"Confused Teen" (Teen Monologue, Female) *Humorous

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"Confused Teen" (Teen Monologue, Female) *Humorous*

Both Angie and Harmony are in their early teens. Angie's going through some physical changes, inside and out, and like any other good teenager, can't associate these changes with life's little obstacles.

Angie: What's going on Harmony? I don't get it, why is it when you become a teenager everything gets so confusing? I mean, what are they doing, spiking the make-up? Is there some unwritten law that when you become a teenager you move into the realm of insanity? If I remember correctly, that's about the time everything started getting nutty. Think about it...I'm supposed to wash my face BEFORE I exercise to prevent build-up. No, I'm supposed to wash my face AFTER I exercise to prevent break-outs. I'm NOT SUPPOSED to eat chocolate because it causes pimples. Wait, I'm SUPPOSED to eat chocolate before I take a test, because it's great, "brain food." I'm SUPPOSED to have lots of foods hat are rich in iron to help my circulation. Hold on, now, I'm NOT SUPPOSED to have a lot of iron because it prevents my body from absorbing calcium properly. Wow, if I can survive being a confused teenager, I think I can pretty much survive anything! (Change of heart) Let's get out of here, I'm hungry!

"Down the Tubes" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Disappointment*

Cynthia is confiding in her older sister, before she faces the grim job of telling her parents the bad news, that she won't be following the family footsteps by graduating Valedictorian.

Cynthia: Well it's done, I've passed the point of no return...I can't believe this has happened! All my life, I've been great in school, I've always been a leader, almost always the first in my class...until now. I don't know what got into me. I'm so angry at myself; I knew I should have studied harder. Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamt of delivering my Valedictorian speech at Graduation...just like Mom, just like you, just like most of my cousins...now, my shot at being Valedictorian is pretty much over. I feel awful; I feel like I've disappointed everyone, including myself...Why didn't I try harder, I should have paid more attention to my grades. My Dad would tell me, "I know your smart sweetheart, I know you feel like you've got it nailed, but it wouldn't hurt to do just a little extra credit to pad your average." But noooo! I was too smart for that...You know most kids would have celebrated the grades I got, but not me, it's like I broke some sacred chain!...Well it's finally over, and there's nothing I can do about it, but cry a little tear and get on with life. But you know what's ironic?...As bad as I feel right now, it's like a giant load has been lifted off my shoulders...it's like I'm ...........FREE!

"Bandana Mania" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Humorous*

Jayna's new friend Stephanie, has just moved in next door. Jayna has been going to the same inner-city high school all her life, while Stephanie came from a nice, quiet, middle class neighborhood on the outside of town. Stephanie's a nice girl, her parents just divorced, lives with her mom. They lost there house and are renting a little studio place above the neighbor's garage. Jayna is giving her friend some fashion tips for her first day of school.

Jayna: Stephanie, are you crazy! You can't wear that around here...Where do you think you are, the "St. Mary's School for Girls", cutie, you're downtown now. You can't wear that bandana around your ankle, like some little fashion accessory! You'll get us both killed! (Beat) Yeah it looks great...but sorry...you're not wearing it. You'll see a lot fo kids around here wearing bandanas on their heads and it's not because it goes with their shirt. They are like signs of association and sources of pride, or somehting like that...oh, and good luck if you DON'T happen to be familiar with, "The Code". Oh man, and heaven forbid you put a wrong color on, or wear it because it's cute...you could get yourself messed-up! Yesterday, I thought I'd have a little fun and wear that bandana my little brother gave me, with the good ole Red, White, and Blue, United States Flag printed on it...You should have seen the looks on their faces, they didn't know whether to throw me a peace sign or beat me up...but you can forget about it, I'm not wearing enough under arm deodorant to try that stunt again today, so please, just take it off!

"One Way Street" (Teen Monologue, Female)*bewildered*

Janice has just called Cheryl with another problem. She is more of a talker than a listener, and as always has something to complain about. Cheryl on the other hand, has an active life, full of meaningful relationships and always busy. Somehow I get the feeling that Janice needs Cheryl, more than the other way around.

Janice: (On the Phone) Hey, girl! Sorry I haven't called you back. My Mom's throwing a fit again. Two weeks ago, it was because I snuck out at night to go to a party out on the beach, last week because I skipped school to go to the mall, and now today because she found that pack of cigarettes I had hidden in my underwear drawer...she shouldn't be in my room anyways. (Beat) Oh, yeah, tell me about it! Thank goodness I have you to talk too; otherwise I'd surely lose my mind. It's not easy being understood nowadays. (Beat) I'm O.K. I guess. It's more annoying than anything else. I just feel like curling-up and falling asleep when this happens. You think everything will be O.K.? Really...thanks girl. I appreciate your encouragement. You're always there for me...you're the best friend a girl could ever have...you make me feel so...Hello? Hello? (To the Audience) Why, that little tramp hung-up on me again!

"My Real Father" (Teen Monologue, Female)*anticipation*

Trina, a well loved and happy teen, is living with her foster parents. She's talking with her foster mom in the kitchen about meeting her biological father for the first time. Like any teen in her predicament, she has always been curious.

Trina: (Pacing the floor) Mom, I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if I'm ready to meet this man that I've never known. Gosh, what if he hates me? (Points to herself) I mean what if he thinks I'm ugly? I just know he's not going to like me...Oh no! What if I don't like him? Whaaat if he comes through that door, right, and our eyes meet and the feeling's not there? (Beat) Yeah, he's my father, but not like Frank is. Frank is Dad, this guy...I mean Ben, is just a father, right? I mean he and my biological mother decided they couldn't hang with having a kid at such a young age so they gave me up. And I'm cool with that, I think. It's just that I really don't know what to expect from him. I mean the letters he sent where cool and all, but they were just words on paper. (Shakes her head) I don't even know why I bothered looking for him, I'm eighteen now I should be getting ready for college and not sweating the old stuff. I mean my biological mother couldn't deal with it when I found her. She's got her own life now with her own kids, the one's she actually wanted. I'm just a bad memory she's trying to erase. (Beat) What do you mean I don't understand? Mom, she doesn't want to know me, and she sure doesn't want her husband and kids to know that she had a bastard kid when she was sixteen. So, what if, my father feels the same way? Rejects me like she did? I should have never contacted him. I'm setting myself up big time, I just know it (Pause) He's here isn't he? Okay, I'm ready to meet him!

"Betrayal" (Teen Monologue, Female) *Angry*

Tina is angry with her boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend. Her anger and humiliation is so intense that her eyes begin to glaze, but proudly holds back the tears as she gives him a peace of her mind.

Tina: What do you thing you're doing?! I mean as if it wasn't bad enough you asked Ginny out on a date behind my back, but I had to find out about it, from Shannon, who couldn't wait to throw it in my face. I was so humiliated, I could have died! I thought we were supposed to be going out...isn't that what you told me Monday? What ever happened too, "Tina, you're different from other girls," or, "I feel like I can tell you anything", or, "I knew you were special the first time I saw you"? Were you just playing me? What do you want from me? (Pause) No! You know what? I don't even care...this whole thing was just a pathetic lie to satisfy your ego, wasn't it?...I mean you didn't even have the decency to break it off before you jumped into something else. I can't believe I fell for the whole honesty routine...Just leave, I can't even look at you, you make me sick (Pause) Please, just leave!...O.K...I admit it, you got me, so take your little trophy, add me to your collection and get out of my life!

"Grandma's House" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Whining*

Shannon has lots of plans for her Saturday, and one of them, Doesn't include going to Grandma's house. On the other hand, Dad's really into it, and tries to get his daughter to understand the importance of visiting Grandma, and to appreciate her, while she's still around.

Shannon: Oh Daaaaaaad!...Do we have to go to Grandma's house? I don't know what makes you think going to Grandma's house is so much fun, you get up early and polish the car like we're going someplace cool, like the beach..Is it just me, or does her house smell like an old antique store couch...Yuk! And besides that, I'm the one she latches onto, to listen to all her old stories...well, I'm sorry if I can't appreciate her "WISDOM" right now...and Dad, let's face it, even you can admit the lady's a little bit crazy. One day I was going into the kitchen to get myself a drink and I heard her talking to somebody, I didn't want to disturb her, so I was really quiet. She was asking Grandpa how much salt he'd like in the stew,.....and he's been dead for ten years! I mean, come on! And another thing, I'm sorry, but her cooking is awful too...and OH!...OH!...and what was that disgusting stuff she made us last time for supper...BOILED OKRA?...That's just wrong! It felt like a hairy clam going down my throat. It took me three or four sips of Coke after each bite to get it down, and stay down....eeeeew I can still taste it! Dad can't we just skip this visit? I mean, Christmas is only four months away. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if we just called her.....Pleeease!

"The Divorce" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Dramatic*

Jamie's parents are getting separated. It doesn't quite sink in at first, she's sort of in shock. She truly believes that her influence can change the situation. Once that fails she moves from one desperate attempt to the next trying to get her parents back together again, with her confidence and feelings losing footing each step of the way. When she finally see's that the situation is hopeless, her emotions spiral down to the point of sobbing and begging.

Jamie: (sits in disbelief after hearing the news her parents divorce) What? (pause) What do you mean you're getting a divorce? No, (pause) no this can't be happening to me. (shaking her head.) Can't the two of you work things out? I mean how bad could it possibly be? (beat) (truning to her mother ) It's you right? it's your fault it always is. You're always riding Daddy, nagging him. I hear you. Maybe if you weren't such a nag then he wouldn't be leaving. (beat) Why shouldn't I, Daddy? She should know the truth. If she weren't always on your case then we wouldn't be having this conversation! (beat) I can't believe you're doing this to me! (jumps out of chair in anger) Do you know how embarrassing this is going to be for me at school? Everyone thinks we're happy. I'm always telling people how in love you two are and how I want to have that same kinda love. (pause) What am I going to do? I mean really? I'm going to have to change schools. All of my friends' parents are still married you know. (pauses as the enevitable sets in and begins to sob) Please tell me what's going on, Daddy. Tell me why you're leaving. Tell me what's wrong. (The father attempts to hug Jamie but she pulls away) No--no don't touch me. Don't touch me! How could you do this to me? Huh? How could you? I don't want you to touch me. I don't want to be comforted, Dad. Wait! (openly crying now and begging) Please don't go, Daddy. I promise I'll do better. I'll go easy on the shopping. I won't bug you about the silly stuff. I'll do the chores without tripping out...I'll do anything. Mom, why is he leaving? (beat) No--no I don't want to hear that okay? There is no such thing as "making it work out for all of us" okay. There is no such thing. Stop trying to lie to me I'm not a child! This is the worse possible thing that could happen and I will never...NEVER forgive either one of you ever again! (storms out of the room).

"Fun Memories" (Teen Monologue, Female)*Excited/Light Humor*

Katherine (Katty) and Kristen used to be best friends when they were little girls. Kristen and her mom moved out of the neighborhood when her parents got a divorce. Katty and Kristen kept in touch for a while, but with each of the families moving around so much, for whatever reason, the phone calls and visits would get farther and farther apart. It finally ends up that they live in suburbs at opposite ends of the city.

Katty: Hello? Kristen?...(screaming/excited) Kristen! Oh my gosh I can't believe it's you! Where do you live now? How's your mom?(beat) She remarried? How do you like him? Really?(beat) Well, as long as he's nice, you'll get used to him. So how have you been? It's so nice to here from you. (beat) Writing? Oh don't worry about that, I know your parents divorce really upset you. It's just that we didn't know where you went, it's like you disappeared for five years....Oh it's so good to hear from you again! (reflecting) Remember all the funny things we used to do when we were little girls? Like telling scary ghost stories, remember we would get ourselves so afraid, that we wouldn't go to sleep until dawn the next morning...and remember the time we put make-up on our Barbie dolls, not realizing we used permanent markers. Or how about the time we played Talk-Show Host in my Dad's garage. I still have a copy of that tape we made. You should hear it, it's really cute! (beat) Oh yeah! And the secret hide out...we made gourmet mud pies and actually tried to eat them! Oh, but my favorite was when I spent the night over at your house, and we used to do modeling shows for your mom and dad! Remember how they would clap and give us prizes...your mom used to get so into it. After we were done she would make a big bowl of popcorn and watch movies all night. (beat) You go horseback riding? Do you wear those funny pants and boots? That's so awesome, I've always wanted to do that! (pause) Wow I can't believe it's you....Do you have a boyfriend? (beat) Cool, so do I...His name is Doug. He's SO cute! (beat) Right now! Really! Sure...is your mom going to bring you over?...Sickness!!!!


Friday after school, my boyfriend told me he’d pick me up from my place at six.

We were going to the show. I re-curled my hair. I put on my favorite outfit. I even added a hint of lipstick and sprayed on a little of Mom’s perfume. While spraying Mom’s perfume, the phone rang at 5:55.

It was my guy. Surprisingly, he wasn’t calling to let me know that he was running late. He wasn’t calling to tell me that his mom’s car had broken down either.

(Individual shakes her head no.) When he said it was over, it felt as if my heart had been pulled from the inside of my chest and thrown to the ground. (Individual balls her fist up and imitates throwing her heart toward the ground.) I told him to have a nice life and quickly hung the phone up!

After a whole year of dating he’s not interested in me anymore. How could he waste my time? What’s his problem? Exactly what went wrong? I thought he liked me so much. Apparently not true! Because if he really cared about me he would have not dumped me! (States in a disappointed manner.) I bet I’m the only girl in the world to ever get dismissed by a guy on a Friday night.

Having a personal experience with acne this little lady catches a whiff of the “Stay Home Blues.”


I’m never leaving this house again! Everything was great until this year. Now that I’m twelve, my clothes are too little. (Individual grabs jeans by the waist indicating they’re too tight.) Looks like my hair has even stopped growing. Just last month mom and dad told me that I have to get braces. I thought that was the worse! Until two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago two bumps appeared on my fore-head. The day after that, three popped up on my jaw. By the end of the week my entire face was covered with pimples.

(Individual points her hand at her face and moves it in circular motion.) They are so ugly! And now I am so ugly. (States depressingly.)

Mom and dad told me they would go away real soon. Well, how come real soon can’t be right now? I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I can’t even see my own face due to acne. Well, I tell you, I just refuse to leave this house. And until these dot’s clear up on my face. I’m gonna remain right here! Right here at home!

Based upon a discovery made at school a young lady is forced to make a difficult choice.


Leah and Boobie, yeah that was us. We were the most popular couple in school.

Wherever you saw him you saw me. Voted the hottest couple at the Homecoming Dance,

I thought Bobbie and I were forever. Forever until a young lady named Linda approached me. Linda stated that it was time I knew the truth.

As she began telling me that she was pregnant by Bobbie, I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe this! The next day at school, I explained to Bobbie how Linda found me and had told me everything. (Individual nods her head as if she were saying yes.)

He’d admitted to it. I told him that we could no longer see each other. Bobbie said he still wanted us to remain a couple. I asked Bobby, “how can you expect me to be with you when you’re going to be a father in six months?”

Quickly I walked away from him and towards my bus stop. I began to cry.

Instantly, the tears dried up as I thought about how fortunate I was for practicing abstinence and saying no. Poor Linda, she has some serious decisions to make. And as for Mr. Bobbie, he is no longer my boyfriend.

Although disappointed in his father for not following through on their plans, this young man’s image of his father is not totally shattered.


Dad said he would be here by noon. Our plans we’re to get hair cuts together today at the barbershop. Dad, where are you? You told me you’d be here. How come you keep on doing this to me? (Individual folds his arms together and shake his head.)

Every time my faith is restored, you always find a way to knock it right back down. You do this to me every-time. The sad truth is that I continue to believe in you. I keep thinking that you’ll do the right thing. Just maybe, onetime you’ll make me proud to be your son. To think, I thought you would keep your word for once. Maybe it’s my fault.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much. (Individuals pauses and takes a deep breath.)

Maybe I give you entirely too much credit. (Individual shakes his head no.) Dad, I’m not giving up on you. I know you’ll get here.

I’ll just keep looking out the window. I’ve been waiting for two hours now. But I’ll keep waiting. Waiting until you get here.

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