon

BCP Best Current Practice + Bulk Copy Program

BCPL Basic Computer Programming Language

BCR Byte Count Register

BCS Bar Code Sorter

BDA Bios Data Area

BDC Backup Domain Controller

BDE Borland Database Engine [Borland]

BDLS Bidirectional Loop Switching

BDOS Basic Disk Operating System

BDR Bus Device Request

BDSL Broadband ADSL

BE Below or Equal

BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification

BEDO Burst Extended Data Out

BEL Bell

BELLCORE Bell Communications Research

BER Basic Encoding Rules + Bit Error Rate

BERT Bit Error Rate Test/Tester

BF Bad Flag

B/F Background/Foreground

BFF Binary File Format [IBM]

BFT Binary File Transfer


BGA Ball Grid Array

BGCOLOR Background Color [HTML]

BGE Branch if Greater or Equal

.BGI Borland Graphic Interface (file name extension)

BGP Border Gateway Protocol

BGT Branch if Greater Than

BHI Branch if Higher

BHIS Branch if Higher or Same

BI Binary Input

.BIB Bibliography (file name extension)

BiDi Bi-Directional

BIFET Bipolar Field Effect Transistor

BIFF Binary Interchange File Format

BIM Beginning of Information Marker

.BIN Binary (file name extension)

BINAC * Binary Automatic Computer

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain

BINHEX Binary Hexadecimal

BIOS Basic Input/Output System

BIS Business Information System

BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network

BIST Built-In Self-Test


BIT Binary Digit

BITNET Because It's Time Network

BITNIC Bitnet Network Information Center

BIU Bus Interface Unit

BIW Business Intelligence Warehouse [SAP]

BIX Byte Information Exchange (BBS)

BIZ. Business [USENET Newsgroup Category]

.BK! Backup (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

.B~K Backup (file name extension)

BKSP Backspace

BL Backlit + Bit Line

BLAST Blocked Asynchronous Transmission (protocol)

[Communications Research Group]

.BLD BASIC Bload Graphics (file name extension)

BLE Branch if Less or Equal

BLER Block Error

BLK Block

BLMC Buried Logic Macrocell

BLOB Binary Large Object

BLOS Branch if Lower Or Same

BMI Branch if Minus

BMIC BusMaster Interface Controller [Intel]

BMP Basic Mapping Support + Batch Message Processing Program

.BMP Bitmap (file name extension) [Paintbrush Format]

BNC Bayonet Neill-Concelman (connector used with

coaxial cable invented by Mr. Neill-Concelman)

BNE Branch if Not Equal

BNF Backus-Naur Form (also Backus-Normal Form) [developed by

John Backus and Peter Naur]

BNS Backbone Network Service

BO Binary Output

BoB Break-out Box

BOC Basic Operator Console

BOF Beginning Of File

BOM Basic Online Memory [IBM] + Beginning Of Message

BOND Bandwidth On Demand

BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol [Internet]

BOPS Billion Operations Per Second

BORPQU Borland Pro Quattro

BORQU Borland Quattro

BOS Basic Operating System

BOT Beginning Of Table + Beginning of Tape + Robot

BP Base Pointer

BPB BIOS Parameter Block

BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit

BPI Bits Per Inch

BPL Branch if Plus

BPP Bits Per Pixel

BPS Bits Per Second + Bytes Per Second

BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying

BR Bad Register

BRGC Binary Reflected Gray Code

BRI Basic Rate Interface + Brain Response Interface

BS Backspace

BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method

BSC Binary Synchronous Communication

.BSC Boyan Script (file name extension) [Boyan Communications]

BSCS Bachelor of Science (Degree) in Computer Science

BSD Berkely Software/Standard Distribution

BSF Bit Scan Forward

BSI British Standards Institute

BSM Basic Storage Module [IBM]

BSP Bulk Synchronous Parallelism

BSR Bit Scan Reverse

BS-RAM Burst Static RAM

BSS Block Started by Symbol

BSV BASIC Bsave Graphics (file name extension)

BSY Busy

BSYNC Binary Synchronous Communications (protocol)

BT Bit Test

BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]

BTB Branch Target Buffer

BTC Bit Test and Complement


BTP Batch Transfer Program

BTR Bit Test and Reset

BTS Bit Test and Set

BU Branch Unit

BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries [Janet]

BUF Buffer

BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server

BVH Base Video Handler

BWM Block-Write Mode

B2X Binary To Hexadecimal [REXX]

BYTE Binary Element String

C C Programming Language

.C C source code (file name extension) [C]

CA Collision Avoidance

.CAB Cabinet (file name extension) [Microsoft]

CAD Computer Aided Design

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