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NSSC NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer

NSTC National Science and Technology Council

NSTL National Software Testing Labs

NT New Technology [Microsoft]

NT-1 Network Terminator Type 1

NTAS NT Advanced Server [Microsoft]

NTF No Trouble Found

NTFS New Technology File System [Microsoft]

NTIA National Telecommunications and

Information Administration

NTIS National Technical Information Service

NTP Network Time Protocol

NTRAS NT Remote Access Services [Microsoft]

NTSA NetWare Telephony Services Architecture [Novell]

NTSC National Television Standards Committee

NTU Network Termination Unit

NUI Network User Identification +

Network User Interface +

Notebook User Interface [Go Corporation]

NUL Null + (dummy device) + (no device)

NUMA Non-Uniform Memory Access

NV No Overflow

NVM Non-Volatile Memory

NVOD Near-Video On Demand

NVP Nominal Velocity of Propagation

NVRAM Non-Volatile Random Access Memory

NVT Network Virtual Terminal +

Novell Virtual Terminal [Novell]

NWS NetWare Web Server [Netware]

NYM Anonymous

OAB One-to-All Broadcast

OAD Open Architecture Driver [Bernoulli]

OAG Official Airline Guide + Online Air Guide

OAI Open Applications Interface

OAS One-to-All Scatter

OBD On Board Diagnostics

OBEX Object Exchange [Borland]

OBJ Object

OC Optical Carrier

OCE Open Collaborative Environment [Apple]

OCF Objects Components Framework [Borland]

OCL Operation Control Language + Operator Control Language

OCR Optical Character Recognition

OCS On-Card Sequencer

OCX OLE Custom Control

ODA Open Document Architecture

ODAPI Open Database Application Programming

Interface [Borland]

ODBC Object-Oriented Database Connectivity +

Open Data Base Connectivity [Microsoft]

ODBMS Object-Oriented Database Management System (also

see OODMS)

ODI Open Datalink Interface [Novell] +

Open Device Interconnect [NetWare]

ODIF Open Document Interchange Format

ODL Object Definition Language

ODM Object Data Manager [IBM] +

Optimized Distribution Model [Compaq]

ODMA Open Document Management API

ODP Open Distributed Processing

ODS Open Data Services [Microsoft] +

Operational Data Store

ODSI Open Directory Service Interface [Microsoft]

ODT Open Desktop

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEP Operand Execution Pipeline

OF Overflow Flag

OFB Output Feedback (mode)

OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

OFMT Output Format for Numbers

OFS Object File System [Microsoft] + Output Field Separator

OFX Open Financial Exchange

OH Off Hook

OIDL Object Interface Definition Language

OIS Office Information System

OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing

OLCP On-Line Complex Processing

.OLD Old version (file name extension)

OLE Object Linking and Embedding [Microsoft]

OLGA On-Line Guitar Archive

OLI Optical Line Interface [AT&T]

OLMC Output Logic Macrocell

OLSP On-Line Service Provider

OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing

OM Object Manager

OMA Object Management Architecture [Microsoft]

OME Open Messaging Environment (protocol)

OMF Object Module Format [Microsoft] +

Open Media Framework + Open Message Format

OMG Object Management Group

OMI Open Messaging Interface [Lotus]

OML Object Manipulation Language

OMNS Open Network Management System

OMR Optical Mark Recognition

ONC Open Network Computing [Sun]

ONDS Open Network Distribution Services [IBM]

ONE Open Network Environment [Netscape]

ONU Optical Network Unit

OOB Out Of Band

OODB Object-Oriented Database

OODMS Object-Oriented Database Management System (also

see ODBMS)

OOL Object-Oriented Language

OOOS Object-Oriented Operating System

OOPL Object-Oriented Programming Language

OOPS Object Oriented Programming and Systems

OOS Object-Oriented Systems +

Off-line Operating Simulator

OOT Object-Oriented Technology

OOUI Object Oriented User Interface

OP Operation + Optical + Output

OPAC Online Public Access Catalog [Internet]

OPC Organic/Optical Photoconductor

OPCODE Operational Code

OPD Operand

OPI Open Prepress Interface

OPM Operations Per Minute

OPS Open Profiling Standard + Operations

OPT Open Protocol Technology

.OPT Options (file name extension)

OPUS Octal Program Updating System

OQL Object Query Language

ORACLE On-Line Inquiry and Report Generator (UNIX DB program)

ORB Object Request Broker [Microsoft]

ORDVAC * Ordnance Variable Automatic Computer

.ORG Non-Profit Organizations (Domain name) [Internet]

ORI Online Retrieval Interface

.ORI Original (file name extension)

OROM Optical Read-Only Memory

ORS Output Record Separator

OS Operating System

OS/2 Operating System/2 [IBM]

OSA Open Scripting/System Architecture

OSD Open Software Description/Distribution

OSE Office Server Extensions [Microsoft]

OS/E Operating System/Environment

OSF Open Software Foundation

OSI Open Systems Interconnection

OSM Off-Screen Model

OSP On-Screen Programming + Optical Storage Processor

OSPF Open Shortest Path First

OSQL Object Structured Query Language

OSR2 OEM Service Release 2 [Microsoft]

OT Object Technology

OTA Operation-Triggered Architecture

OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

OTF Open Token Foundation

OTP One-Time Programmable

OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier

OURS Open Users Recommended Solutions

.OUT Outlines (file name extension)

OUTS Output String

OV Overflow

OVAL Object-Based Virtual Application Language [Psion]

.OVL Program Overlay (file name extension)

.OVR Program Overlay (file name extension)

OWL Object/Open Windows Library [Borland]

P3P Platform for Privacy Preferences Project

PAB Personal Address Book

PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PACE Priority Access Control Enabled [3Com]

PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System

PACS-L Public Access Computer Systems List [Internet]

PAD Packet Assembler/Disassembler

PADS Pen Application Development System [Slate Corporation]

PAIH Public-Access Internet Host [Internet]

PAIS Public-Access Internet Site [Internet]

.PAK Packed (compressed file name extension) [NoGate


PAL Paradox Applications Language [Borland] +

Phase Alternating Line + Programmed Array Logic +

Programming Assembly Language

.PAL Palette (file name extension)

PALC Plasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)

PALS Principles of the Alphabet Literacy System

PAM Pulse Amplitude Modulation

PAN Personal Area Network [GTE]

PAP Packet-level Procedure +

Password Authentication Protocol +

Printer Access Protocol

PAR Personal Animation Recorder + Parallel

PARA Paragraph

PARC Palo Alto Research Center [XEROX]

PA-RISC Precision Architecture-RISC [HP]

.PAS PASCAL source code (file name extension)

PASCAL (Programming Language named for Blaise Pascal)

.PAT Patch + Pattern (file name extensions)

PATN Promotional Port Access Telephone Number

PAX Portable Archive Exchange [Unix]

PB Petabyte (1,024 terabytes)

(One Million Billion characters of information)

PBA Printed Board Assembly

PBE Prompt By Example

PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array

PBX Private Branch Exchange

PC Personal Computer + Printed Circuit + Program Counter

PCACIAS Personal Computer Automated Calibration Interval

Analysis System

PCB Printed Circuit Board + Program Control Block

PCBC Plain/Propagating Cipher Block Chaining

PCD Photo Compact Disk

PC-DOS Personal Computer - Disk Operating System [IBM]

PCEB PCI to EISA Bridge [Intel]

PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect/Interface

PCIC PC-Card Interrupt Controller

PC-I/O Program Controlled I/O

PCL Printer Command Language [HP] + Process Control Language

PCM Personal Computer Manufacturer +

Printer Cartridge Metric [HP] +

Pulse Code Modulation

PCMA Paired Carrier Multiple Access

PCMC PCI, Cache, Memory Controller [Intel]

PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PCMIM Personal Computer Media Interface Module

PCN Personal Computer Network

PCNFS Personal Computer Network File System

PCO Point of Control and Observation

PCS Patchable Control Store +

Personal Communication Services/System +

Personal Conferencing Specification +

Planning Control Sheet + Print Contrast Signal +

Process Control Systems + Program Counter Store +

Project Control System

PCT Private Communications Technology

.PCT Picture (file name extension)

.PCX Picture Image (file name extension)

PD Phase-Change Dual + Public Domain

PDA Personal Digital Assistant

.PDB Pilot Database (file name extension) [Palm Pilot]

PDC Primary Domain Controller

PDD Physical Device Driver + Portable Digital Document

PDF Package Definition File + Portable Document Format +

Portable Document File + Processor Defined Function +

Program Development Facility

.PDF Printer Description (file name extension)[Borland,Lotus]

PDH Plesiosynchronous Digital Hierarchy

PDIAL Public Dialup Internet Access List [Internet]

PDL Page Description Language + Program Description Language

+ Program Design Language

PDM Product Data Management

PDN Public Data Network

PDO Portable Distributed Objects [Next]

PDP Parallel Data Processing + Plasma Display Panel +

Programmable Data Processor +

(DEC Computer System Designation, i.e. PDP-8, PDP-11)

PDS Packet Driver Specification + Partitioned Data Set +

Planetary Data System + Portable Document Software +

Processor Direct Slot [Macintosh]

PDSS Post Development and Software Support

PDT Performance Diagnostic Tool [IBM] +

Programmable Drive Table

PDU Plug Distribution Unit + Protocol Data Unit

.PDX Paradox files (file name extension) [Borland] +

Printer Description Extension (file name extension)

PE Parity Even + Processing Element + Protect Enable

PEA Pocket Ethernet Adapter

PEL Picture Element [IBM]

PEM Privacy-Enhanced Mail [Internet]

PEN SDK Pen Computing Software Development Kit

PEP Packet Exchange Protocol +

Packetized Ensemble Protocol [Telebit]

PERC Power Edge RAID Controller

PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language [Unix]

PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique

PES Positioning Error Signal + Processor Enhancement Socket

Processor Upgrade Socket

PET Print Enhancement Technology [Compaq]

.PFB Printer Font Binary (file name extension)

PFE Programmer's File Editor

.PFM Printer Font Metrics (file name extension) [Windows]

PFR Power-Fail Restart

PGA Pin Grid Array + Professional Graphics Adapter [IBM]

PGC Program Group Control [Microsoft]

PGDN Page Down

.PGL Graphics (file name extension) [Hewlett-Packard]

PGM Program

PGML Precision Graphics Markup Language

PGP Pretty Good Privacy (name of encryption program)

.PGP ProGram Parameter (file name extension) [AutoCAD]

PGUP Page Up

PHIGS Programmers' Hierarchical Interactive Graphics


.PHO Phone List (file name extension)

PHS Personal Handyphone System

PI Program Interruption

PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter

PIC Personal Information Carrier +

Personal Intelligent Communicator +

Platform for Internet Content +

Priority Interrupt Controller +

Program Interrupt Controller

PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection

PICT Picture

PID Process Identification Number + Product ID +

Proportional, Integral, Derivative

PIER Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering

PIF Picture Interchange Format File +

Program Information File

PII Program Integrated Information

PILOT Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching

PilotACE* Pilot Automatic Computing Engine

PIM Personal Information Manager +

Primary Interface Module +

Protocol-Independent Multicast

PIN Personal Identification Number +

Process Identification Number [Unix]

PINE Pine Is Not Elm (original usage) +

Program for Internet News & Email (present usage)

PING Packet Internet Groper

PIO Parallel Input/Output + Processor Input/Output +

Programmed Input/Output

PIP Pattern and Information Processing +

Picture In Picture + Problem Isolation Procedure +

Programmable Interconnect Point

PIPO Parallel In, Parallel Out

PIR Protocol Independent Routing

PIT Programmable Interval Timer

PIXEL Picture Element

PL Plus

.PL Pearl Language (file name extension)

PLA Programmable Logic-Array

PLATO Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations

PLC Programmable Logic Controller

PLCC Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier

PLD Programmable Logic Device

PLDS Pilot Land Data System [NASA]

PLL Phase Locked Loop

.PLL Prelinked Library (file name extension) [Clipper]

PL/M Programming Language for Micros

PLS Primary Link Station

PLV Production Level Video

PL/1 * Programming Language One

PM Presentation Manager [IBM] +

Preventative Maintenance + Process Manager

P-MAIL Paper Mail

PMD Packet Mode Data

PMMU Paged Memory Management Unit

PMOS Positive Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor

PMR Problem Management Report [IBM]

PMS Policy Management System

PN Processing Node

PNA Programmable Network Access

PNG Portable Network Graphics

PNNI Private Network to Network Interface

PNP Plug And Play

PO Parity Odd

POC Point Of Contact

POD Plain Old Dos

POE Power Open Environment

POH Power-On Hours

POL Problem Oriented Language

POP Point Of Presence + Pop from Stack +

Post Office Protocol

POPA Pop All Registers

POPF Pop Flags

POR Power-On-Reset

POS Point Of Sale + Positive + Programmable Object Select

POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for Unix

POST Power-On Self Test

POSTNET Postal Numeric Encoding Technique (bar code)

POTS Plain Old Telephone Service

POWER Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC [IBM]

PowerPC Performance Optimization with Enhanced RISC-Performance


PP Parallel Port

PPA Pixel Processing Accelerator

.PPD PostScript Printer Description (file name extension)

PPDS Personal Printer Data Stream [IBM]

PPGA Plastic Pin Grid Array

PPI Precise Pixel Interpolation

PPM Pages Per Minute

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol [Internet]

PPS Packets Per Second + Power Personal Systems [IBM]

PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol [Microsoft]

PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack

PRACSA Public Remote Access Computer Standards Association

PRAM Parallel Random-Access Machine +

Parameter Random Access Memory

.PRC Pilot Resource (file name extension) [Palm Pilot]

.PRD Printer Driver (file name extension) [Microsoft]

PRE Preformatted [HTML]

PReP Power PC Reference Platform [IBM/Motorola]

PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency

.PRF Preferences (file name extension) [Grammatik IV]

.PRG Program (file name extension)

PRI Primary-Rate Interface

PRINTF Print with Formatting [C Programming Language]

PRISM Photo-Refractive Information Storage Material

.PRJ Project (file name extension) [Borland]

PRMD Private Management Domain [X.400]

PRML Partial-Response Maximum-Likelihood

.PRO Profile (file name extension)

PROC Procedure

PROFS Professional Office System [IBM]

PROG Program + Programmer

PROLOG Programming In Logic (Programming Language)(See HLL)

PROM Programmable Read Only Memory

PRN Printer

.PRS Printer (file name extension) [WordPerfect]

PRTSC Print Screen

PS Proportional Spacing

.PS PostScript (file name extension)

PS/2 Programming System 2 [IBM]

PSAPI Presentation Space Application Programming Interface

PSC Personal Super Computer + Print Server Command +

Product Service Center

PSDN Packet-Switched Data Network

PSDS Packet-Switched Data Service

PSERVER Print Server [NetWare]

PSF Permanent Swap File

PSID PostScript Image Data

PSINET (formerly Performance Systems International)

PSM Printing Systems Manager

PSN Packet Switching Network

PSP Personal Software Products (group) [IBM] +

Program Segment Prefix

PSPDN Packet-Switched Public Data Network

P-SRAM Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory

PSRT PostScript Round Table [GEnie]

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

PSU Power Supply Unit

PSW Program Status Word

.ps.Z Compressed PostScript (file name extension) [Unix]

PT Page Table

P/T Part Time

PTD Parallel Transfer Disk Drive

PTF Problem Temporary/Trouble Fix [IBM]

PTI Packet Type Identifier

PTT Postal Telephone & Telegraph

PUB Public (directory) [Internet] + Publish

.PUB Publication (file name extension) [Ventura]

PUN Physical Unit Number

PUP PARC Universal Packet (protocol)

PUS Processor Upgrade Socket

PUSHA Push All Registers

PUSHF Push Flags

PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit + Polyvinyl Chloride

PVM Parallel Virtual Machine +

Pass-through Virtual Machine (protocol) [IBM]

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