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CADD Computer Aided Design and Drafting

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CADD Computer Aided Design and Drafting

CADE Client/server Application Development Environment

CAE Client Application Enabler + Common Applications

Environment + Computer Aided Engineering

CAEX Computer Aided Exploration

CAG Column Address Generator

CAI Computer Aided Instruction

CAIRN Collaborative Advanced Interagency Research Network

CAL Calendar + Client Access License +

Computer Aided Learning

CALS Computer-Aided Acquisition in Logistic Support

CAM Common Access Method + Computer Aided Manufacturing +

Contents Addressable Memory

CAN Cancel

CAP Carrierless Amplitude and Phase-Modulation +

Central Arbitration Point +

Communication Application Platform +

Competitive Access Provider +

Computer Aided Publishing

.CAP Capture (file name extension)

CAPD Computing To Assist Persons With Disabilities [Johns

Hopkins University]

CAPE Concurrent Art-to-Product Environment

CAPS Capitals (Upper Case Letters) +

Cassette Programming System

CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries [Internet]

CAS Column Address Select +

Communications Application Specification +

Computer Aided Styling

CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering

CASL Crosstalk Application Scripting Language [DCA]

CASS Computer Assisted Search Service

CASSIS Classified and Search Support Information System

CAT Computer Adaptive Test + Computer Aided Testing +

Computer Aided Tomography +

Computer Aided Transcription + Concatenate

.CAT Catalog (file name extension)

CATS Computer Assisted Training System

CAT SCAN Computerized Axial Tomography Scan

CATV Community Antenna Television (this was the original

name for what is now known as Cable TV)

CAU Controlled Access Unit

CAV Constant Angular Velocity

CAVE Computer Automatic Virtual Environment

CBC Cipher Block Chaining

CBCR Channel Byte Count Register

CBDS Connectionless Broadband Data Service

CBEMA Computer and Business Equipment

Manufacturers Association

CBGA Ceramic Ball Grid Array

CBI Computer Based Instruction\Instrumentation

CBL Computer Based Learning

.CBL COBOL source code (file name extension)

CBMS Computer-Based Mail System

CBR Case Based Reasoning + Constant Bit Rate

CBT Computer Based Training

CBW Convert Byte to Word

CBX Computer-Controlled Branch Exchange

CC Cluster Controller

CC: Carbon Copy

CCD Charged-Coupled Device

CCFT Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube

CCI Common Client Interface

CCITT Comite Consultatif International Telegraphique et

Telephonique/ Consultative Committee for International

Telegraph and Telephone

CCL Connection/Cursor Control Language

CCP Console Command Processor

CCS Common Command Set + Common Communications Services +

Common Communications Support +

Continuous Composite Servo

.CCS Color Calibration System (file name extension)

CCSD Cellular Circuit-Switched Data

CD Carrier Detect + Change Directory +

Collision Detection + Color Display + Compact Disk

C/D Control Data

C2D Character To Decimal [REXX]

CDA Compound Document Architecture [DEC]

CDBT Compact Disk-Based Training

CDC Control Data Corporation

CD_CHRDY Card Channel Ready [IBM]

CD-DA Compact Disk -Digital Audio

CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface

CDE Common Desktop Environment + Complex Data Entry

CD-E Compact Disk - Erasable

CDF Channel Definition Format

.CDF Comma Delimited Format (file name extension)

CDFS Compact Disc File System [Microsoft]

CD+G Compact Disk plus Graphics

CD-I Compact Disk - Interactive

CDIA Certified Document Imaging Architect

CDL Computer Design Language

CDMA Code Division Multiple Access

CDMF Commercial Data Masking Facility [IBM]

CD-MO Compact Disk - Magneto Optical

CDOS Concurrent Disk Operating System

CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDR Call Detail Record + Call Detail Recording +

Common Data Representation

CD-R Compact Disk - Recordable


CD-RDx Compact Disk - Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard

CDRL Contract Data Requirements List

CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory

CD-RTOS Compact Disk - Real Time Operating System

CD-RW Compact Disk - Re-Writable

CDS Current Directory Structure

CDSA Common Data Security Architecture

CDSL Consumer Digital Subscriber Line [Rockwell]

.CDT Corel Draw Template (file name extension)

CD-V Compact Disk - Video

CD-WO Compact Disk - Write Once

.CDX Compound Index (file name extension) [Fox Pro]

CD-XA Compact Disk - Extended Architecture

CE Cache Enable + Chip Enable + Collision Elimination +

Convert Enable

CEG Continuous Edge Graphics

CEI Conducted Electromagnetic Interference

CELP Card Edge Low Profile (socket) [Intel]

CEMS Constituent Electronic Mail System

CEOP Conditional End Of Page

CER Canonical Encoding Rules

CERN The European Particle Physics Laboratory (initials

originally from Conseil European pour la Recherche


CERT Computer Emergency Response Team

CFB Cipher Feedback + Configurable Function Block

.CFG Configuration (file name extension)

CFM Code Fragment Manager [Macintosh] +

Cubic Feet Per Minute

CFR Computerized Facial Recognition

CFS Caching/Common File System

CFV Call For Votes [Bitnet]

CG Control Gate

CGA Color Graphics Adapter

CGE Common Graphics Environment

CGI Computer Generated Images + Computer Graphics Interface

CGI-BIN Common Gateway Interface - Binary

.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile (file name extension) +

Graph (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]

CGS Continuous-Grain Silicon

CHAP Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol

CHAR Character

CHAT Conversational Hypertext Access Technology [Internet]

CHCK Channel Check

CHCP Change Code Page

CHDIR Change Directory

CHFN Change Finger [Unix]

CHGRP Change Group

CHIPS Clearinghouse Interbank Payments System

.CHK CHKDSK (file name extension)

CHKDSK Check Disk

CHMOD Change Mode

CHOWN Change Owner

CHP Chapter

CHR Character

CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform

CHS Cylinder Head Sector

CI Component Interface

CIA Current Instruction Address

CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability

CICS/VS Customer Information Control System/

Virtual Storage [IBM]

CID Charge-Injection Device +


CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing

CIF Common Interchange/Intermediate Format +

Crystallographic Information File +

Customer Information Feed

CIFS Common Internet File System

CIM Common Information Model +

CompuServe Information Manager +

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CIO Chief Information Officer

CIOCS Communication Input/Output Control System

CIP Command Interface Port + Common Indexing Protocol

CIR Committed Information Rate

CIRC Circular Reference +

Cross-Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code

CIS Card Information Structure + Client Information System +

CompuServe Information Service +

Computer Information Systems + Contact Image Sensor +

Customer Information System

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing

CIT Computer-Integrated Telephony

CIVR Computer and Interactive Voice Response

CIX Commercial Internet Exchange +

Compulink Information Exchange

CJLI Command Job Language Interpreter

CKD Count Key Data (device)

CLAR Channel Local Address Register

CLASS Client Access to Systems and Services +

Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services +

Custom Local-Area Signaling Services

CLC Clear Carry Flag

CLD Clear Direction Flag

CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

CLI Call-Level Interface + Clear Interrupt Flag +

Client Library Interface + Command Line Interface

CLIB C Library

CLID Calling Line Identification

CLIST Command List

CLK Clock

CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol

CLOS Common Lisp Object System

CLP Cell Loss Priority + Constraint Logic Programming

.CLP Clipboard (file name extension) [Windows]

CLS Clear Screen

CLSID Class Identifier

CLTP Connectionless Transport Protocol

CLTS Clear Task Switch Flag

CLTV Constant Linear Time Velocity

CLUI Command Line User Interface

CLUT Color Look-Up Table

CLV Constant Linear Velocity

CM Centimeter + Control Mark + Corrective Maintenance

CMA Concert Multi-thread Architecture

CMC Common Mail Calls + Common Messaging Calls +

Communication Management Configuration +

Complement Carry Flag +

Computer-Mediated Communication [Internet]

CMD Circuit Mode Data

.CMD Command (file name extension)

CMF Creative Music Format

CNIDR Clearinghouse for Network Information and

Discovery and Retrieval [Internet]

CMIP Common Management Information Protocol

CMIS Common Management Information Services/System

CML Chemical Markup Language + Conceptual Modelling Language +

Computer Managed Learning + Current Mode Logic

CMM Capability Maturity Model

CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management Software

CMMU Cache/Memory Management Unit [Motorola]

CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

CMOV Conditional Move

CMP Compare + Computer

CMPS Compare word String

CMS Code Management System + Compiler Monitor System +

Conversation Monitor System

CMVC Configuration Management Version Control [IBM]

CMW Compartmented Mode Workstation

CMY Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (color model)

CMYK Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black (color model)

CNA Certified NetWare Administrator [Novell]

CNAPS Co-Processing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems

CNC Computerized Numerical Control

CNE Certified NetWare Engineer

.CNF Configuration (file name extension)

CNG Calling (tone)

CNI Certified Novell Instructor [Novell]

CNIDR Clearinghouse for Networked Information and Retrieval

CNN Composite Network Node

CNR Carrier to Noise Ratio

CNSS Core Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]

.CNT Contents (file name extension)

CNV Conventional (pertaining to Memory)

CNVT Convert

CNX Certified Network Expert

CO Central Office + Command Output + Convert Out

COAST Card On A Stick (module)

COAX Coaxial Cable

COB Chip-On-Board

.COB COBOL source code (file name extension)

COBOL Common Business-oriented Language (See HLL)

.COD Code List (file name extension)

CODASYL * Conference on Data System Languages (Group that

designed COBOL)

CODE Client-Server Open Development Environment

CODEC Coder/Decoder + Compression/Decompression

COEM Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer

COFF Common Object File Format [Unix]

COGO Coordinate Geometry (Programming Language)

COL Collision + Computer Oriented Language

COLD Computer Output to Laser Disk

COLL Collision

COM Component Object Model [Microsoft] +

Computer Output Microfilm

.COM Command (file name extension) +

Commercial Business (Domain Name) [Internet]

COM1 First serial Port (asynchronous port)

COM2 Second serial Port

COM3 Third serial Port

COM4 Fourth serial Port

COMDEX Computer Dealers Exposition

COMET Cornell Macintosh Terminal Emulator

COMP Compare + Communications

COMP. Computers [USENET Newsgroup Category]

COMSAT Communications Satellite Corporation

CON Console (includes Keyboard and Screen)

COND Condition

CONFIG Configuration

CONS Connection-Oriented Network Service

CONTONE Continuous Tone

COPICS Communications Oriented Production Information

and Control System [IBM]

COR Common Object Runtime

CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture

CoREN Corporation for Research and Enterprise Network

COS Compatible Operating System

COSE Combined Office Standard Environment +

Common Open Software/Systems Environment

COSMIC Computer Software Management and Information

Center [NASA]

COSMOS Computer System for Mainframe Operations

COSS Common Object Services Specification

COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf

CP Copy Protected

CPA Certified Public Accountant

CPC Constant Point Calculation

CPCS Check Processing Control System [IBM]

CPE Central Processing Element +

Customer Premises Equipment +

Customer Provided Equipment

.CPE Cover Page (file name extension)

CPG Clock Pulse Generator

CPI Characters Per Inch + Clock Per Instruction +

Common Programming Interface [IBM]

.CPI Code Page Information (file name extension) [MS-DOS]

CPI-C Common Programming Interface for Communications [IBM]

CPIO Copy In and Out [Unix]

CPL Current Privilege Level

.CPL Control Panel (file name extension)

CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device

CPM Critical Path Method

CP/M Control Program for Microcomputers [Digital Research]

CPS Characters Per Second + Cycles Per Second

CPT Command Pass Through

CPU Central Processing Unit

CPW Commercial Processing Workload [IBM]

CR Carriage Return

CRAM Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement

CRAYON Create Your Own Newspaper

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

.CRD Cardfile (file name extension) +

Chord (music file name extension)

CREN Computer Research Education Network +

Corporation for Research and Education Networking

CRF Cable Retransmission Facility + Cross Reference File

CRI Color Reproduction Indices

CR/LF Carriage Return/Line Feed

CROM Control Read Only Memory

CRT Cathode Ray Tube

CRTC CRT Controller

CRUD Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete

CS Chip Select + Clear to Send + Code Segment

C/S Client/Server

CSA Calendaring and Scheduling API [IBM]

CSAR Channel System Address Register

CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative Work

CSD Circuit-Switched Data +

Computer Services Department +

Corrective Service Diskette [IBM]

CSDS Circuit Switched Data Service

CSE Certified System Engineer

CSFI Communication Subsystem For Interconnection

CSG Constructive Solid Geometry +

Consulting Services Group [Lotus]

CSI Command Sequence Introducer + CompuServe Incorporated

CSID Call Subscriber ID

CSL Computer Sensitive Language

CSLIP Compressed Serial Line Interface Protocol [Internet]

CSM Code Set Map (file) + Communications Services Manager

CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access/with Collision Avoidance

CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/with Collision Detection

CSMS Customer Support Management System

CSN Card-Select Number

CSNET Computer Science Network

CSO Central Services Organization

CSP Certified Systems Professional +

Chip-Scale Packaging +

Commercial Subroutine Package +

CompuCom Speed Protocol [CompuCom] +

Communicating Sequential Processes +

Cross System Product [IBM]

CSPDN Circuit Switched Public Data Network

CSRAM Custom Static RAM

CSS * Continuous System Simulator (Language)

CSS Cascading Style Sheet [Microsoft] +

Contact Start-Stop

CSSM Client-Server Systems Management [IBM]

CS/SS Card Service/Socket Service

CSTA Computer-Supported Telephony Applications

CSU Channel Service/Switching Unit

CSV Circuit-Switched Voice +

Comma-Separated Value/Variable +

Common Services Verbs (interface) [Microsoft]

C&T Chips and Technologies

CTB Cipher Type Byte

CTC Channel To Channel

CTCP Client-To-Client Protocol

CTI Computer-Telephony Integration

CTOS Computerized Tomography Operating System +

Convergent Technologies Operating System

CTPA Coax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter

CTRCO * Calculating,Tabulating,Recording Company (The name of

this company was changed to "International Business

Machines" by Thomas J. Watson, Sr.)

CTRL Control

CTS Clear To Send + Computer Telephony Solution [IBM] +

Customer Telephone System

CTSS * Compatible Time Sharing System

CUA Common User Access [IBM]

CUB Cursor Backward

CUD Cursor Down

CUE Custom Updates and Extras (card) [Egghead Software]

CUF Cursor Forward

CUI Character-Oriented User Interface +

Common User Interface [IBM]

CUP Cursor Position

CUPID Completely Universal Processor I/O Design [AST]

.CUR Cursor (file name extension)

CUSIP Committee for Uniform Security Identification

Procedures [U.S. Treasury]

CUT Control Unit Terminal

CUTE Clarkston University Terminal Emulator

CUU Cursor Up

CVF Compressed Volume File

CVGA Color Video Graphics Array

CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association

CVT Convert

CVW CodeView for Windows

CWD Convert Word to Double Word +

Change Working Directory [Internet]

CWIS Campus Wide Information Service/System [Internet] +

Community Wide Information Service/System [Internet]

C2X Character To Hexadecimal [REXX]

CYL Cylinder

CYMK Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model)

D/A Digital to Analog

DAA Data Access Arrangement +

Decimal Adjust for Addition

DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting

DAC Data Acquisition and Control +

Digital to Analog Converter +

Dual Attachment Concentrator

DAD Desktop Application Director [Borland]

DAE Digital Audio Extraction

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