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DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence

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DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence

DAL Data Access Language [Apple Computer] +

Disk Access Lockout

DAM Data Acquisition and Monitoring


DAO Data Access Object [Microsoft]

DAP Data Access Protocol [DEC] +

Developer Assistance Program

DAPIE Developers Application Programming Interface Extensions

DARI Database Application Remote Interface [IBM]

DARMS Digital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols

DART Digital Audio Reconstruction Technology

DAS Decimal Adjust for Subtraction +

Dual-Attached Station

DASD Direct Access Storage Device [IBM]

DAT Digital Audio Tape + Disk Array Technology

.DAT Data (file name extension)

DATACOM Data Communications

DAV Digital Audio-Video

DAVIC Digital Audio-Visual Council

dB Decibel

DB Data Base + Data Buffer + Device Bay

dBA Adjusted Decibel

DBC Device Bay Controller

DBCS Delivery Bar Code Sorter + Double-Byte Character Set

.DBF Database (file name extension)

DBIS Dun & Bradstreet Information Services

DBM Data Base Manager

DBMS Data Base Management System

DBR DOS Boot Record

DBS Data Base Server +

Direct (to home) Broadcast (satellite) System

DBV Digital Broadcast Video

DB2 Database 2

DC Data Collection + Data Communication + Data Control +

Device Control + Direct Current

D2C Decimal To Character [REXX]

DCA Digital Communications Associates +

Document Content Architecture [IBM]

DCAF Distributed Console Access Facility [IBM]

DCAM Digital Camera + Direct Chip Attach Module

DCB Device Control Block + Disk Coprocessor Board [Novell]

DCC Data Country Code + Digital Command Control +

Digital Compact Cassette + Direct Cable/Client Connection

+ Display Combination Code

DCD Data Carrier Detect

DCE Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment +

Data Communications Equipment +

Distributed Computing Environment [OSF] +

Distributed Computing Equipment

DCED Distributed Computing Environment Daemon

DCF Data Communication Facility [IBM] +

Data Compression Facility +

Data Count Field [IBM] +

Driver Configuration File [Lotus]

D-CHANNEL Data Channel

DCI Display Control Interface

DCL Data Control Language + Declaration +

DEC Command Language [DEC] +

Device Clear + Digital Control Logic +

Digital Command Language [Digital]

DCOM Distributed Component Object Model

DCP Digital Light Processing [TI]

DCS Data Collection System + Data Control System +

Desktop Color Separation + Distributed Control System

DCT Discrete Cosine Transform

.DCT Dictionary (file name extension)

DCU Data-Cache Unit

DD Day + Digital Display + Double Density

DDA Distributed Data Access + Domain-Defined Attribute

DDB Device Dependent Bitmap + Device Descriptor Block

DDC Digital Data Channel [VESA] + Display Data Channel

DDCMP Digital Data Communications Message Protocol [DEC]

DDC1 Display Data Channel One

DDCS Distributed Database Connection Services [IBM]

DDD Data Definition Language + Direct Distance Dialing

DDE Direct Data Entry + Dynamic Data Exchange [Microsoft]

DDEML Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library [Microsoft]

DDF Display Data Channel + Dynamic Data Formatting [IBM]

DDI Device Driver Interface +

Digital Document Interchange + Direct Dial In

DDK Device Driver Kit [Microsoft Windows]

DDL Data Definition Language + Data Description Language

DDM Distributed Data Management

DDN Defense Data Network

DDNS Dynamic Domain Naming System

DDP Distributed Data Processing

DDR-SDRAM Double Data Rate-SDRAM

DDS Digital Dataphone Service [AT&T] + Design Data Sheet +

Digital Data Storage + Distributed Database Services

DDX Digital Data Exchange

DE Device End

DEA Data Encryption Algorithm

DEC Decrement + Device Clear + Digital Equipment Corporation

DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation Networking (protocol)

DEF Desktop Functional Equivalent [Compaq]

.DEF Definitions + Defaults (file name extensions)

DEFRAG Defragment

DEK Data Encryption Key

DEL Delete

DELSTR Delete String [REXX]

.DEM Demonstration (file name extension)

DEN Document Enabled Networking [Novell-Xerox]

DER Distinguished Encoding Rules

DES Data Encryption Standard + Data Entry Sheet

.DES Description (file name extension)

DET Device Execute Trigger

DEV Device

DF Data Field + Destination Field + Device Flag +

Double Flag

DFC Data Flow Control

DFM Design For Manufacturability [IBM]

DFP Digital Flat Panel

DFS Distributed File System

DFSMS Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem [IBM]

DFT Design For Testability + Diagnostic Function Test +

Discrete Fourier Transform +

Distributed Function Terminal

DFU Data File Utility

DGIS Direct Graphics Interface Standard

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DHL Dynamic Head Loading

.DHP Dr. Halo PIC (file name extension)


DI Data In + Destination Index

DIA Document Interchange Architecture [IBM]

DIB Device Independent Bitmap +

Directory Information Base +

Dual Independent Bus [Intel]

DIBOL DEC Business Oriented Language

.DIC Dictionary (file name extension)

DID Direct Inward Dialing

DIDS Distributed Intrusion Detection System

DIF Data Interchange Format

DIFFSENS Differential Sense

DIIP Direct Interrupt Identification Port

DIMM Dual In-Line Memory Module

DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm (German equivalent of EIA)

DIO Data Input-Output

DIP Dialup Internet Protocol [Internet] +

Digital Imaging Processing +

Dual In-line Package + Dual In-line Pin

DIR Directory (file)

DIS Draft International Standard +

Dynamic Impedance Stabilization [CompuCom]

DISA Data Interchange Standards Association +

Direct Inward System Access

DISP Displacement (offset)

DIT Directory Information Tree

DIV Divide

DIVE Direct Interface Video Extension [OS/2 Warp]

DIW D-Inside Wire [AT&T]

.DIZ Description In Zip (file name extension)

DL Download (also D/L)

DL/1 Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM]

DLC Data Link Control (protocol) [IBM] +

Distributed Loop Carrier

DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier

DLD Display List Driver

DLE Data Link Escape

DLL Dynamic Link Library

DLM Distributed Lock Manager + Dynamic Link Module

DLP Digital Light Processing [TI]

DLR DOS LAN Requester

DLS Data Link Switching [IBM]

DLT Digital Linear Tape

DM Distributed Memory

DMA Direct Memory Access/Addressing +

Document Management Alliance

DMAC DMA Controller

DMACS Distributed Manufacturing Automation & Control Software

DMD Digital Micromirror Device [TI]

DME Direct Memory Execution +

Distributed Management Environment

DMF Distribution Media Format [Microsoft]

DMI Desktop Management Interface

DML Data Manipulation Language

DMM Digital Multimeter

DMMS Dynamic Memory Management System

DMOS Double-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

DMP Dot Matrix Printer

DMPC Distributed Memory Parallel Computer

DMPP Distributed Memory Parallel Processor

DMQS Display Mode Query and Set [IBM]

DMS Data Management Software + Data/Document

Management System

DMSD Digital Multistandard Decoding

DMSS Distributed Mass Storage System

DMT Digital/Discrete Multi-Tone

DMTF Desktop Management Task Force

DMY Day Month Year

DN Down

DNC Direct Numerical Control

DNIC Data Network Identification Code

DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service

DNS Domain Naming System

DO Data Out + Distributed Objects

.DOC Document + Documentation (file name extensions)

DOCSV Data Over Circuit-Switched Voice

DOE Distributed Objects Everywhere

DOIP Dial Other Internet Providers [IBM]

DO-IT Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and


DOM Document Object Model

DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility

DOS Disk Operating System

DOSEM DOS Emulation

DOV Data Over Voice

DOW Day Of Week

DP Data Processing

DPA Demand Protocol Architecture [3Com] +

Document Printing Architecture

DPAM Demand Priority Access Method

DPAREN Data Parity Enable [IBM]

DPB Drive Parameter Block

DPC Direct Program Control

DPI Distributed Protocol Interface + Dots Per Inch

DPL Descriptor Privilege Level

DPM Digital Panel Meter

DPMA Data Processing Management Association

DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface [Microsoft]

DPMS Display Power Management Support

DPO Data Phase Optimization

DPS Document Processing System

DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying

DPtoTP Display Coordinates to Tablet Coordinates


DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus

DQL Data Query Language

DR Data Received

D/R Direct or Reverse

DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory

DRAW Direct Read After Write

DR.BOND Dial-up Router Bandwidth On Demand [NEC]

DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture [IBM]

DR-DOS Digital Research-Disk Operating System

DRDW Direct Read During Write

DRI Digital Research Incorporated

DRM Distributed Resource Management

DRO Data Request Output + Destructive Read-Out

DRS Document Registration System

.DRS Driver Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

DRV Drive

.DRV Device Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DVR)

.DRW Draw + Drawing (file name extensions)

DS Data Segment + Data Send + Data Server + Double Sided

D/S Dhrystone Per Second

DSA Digital Signature Algorithm + Directory System Agent

DSAP Destination Service Access Point

DSD Direct Stream Digital [Sony-Philips]

DSDD Double Sided, Double Density (diskette)

DSE Data Storage Equipment

DSEA Display Station Emulation Adapter

DSECT Dummy Control Section

DSHD Double Sided, High Density (diskette)

DSIS Distributed Support Information Standard

DSL Digital Subscriber Line +

Dynamic Simulation Language

DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

DSMA Digital Sense Multiple Access

DSN Delivery Service Notification

DSOM Distributed System Object Model

DSP Digital Signal Processing/Processor +

Directory Synchronization Protocol [Lotus]

DSQD Double Sided, Quad Density (diskette)

DSR Data Set Ready + Device Status Register +

Device Status Report

DSS Decision Support System + Digital Signature Standard

DSSI Digital Standard Systems Interconnect [DEC]

DSSS Direct-Sequencing Spread Spectrum

DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specifications Language

DSTN Double Supertwisted Nematic

DSU Data Service/Switching Unit + Digital Service Unit

DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data

DSW Data Status Word + Device Status Word

DSX Digital Signals Cross-Connect

D2T2 Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (printing)

DTA Disk Transfer Area

.DTA Data (file name extension)

DTC Desktop Conferencing

DTD Document Type Definition

DTE Data Terminal Equipment + Dumb Terminal Emulator

DTF Distributed Test Facility

DTL Dialogue Tag Language [IBM] + Diode-Transistor Logic

DTMF Data Tone Multiple Frequency + Dual Tone Multifrequency

DTP Desktop Publishing + Distributed Transaction Process

DTR Data Terminal Ready + Data Transfer Rate

DTSS Dartmouth Time Sharing System

DTV Desktop Video + Digital Television

DTVC Desktop Video Conferencing

DU Disk Usage

DUA Directory User Agent

DUAT Direct User Access Terminal

DUN Dial-Up Networking [Microsoft]

DUNCE Dial Up Network Connection Enhancement

.DV DESQview Script (file name extension)

DVC Desktop Video Conferencing

DVD Digital Video Disk

DVD-R Digital Video Disk-Recordable

DVD-RAM Digital Versitile Disc-RAM

DVD-ROM Digital Versitile Disc-ROM

DVE Digital Video Effect

DVI Digital Video Interactive

.DVI Device Independent (file name extension)

DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol [Internet]

.DVR Device Driver (file name extension) (Also see .DRV)

DW Data Warehousing

DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer

DWG Drawing

DWMT Discrete Wavelet Multitone

D2X Decimal To Hexadecimal [REXX]

.DXB Drawing Interchange Binary (file name extension)


DXC Data Exchange Control

DXF Drawing Exchange Format

DXI Data Exchange Interface

DYNSRC Dynamic Source

EA Effective Address + Extended Attribute [OS/2]

EAR External Access Register

EARN European Academic Research Network

EAROM Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory

EARS Electronic Access to Reference Services +

Electronic Authoring and Routing System [DEC] +

Explicit Archive and Retrieval System [Langley Research]

EATA Enhanced AT Bus Attachment

EAX Environmental Audio Extensions [Creative]

EB Exabyte (1,024 petabytes)

(One Billion Billion characters of information)

EBC EISA Bus Controller

EBCT Electron Beam Computed Tomography

EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code [IBM]

EBFM Electronic Business Flow Management

EBI Equivalent Background Input +

Extended Background Investigation

EBNF Extended Backus-Naur Form

EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer

EC Electronic Commerce + Error Control

ECAL Enjoy Computing And Learn

ECAT Electronic Card Assembly and Test [IBM]

ECB Electronic Codebook + Event Control Block

ECC Elliptic Curve Crypto + Error Check Code +

Error Checking and Correction + Error Correction Code

ECD Enhanced Color Display + Enhanced Compact Disk

ECHO European Commission Host Organization [Internet]

ECI External Call Interface

ECL Emitter Coupled Logic

ECM Electronic Control Module

ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association

ECNE Enterprise Certified NetWare Engineer [Novell]

ECP Enhanced/Extended Capabilities Port [Microsoft]

ECS Enhanced Chip Set

ECTL Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe

ECU EISA Configuration Utility

ED Erase Display

EDA Electronic Design Automation +

Embedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation]

EDB Embedded Database

EDC Electronic Digital Computer +

Enhanced Data Correction +

Error Detection and Correction

EDDC Extended Distance Data Cable

EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval

EDI Electronic Data Interchange +

Electronic Document Interchange [DEC]

EDIF Electronic Design Interchange Format

EDIFACT EDI for Administration Commerce and Transport

EDL Edit Decision List

EDLC Ethernet Data Link Control

EDLIN Editor (Line Text)

EDMS Electronic Document Management System

EDO Extended Data Out

EDOS Enhanced DOS for Windows

EDP Electronic Data Processing

EDPM Electronic Data Processing Machine

EDRAM Eraseable/Extended Dynamic Random Access Memory

EDS Electronic Data Systems (corporation)

EDSAC * Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer

.EDU Educational Institutions (Domain Name) [Internet]

EDVAC * Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer

(First stored-program digital computer)

EE Extended Edition [IBM]

EEC Extended Error Correction

EEG Electroencephalogram

EEL Epsilon Extension Language

EEM Extended Memory Management

EEMAC Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers of Canada

EEMS Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification

EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

EES Escrow Encryption Standard

EFA Extended File Attribute

EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFI Electromechanical Frequency Interference +

Electronics For Imaging

EFIGS English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

EFL Emitter Follower Logic

E-FORM Electronic Form

EFTS Electronic Funds Transfer System

EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol

EGREP Extended Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]

EHLLAPI Emulator High Level Language Application

Programming Interface [IBM]

EIA Electronic Industries Association

EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics

EIS Executive Information System

EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture

EJB Enterprise JavaBeans

EL Electroluminescent (display) + Erase Line

ELAN Emulated Local Area Network

ELC Embedded Linking and Control

ELF Executable and Linking Format +

Extremely Low Frequency

ELS Entry Level System

EM Electronic Mail + Emphasized + End of Medium +

Expanded Memory

EMA Electronic Mail Association +

Enterprise Management Architecture

EMACS Editing Macros [Unix]

E-MAIL Electronic Mail

EMB Extended Memory Block [LIM/AST]

EMBARC Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer


EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility + Enhanced Memory Chip +

E-Mail Connection + Extended Math Coprocessor

EMI Electromagnetic Interference

.EML Electronic Mail (file name extension)

EMM Expanded Memory Manager

EMR Electro-Magnetic Radiation +

Enhanced Metafile Record

EMS Electronic Mail System + Electronic Message Service +

Expanded Memory Specification [LIM]

EMSAPI Extended Messaging Services Application

Programming Interface

EMWAC European Microsoft Windows NT Academic Centre

.ENC Encoded (file name extension)

ENDEC Encoder/Decoder

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