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ENDS Ends Segment

ENIAC * Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and

Computer (First fully electronic digital computer)

ENQ Enquiry

ENSS Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]

EOA End Of Address

EOB End Of Block

EOC End Of Conversion

EOF End Of File + Enterprise Objects Framework

[Next Computer]

EOI End Of Interrupt + End Or Identify

EOJ End Of Job

EOL End Of Line + End Of List

EOM End Of Message

EOR Exclusive OR (Also XOR)

EOS Earth Observing System [NASA] + End Of String

EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System [NASA]

EOT End Of Table + End Of Tape (marker) + End Of Text +

End Of Transmission

EP Electrophotographic Engine

EPIC Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing

EPL Effective Privilege Level

EPLD Electrically Programmable Logic Device

EPM Enhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM] +

Enterprise Process Management [IBM]

EPP Enhanced Parallel Port

EPROM Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory +

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

.EPS Encapsulated PostScript (file name extension)

EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Files

ERA Extended Registry Attributes

ERAS Electronic Routing and Approval System [Hughes Aircraft]

ERD Emergency Repair Disk

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center [Internet]

ERLL Enhanced Run Length Limited

ERMA * Electronic Recording Method, Accounting

[General Electric]

EROM Erasable Read Only Memory

EROS Earth Resources Observation System

[U.S. Geological Survey]

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

ERR Error

ER/RC Extended Result/Response Code

ERU Emergency Recovery Utility [Microsoft]

ES Extra Segment

ESA Enterprise Systems Architecture [IBM] +

European Space Agency

ESC EISA System Component + Escape

ESCD Extended System Configuration Data

ESCM Extended Services Communications Manager [IBM]

ESCON Enterprise System Connection (Architecture) [IBM]

ESC/P Epson Standard Code for Printers

ESD Electronic Software Distribution +

Electrostatic Discharge

ESDI Enhanced Small/System Device Interface


ESF Extended Superframe

ESI End System Identifier +

Enhanced Serial Interface (specification) [Hayes]

ESMR Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio

ESN Electronic Security Number

ESP Emulation Sensing Processor +

Encapsulating Security Payload (header) +

Enhanced Serial Port [Hayes] + Enhanced Service Provider +

Estimated Selling Price

ESR Event Service Routine

ESS Electronic Switching System

ESU Electro-Static Unit

ET Enhancement Technology

ETACS Extended Total Access Communication System [IBM]

ETANN Electrically Trainable Analog Neural

Network (chip) [Intel]

ETB End of Transmission Block

ETC Electronic Toll Collection +

Enhanced Throughput Cellular (modem protocol) [AT&T]

ETF Enriched Text Format

ETOM Electron-Trapping Optical Memory

ETPL Endorsed Tempest Products List

ETS Econometric Time Series

ETX End Of Text

EU Execution Unit

EUC End User Computing + Extended Unix Code [IBM]

EUDORA (Named after author of story:

"Why I Live at the P.O.", Ms. Eudora Welty)

EUI End-User Interface

EVE Extensible VAX Editor

EVGA Extended Video Graphics Array +

Extended Video Graphics Adapter

EWAN Emulator Without A Good Name [Internet]

EWS Employee Written Software [IBM]

ExCA Exchangeable Card Architecture [Intel]

.EXE Executable (file name extension)

EXE2BIN Program used to convert an (.EXE) file to binary

format (.COM) file

EXM Enterprise Messaging Exchange [Lotus]

EXP Exponent

EXT External

EXTRN External Reference

E-ZINE Electronic Magazine

FAB Computer-Chip Fabrication Plant

FAC File Access Code

FAMOS Floating Gate Avalanche MOS

FANS Future Air Navigation System

FAP File Access Protocol

FAPI Family Application Program Interface

FAQ Frequently Asked Question

FARNET Federation of American Research Networks [Internet]

FASIC Function and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit

FAT File Allocation Table

FAX Facsimile

.FAX Fax (file name extension)

FC/AL Fiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop

FCB File Control Block

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCC: File Carbon Copy

FCCSET Federal Coordinating Council for

Science, Engineering and Technology

FC/EL Fiber Channel/Enhanced Loop

FCI Flux Changes per Inch

FCL Fibre Channel Loop

FCR FIFO Control Register

FCS Fiber Channel Standard + Frame Check Sequence

FD Floppy Disk + Floppy Drive + Full Duplex

FDC Floppy Disk Controller

FDDI Fiber Digital Device Interface +

Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FDISK Fixed Disk

FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing

FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access

FDX Full Duplex

FEC Forward Error Correction

FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notification

FED Field Emission/Emitter Display

FEFO First-Ended, First-Out

FEP Front End Processor

FEPI Front End Programming Interface


FeRAM Ferroelectric RAM

FESDK Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]

FET Field Effect Transistor

FF Flip-Flop + Form Feed

FFDC First Failure Data Capture [IBM]

FFS Fast File System

FFST First Failure Support Technology [IBM]

FFT Fast Fourier Transform + Final Form Text [IBM]

FG Floating Gate

FGREP Fixed Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]

FHS Fan Heat-Sink

FHSS Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum

FIF Fractal Image Format

FIFO First-In, First-Out

FILO First-In, Last-Out

FIP File Processor Buffering

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard

FIR Fast Infrared + Finite Impulse Response

.FIRM Business or Firm (Domain Name) [Internet]

FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

FIU Fingerprint Identification Unit [Sony]

FIX Federal Internet Exchange

FLA Four Letter Acronym

FLC Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal

FLD Field

FLL FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]

FLOPS Floating Point Operations Per Second

.FLR Folder (file name extension)

FMS Forms Management System

FMT Format

FMV Full Motion Video

FNT Font

FOCUS Forum of Control Data Users

FOD Fax On Demand

FOG First Osborne Group

FOIRL Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]

FOLDOC Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing

.FON Font + Phone + Phone Directory (all file name


.FOR Fortran source code (file name extension)

FORTH (Programming Language)(See HLL)

FORTRAN Formula Translator (Programming Language)(See HLL)

FOSE Federal Office Systems Exposition

FOSI Format Option Specification Instance

FOSSIL Fido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer

FPC Floating Point Calculation

FPCE Floating-Point C Extension (specification)

FPGA Field Programmable Gate-Array

FPLA Field Programmable Logic-Array

FPM Fast Page Mode

FPP Fixed Path Protocol + Floating Point Processor

FPR Floating-Point Register

FPS Favorite Picture Selection + Frames Per Second

FPT Forced Perfect Termination

FPU Floating Point Unit

FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]

FRAD Frame Relay Access Device +

Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler

FRAG Fragment + Fragmentation

FRAM Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory

FRC Functional Redundancy Checking

FRED Frame Editor + Front-End to Dish

FRPI Flux Reversals Per Inch

.FRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)

FS File Separator

FSB Front Side Bus

FSD File System Driver [OS/2]

FSE Full Screen Editor

FSF Free Software Foundation [Internet]

FSK Frequency Shift Keying

FSN Full Service Network

FSP File Service Protocol

FSR Free System Resources

FST Flat Square Tube (monitor)

F/T Full Time

FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management +

File Transfer and Access Method

FTL Flash Transition Layer [Intel]

FTM Flat Tension Mask [Zenith]

FTP File Transfer Protocol [Internet]

FTPD File Transfer Protocol Daemon

FTTC Fiber To The Curb

FTS Federal Telecommunication System

FTX Fault Tolerant Unix

FUI File Update Information

FUNC Function

FVT Full Video Translation

FYI For Your Information

GA General Availability

GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAL Generic Array Logic

GAPI Gateway Application Programming Interface

GART Graphics Address Relocation Table

GATT Graphics Address Translation Table

Gb Gigabit (1,024 megabits) +

(One Billion Bits of Information)

GB Gigabyte (1,024 megabytes) +

(One Billion Characters of Information)

GCC GNU C-Compiler [Unix]

GCCD Glass-Passivated Ceramic Chip Diode

GCR Group Code Recording

GDA Global Data Area

GDDM Graphics Data Display Manager

GDG Generation Data Group [IBM]

GDI Graphical Device Interface

GDLC Generic Data Link Control [IBM]

GDP Graphic Draw Primitive

GDT Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing +

Global Descriptor Table +

Graphics Development Toolkit

GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating System

GEIS General Electric Information Service (company)

GEM Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)

GENIE General Electric Network for

Information Exchange

GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit

GEOS Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]

GET Get Execute Trigger

GFI General Format Identifier + Ground-Fault Interceptor

GGP Gateway-Gateway Protocol [Internet]

GHZ Gigahertz

.GID Topics (file name extension) [Microsoft]

.GIF Graphics Interchange Format (file name extension)

GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out

GII Global Information Infrastructure

GILS Government Information Locator Service

GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

GIS Geographic Information System +

Global Information Solutions [AT&T]

GIX Global Internet Exchange [Internet]

GKS Graphical Kernel System

GL Graphics Language

G/L General Ledger

GLIS Global Land Information System [US Geological Survey]

GLM General Linear Models

GLOBE Global Learning by Observations to Benefit

the Environment [Internet]

.GLY Glossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]

GML Generalized Markup Language

GMP Global Mobile Professional

GMR Giant Magneto-Resistive

GMS Global Management System +

Global Messaging Service [Novell]

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GND Ground (signal/system)

GNN Global Network Navigator

GNU Gnu's Not Unix (operating system)

GNOME GNU Network Object Model Environment

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile

.GOV Governmental (Domain Name) [Internet]

GP Gas Plasma + General Purpose

GPF General Protection Fault

GPI Graphics Programming Interface

GPIB General Purpose Information/Interface Bus

GPR General Purpose Register [IBM]

GPRC Glass Passivated Rectifier Chip

GPS Global Positioning Satellite/System +

Global Product Specification

GPSS * General Purpose Systems Simulator (language)

GRADD Graphics Adapter Device Driver [IBM]

GRE Graphics Engine

GREP Global Regular Expression Print

.GRF Graph (file name extension)

.GRP Group (file name extension)

GS Group Separator

GSI General Server Interface

GSM Global Shared Memory +

Global System for Mobile-Communications (network)

GSNW Gateway Service for NetWare [Microsoft]

GSP Generic Server Passer + Global Service Provider

GSTN General Switched Telephone Network

GTE General Telephone Electronics (corporation)

GTL Gunning Transceiver Logic

GTO Guide To Operations [IBM]

GTP * Geometry Theorem Prover

GUI Graphical User Interface

GUID Globally Unique Identifier +

Global Universal Identifier

GVT Global Virtual Time


.gz Compressed file (compressed filename extension -

using GNU gzip compression/decompression program) [Unix]


.H Header (file name extension) [C]

HACMP High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing [IBM]

HAL Hard Array Logic + Hardware Abstraction Layer +

House-Programmed Array Logic

HAL * Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic (computer)

[from 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"]

HAP Host Access Protocol

HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Priority (System)

HBA Host Bus Adapter

HCL Hardware Compatibility List

HCSS High Capacity Storage System

HCU Home Computer User

HD Hard Disk + High Density

HDA Head Disk Assembly

HDCD High Definition Compatible Digital

HDF Hierarchical Data Format [NCSA]

HDI Head to Disk Interference

HDL Hardware Description Language

HDLC High-Level Data Link Control

HDM Hardware Device Module

HDML Handheld Device Markup Language

HDR Header

HDSC High Density Signal Carrier [DEC]

HDSL High-Data-Rate Digital Subscriber Line

HDSS Holographic Data Storage System

HDT Host Digital Terminal

HDTV High Definition Television

HDVD High Definition Volumetric Display

HDW Hardware

HDX Half Duplex

HERC Hercules

HEX Hexadecimal

HFC Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial

HFS Hierarchical File System [Macintosh]

HFT High Function Terminal [IBM]

HGA Hercules Graphics Adapter

HGCP Hercules Graphics Card Plus

HH Hour

HIF Hyper-G Interchange Format

HIFD High-Density Floppy Disk

HIL Human Interface Link [HP]

HIMEM High Memory

HIPPI High Performance Parallel Interface

HLCO High Low Close Open

HLL High Level Language

HLLAPI High Level Language Application Programming Interface

.HLP Help (file name extension)

HLQ High Level Qualifier

HLS Hue, Luminance, Saturation (color model)

HLT Halt

HMA High Memory Area [Microsoft] +

Hub Management Architecture

HMD Head Mounted Display

HMM Hidden Markov Model

HMMP Hyper-Media Management Protocol

HMOS High Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor +

High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor

HMP Host Monitoring Protocol

HOTT Hot Off The Tree (electronic newsletter)

HOV High Occupancy Vehicle

HP Hewlett-Packard (Company)

HPC Handheld Personal Computer

HPCC High Performance Computing and Communications

HPDJ Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet

HPFS High-Performance File System

HPG Hewlett-Packard Graphics

HPGL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

HPIB Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus

HPLJ Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet

HPOM Home Page Objecta Model [Microsoft]

HPPA Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture

HPPI High Performance Parallel Interface

HPR High Performance Routing [IBM]

HPUX Hewlett-Packard Unix

HPW High Performance Workstation [Sun]

.HQX BinHex (file name extension) [Macintosh]

HRIS Human Resource Information System

HRG High Resolution Graphics

HRMS Human Resource Management System

HRTF Head Related Transfer Function

HS High Speed

HSB Hue, Saturation, Brightness (color model)

HSC Hierarchical Storage Controller + High Speed Channel

HSI Hue, Saturation, Intensity

HSM Hierarchical Storage Management

HSP High Speed Printer/Processor

HSSI High Speed Serial Interface

HST High Speed Technology [U.S. Robotics]

.HST History + Host (file name extensions)

HSV Hue Saturation Value

HTML HyperText Markup Language

HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTP-NG HTTP Next Generation

HUD Heads Up Display

HUT Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope

H/V Horizontal/Vertical

HVP Horizontal & Vertical Position

H/W Hardware

HWCP Hardware Code Page

HWD Height-Width-Depth

.HYP Hyphenation (file name extension)

HYTELNET Hypertext-browser for Telnet Accessible Sites

Hz Hertz

IAB Internet Architecture Board

IAC Inter-Application Communication [Macintosh]

IAG Instruction Address Generation

IAK Internet Access Kit [IBM]

IAL * International Algebraic Language

(ALGOL was first called IAL)

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IAP Internet Access Provider

IAT Import Address Table

IAUP Internet User Account Provider

IBC Instrument Bus Computer

iBCS Intel Binary Compatibility Specification

IBM International Business Machines (Corporation)

IBM-GL IBM Graphics Language

IC Input Circuit + Integrated Circuit + Interrupt Controller

ICA Intelligent Console Architecture +

Intra-application Communications Area

ICAP Internet Calendar Access Protocol [Lotus]

ICAS Intel Communicating Applications Specifications

ICB Internet Citizen's Band

ICCP Institute for the Certification of

Computing Professionals

ICD International Code Designator

ICE In-Circuit Emulator [Intel] +

Integrated Computing Environment [Langley Research]

ICES Interference-Causing Equipment Standard

ICI Image Component Information

ICL Interface Clear

ICLID Incoming-Call Line Identification

ICM Image Color Matching [Kodak] + Incoming Message

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol [Novell]

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