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Two 40-minute Set Lists


All lead vocals by singer Eric Stinnett and rapper Angel Ocean

All songs co-written by Dangerflow, except for the Cover Song Medley

LIVE LIFE: This inspirational anthem encourages its listeners to live life to its fullest potential but never forget to acknowledge the struggles and other factors that helped shape their lives.
FIYAH (FIRE): Fiyah is an interesting fusion of hip-hop, soul, and danceable South American rhythms. It serves an example of Dangerflow’s multicultural background, as well as the influences that residing in Miami has had on the band’s music. It poetically depicts the desire and intimate communication between two people as the chorus repeats, “I’m addicted to your fiyah”.
CARPE DIEM: This song opens with percussion and acoustic guitar, then the powerful hook enters and draws its listener to reflect on the importance of seizing life’s moments, “Our time is not endless so you must seize the day, and your life is a canvas just waiting for you to paint, so you must seize the day…”
JUST GO: Lyrically, Just Go directs the audience to follow their intuition and their hearts to lead them towards the right path. Using traditional rock elements combined with contemporary hip-hop, there is a consistent theme to trust in your heart to lead you in the right direction.

FALL BEFORE YOU FLY: This motivational song combines traditional West African rhythms, American rock influences, and Dangerflow’s unique songwriting and cohesive vocal duo between Eric Stinnett and Angel Ocean. The theme expresses that failing may be the greatest motivation to achieve your goals and that you may have to allow yourself to fall before you can rebuild and achieve greatness.

COVER SONG MEDLEY- READY OR NOT by The Fugees/ YOU GOT ME by The Roots: The medley pays tribute to The Fugees and The Roots. These hip-hop pioneers helped shape hip-hop culture and has certainly inspired Dangerflow’s distinct sound. Dangerflow arranged their own rendition using live acoustic instrumentation.
SENSES: This 6/8 ballad showcases Dangerflow’s musicianship abilities using interesting changes in dynamics, time signatures, and grooves. As the lyrics weave above the guitar and percussion, the words evoke emotions and thought, vocally expressing the senses experienced in a close relationship: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.



Two 40-minute Set Lists

All lead vocals by singer Eric Stinnett and rapper Angel Ocean

TONIGHT: Tonight is a party anthem designed to encourage the audience to dance. It uses intricate rhythms played between percussion and guitar. It combines the dance rhythms found in the music of Latin American as well as influences found on American pop radio.
THE ROAD GOES: This song has an ‘old school’ hip-hop feel reminiscent of hip-hop legends such as Pete Rock, CL Smooth, and The Roots. It also has classical and folk influences. The theme reminds the listener that one cannot change the past, such as the struggles one has been through or what one has seen, but there is an open road that lies ahead. The road may have much more in store.

WE ARE ABLE: Inspired by artists such as Jimmy Cliff and Michael Jackson who use peace, humanity, and justice as central themes in their songs, Dangerflow wrote this song to promote international unity and solidarity. The lyrics speak volumes, “I'm having a vision of the world in a better place, no division, just love & equality. Everyone's living in love, peace and happiness this is my mission, to make this a reality”.

NEW DAY: New Day is a medium-tempo song with jazz, folk, and soul influences. The message here is clear: everyday can be viewed as a new beginning to do something positive.
THE CROWN: The Miami Heat used this song on various videos to portray the struggles they dealt with since aligning forces with Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade. The lyrics explain that the crown must be earned despite the challenges, adversities, and naysayers. It has become a motivational anthem for the Miami Heat and has been featured on ESPN Sportscenter, NBA Countdown on ABC, Monster Energy/ X Games 18, and in a commercial for Australian Open on the Tennis Channel. Inspirational messages over rock-influenced guitar strumming carefully merge to create this hit single.
WIN LOSE OR DIE: Using pop music elements, Win Lose or Die describes how one must take risks to keep the one they love as well as keep the dreams they are passionate about. The lyrics state, “They say that I can’t have you, but I’m right here fighting for you, and I’ll be by your side, Win Lose or Die”.

CRIMINAL: The hard-hitting percussion and guitar together, crossing over different genres, make this song a winning closer. With hip-hop as the foundation, influences from dancehall reggae and South American music are easily identifiable. The dance grooves are contagious and the tasteful dynamic changes showcase the musicianship among the band. Vocalists Eric Stinnett and Angel Ocean illustrate the story of how someone stole a lover’s heart like a criminal.

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