Conjunctions & transitions part I


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1. – 30. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen kelime ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

1. Apple tea is ---- refreshing ---- healthy, so l recommend it as an alternative to black tea.

A) so / that

B) both / and

C) either / or

D) neither / nor

E) whether / or

2. You will have made a contribution to helping the homeless, ---- little money you raise with your coffee morning.

A) no matter

B) the more

C) however

D) even if

E) in spite of

3. ---- being very wasteful in environmental terms, eating 'fast–food' from disposable containers is growing in popularity all around the world.

A) Despite

B) Regardless

C) As if

D) Besides

E) Even though

4. Due to her allergy, food which contains flour, ---- bread, cakes and pastry, are excluded from Edith's strict diet.

A) in case

B) as far as

C) even when

D) such as

E) as though

5. This rose flavour Turkish delight is ---- delicious ---- we should buy some to take home with us.

A) as / as

B) both / and

C) not only / but

D) more / than

E) so / that

6. There is no single science of society or science of humanity. ----, there are several branches of learning that deal with the origins and activities of human groups.

A) Instead

B) Or else

C) Thus

D) Besides

E) Apart from

7. I’ve left a message with Carol and told her about all the details ---- the delivery comes while I’m out.

A) unless

B) in case

C) when

D) until

E) as

8. The run–down blocks of flats in our area have ---- become depressing places to live in, ---- dangerous neighbourhoods to walk around at night.

A) the more / than

B) whether / or

C) not only / but also

D) so much / that

E) scarcely / when

9. ---- how well her host family look after her, she will naturally feel a little homesick.

A) Moreover

B) Provided that

C) Even if

D) No matter

E) The more

10. ---- you learn a language for business ---- just for pleasure, grammar is a necessary part of the course.

A) No sooner / than

B) Not only / but also

C) Due to / besides

D) Whether / or

E) Hardly / when

11. l borrowed the game keeper's binoculars ---- l could see the zebras more clearly.

A) for

B) as

C) so that

D) in case

E) besides

12. The quality of Rover cars has improved considerably ---- they became a private company again.

A) when

B) despite

C) once

D) before

E) since

13. Your composition shows ---- an understanding of the subject ---- an appreciation of the surrounding issues, so I’m afraid you have received a low grade on this occasion.

A) neither / nor

B) whether / or

C) yet / still

D) not only / but also

E) hardly / when

14. ---- physical geography is an Earth science concerned with place, social geography is concerned with the people in the places.

A) For

B) However

C) Unless

D) Provided

E) Whereas

15. ---- journey was long and uncomfortable, seeing an Inca city at the top of a mountain was a fantastic experience.

A) Owing to

B) Even though

C) However

D) As though

E) No matter

16. ---- he was a sensitive woman, she had a lot of empathy with her patients.

A) For

B) Since

C) Until

D) Thus

E) When

17. You won't be able to style your hair in different ways ---- you have it cut short.

A) if

B) or

C) still

D) only if

E) until

18. Although treated like a film star by some in his former home of East London, Regie Kray should ---- be admired as a hero ---- receive any praise as he was one of the most feared criminals Britanian has even known.

A) whether / or

B) either / or

C) neither / nor

D) such / that

E) the more / than

19. Heading towards the finish line, the athlete in the walking marathon lifted both feet off the ground, which is against the rules, ---- she entered the stadium. She burst into tears when they disqualified her.

A) no sooner

B) hardly

C) until

D) in case

E) just as

20. ---- the weather is awful, which it often is there, l enjoy walking in the forest.

A) However

B) in order that

C) Even if

D) Until

E) Since

21. l wasn't surprised that the value of my Marks and Spencer shares dropped ---- the company has been doing rather badly lately.

A) as

B) though

C) providing

D) however

E) even

22. The lead singer in the group wrote the song ---- on a tour in Japan.

A) for

B) while

C) as

D) yet

E) however

23. ---- the food at the cafe at the station is expensive, I’m often tempted to order a cup of tea and a sandwich.

A) However

B) Even though

C) Nevertheless

D) As long as

E) The fact that

24. She ordered a vegetarian pizza ---- any meat topping might contain pork.

A) meanwhile

B) besides

C) for fear that

D) even though

E) regardless of

25. So far, 214 people, including 168 children, have died ---- rising waters in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

A) as though

B) in spite of

C) consequently

D) as a result of

E) nonetheless

26. Being tired of the rat race in the big city my husband and have decided to move to the coast ---- we retire.

A) by the time

B) in order that

C) no matter

D) while

E) as soon as

27. l think holding a coffee morning at the shop will raise quite a lot of money for the charity; ----, it will help publicise the shop.

A) furthermore

B) otherwise

C) nevertheless

D) however

E) instead

28. l arranged to catch the early train ---- l would have plenty of time to get to my appointment.

A) in order that

B) in case

C) moreover

D) provided that

E) so as to

29. A lot of people moved away from the area ---- another earthquake would strike.

A) providing that

B) in case

C) for fear that

D) so that

E) nevertheless

30. Black cumin massage oil is clearly labelled as 'for external purposes only' ---- avoid any confusion.

A) because

B) so as to

C) in case

D) however

E) besides

31. – 40. sorularda, yarım bırakılan cümleyi uygun şekilde tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.

31. ---- he fell straight into the water.

A) Being too large to come right into the harbour

B) For fear that he would miss the train connection

C) He would obviously not try diving again

D) Misjudging the gap between the boat and the quay

E) The captain gave us a hand to disembark

32. As it stops directly opposite the cemetery, ---.

A) the trains in the region are unpredictable

B) the No 9 bus is the best one for you to catch

C) he died peacefully in his sleep last night

D) it starts at 7.30 in the morning

E) he museum has closed for the winter

33. ----, so we'll have to decide which one is more suitable.

A) The Edwardian one is larger than all the others

B) There is only one suitable venue for our party

C) We can't employ both of the applicants

D) They've built a new shopping centre next to the stadium

E) l can't believe that we have received no replies to our advertisement

34. Since being given the Head Master's position, ----.

A) he is undoubtedly the best person for the job

B) he hasn't taught as many hours as he used to

C) the school has been improving steadily

D) the pupils are much happier than they were with the previous one

E) most of the other teachers criticised him severely

35. ----, so he has to keep up–to–date with tax law.

A) My father works as a financial advisor

B) There is no tax on children's clothing

C) You may think you are paying too much

D) Richard occasionally reads the Financial Times

E) Terry is not a convicted criminal

36. Although he suffers from diabetes, ----.

A) he has won gold medals in five separate races

B) no one thinks he will be able to compete again

C) rowing is a particularly strenuous sport for him

D) which is a remarkable achievement

E) his wife supports him in everything he does

37. Besides being a difficult language for westerners to pronounce, ----.

A) It’s easier to learn using phonetics

B) many of them learnt it with little difficulty

C) Mandarin Chinese has a complicated written from

D) Japanese is growing in popularity with language students

E) several languages use tone to indicate meaning

38. Having ordered the job herself, ----.

A) it wasn't anything to do with her incompetence

B) the facsimile line hadn't been installed yet

C) l picked up the phone to ring the supervisor immediately

D) it was disappointing that the job hadn't been carried out properly

E) Marion knew she had asked for a separate fax line

39. Ever since she heard one of his songs on the radio, ----.

A) for his melancholy melodies appealed to her

B) his music is becoming popular with students

C) which was a combination of rock and country music

D) she has been collecting his albums

E) it was mostly owing to his emotive lyrics

40. Although I’ve made progress in many aspects of the language, ----.

A) l still have problems with my pronunciation

B) my written compositions have received good grades

C) I’m concentrating particularly on Byzantine history

D) my teacher somehow thinks that I’m good at grammar

E) l enjoy listening to French music as well

41. – 45. sorularda verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği bulunuz.

41. Unlike most dedicated lnternet trading companies, made a profit in its first year.

A) As is the case with most lnternet trading companies, failed to make a profit during its first year.

B) Not many specialist lnternet trading companies make a profit in the first year, and is no exception.

C) followed the pattern of the vast majority of specialist lnternet companies, making a profit in its first trading year.

D) There aren't many specialist lnternet trading companies which had such a profitable first year as

E) was different from most other specialist lnternet trading companies in that it make a profit in its first year.

42. The bus ride to Solihull takes twice as long as the journey by car because of the long route the bus takes.

A) If you want to drive your own car to Solihull, you can take the same route as the bus and still get there in half the time.

B) l wish the bus took the same route as they do by car, then it would take me half the time to get to Solihull.

C) Due to the long route taken by the bus, it takes double the time a car takes to reach Solihull.

D) You could have saved half of the time you spent on the journey had you taken a car to Solihull instead of a bus.

E) l advice you to avoid catching the bus to Solihull as it takes twice as long as it does to drive there.

43. Besides having to tolerate the noise from the building site, our electricity was cut off three times last week.

A) Not only do the construction workers shout a lot, but they keep cutting our electricity off.

B) In addition to putting up with construction noise last week, we had three power cuts.

C) We haven't been inconvenienced by the builders apart from some construction noise and a few power cuts.

D) There have been many inconveniences with the construction work, such as noise and at least three power cuts.

E) It has been impossible to work in our office this week due to a combination of construction noise and three power cuts.

44. Sixty – eight passengers and crew, almost all of whom were local residents, drowned when the ferry struck rocks.

A) With only a few exceptions, of whom some were local residents, the sixty–eight passengers who died when the ferry they were travelling on hit a rock were tourists.

B) When the ferry hit some rocks, sixty–eight passengers and some crew members, who were all local residents, died.

C) Hardly any of the passengers and crew among the sixty–eight who died when the ferry hit a rock were local residents.

D) The ferry hit some rocks resulting in the deaths of sixty–eight passengers and crew, mainly local people.

E) Apart from the sixty–eight passengers who died when the ferry hit some rocks, some crew members, who were local residents, drowned.

45. Obviously, modern skills, such as computer design skills, are vitally important today, but the teaching of traditional skills shouldn't be ignored.

A) It is inevitable that handicrafts will be forgotten as everybody wants to learn modern skills, such as computer design skills.

B) Some traditional skills are in danger of being completely forgotten as everyone is eager to learn modern skills, such as computer design skills.

C) While we are concentrating on teaching modern skills, such as computer design skills, the instruction of traditional crafts is being ignored.

D) The teaching of traditional crafts ought not be forgotten, although modern skills, such as computer design skills, are essential today.

E) The teaching of traditional skills is almost irrelevant in the modern world and the essential skills these days are technical skills, such as computer design skills.

46. – 50. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümlenin Türkçe dengini bulunuz.

46. Today, with millions of volumes in libraries, it is only through good bibliographies that students can find their way to the knowledge they want.

A) Günümüzde kütüphanelerde milyonlarca cilt olduğu için öğrencilerin aradıkları bilgiye ula­şabilmeleri, iyi hazırlanmış bibliyografyalar yoluyla mümkün olmaktadır.

B) Günümüzde öğrenciler, kütüphanelerdeki mil­yonlarca cildin içinden aradıkları bilgiye yal­nızca iyi bibliyografyalar kullanalarak ula­şabilmektedir.

C) Kütüphanelerdeki milyonlarca cildin içinde, öğrencilerin istedikleri bilgiyi bulmaları ancak güncelleştirilmiş iyi bibliyografyalar saye­sinde mümkündür.

D) Günümüzde öğrenciler, kütüphanelerdeki milyonlarca cildin içinde istedikleri bilgiyi bulabilmek için bibliyografyaları kullanmayı iyi bilmelidirler.

E) Günümüzde, kütüphanelerdeki milyonlarca cildin içinde, öğrencilerin istedikleri bilgiye ulaşabilmeleri ancak iyi bibliyografyalar yo­luyla olmaktadır.

47. The Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico claimed that all societies went through the same stages, though at different times.

A) İtalyan filozof Giambattista Vico, farklı za­manlarda da olsa, bütün toplumların aynı aşamalardan geçtiklerini ileri sürmüştür.

B) İtalyan filozof Giambattista Vico, bazı top­lumların aynı aşamalardan geçtiğini ama bu geçişin farklı zamanlarda olduğunu iddia etmiştir.

C) İtalyan filozof Giambattista Vico'nun iddiası, bütün toplumların aynı aşamalardan farklı zamanlarda geçtiğidir.

D) İtalyan filozof Giambattista Vico tarafından, bütün toplumların, farklı zamanlrda aynı aşamalardan geçtiği iddia edilmektedir.

E) İtalyan filozof Giambattista Vico, farklı za­manlarda yaşamış pek çok toplumun aynı aşamalardan geçtiğini belirlemiştir.

48. When Germany was defeated in World War ll. the fleeing Nazis left behind a huge amount of material documenting the Nazi era.

A) Nazi dönemini belgeleyen çok miktarda belge vardır çünkü ll. Dünya Savaşı'nda ye­nien Naziler Almanya'dan kaçarken bunları geride bırakmak zorunda kalmıştır.

B) ll. Dünya Savaşı'nda yenilen Almanya'dan kaçan Naziler'in geride bıraktıkları büyük miktarda materyal, Nazi dönemini çok iyi belgelemektedir.

C) Almanlar ll. Dünya Savaşı'nda yenilince Naziler kaçmış, ama o dönemi belgeleyen çok miktarda materyal geride kalmıştır.

D) Almanlar ll. Dünya Savaşı'nda yenilince, ka­çan Naziler geride, Nazi dönemini belgele­yen çok büyük miktarda materyal bırakmış­tır.

E) Almanların ll. Dünya Savaşı'nda yenilmesi üzerine, Naziler geride, Nazi dönemini belge­leyen çok büyük miktarda materyal bıraka­rak kaçmıştır.

49. The firefly's light is produced by a chemical reaction between oxygen in the air and two substances in the beetle's body.

A) Ateş böceğinin yaydığı ışık, havadaki oksi­jen ile böceğin vücudundaki iki madde ara­sındaki kimyasal tepkimenin ürünüdür.

B) Ateş böceğinin vücudundaki iki madde ile havadaki oksijen arasındaki kimyasal tep­kime, böceğin yaydığı ışığı oluşturur.

C) Ateş böceğinin ışığı, havadaki oksijenle, bö­ceğin vücudundaki iki madde arasındaki kimyasal tepkimeyle oluşur.

D) Ateş böceği,vücudundaki iki maddenin ha­vadaki oksijenle birleşerek tepkimesi sonu­cunda ışık yayar.

E) Ateş böceğinin ışığını oluşturan kimyasal tepkime, böceğin vücudundaki iki maddeyle havadaki oksijenin birleşmesiyle gerçekle­şir.

50. Many critics and listeners regard Beethoven as the finest composer of all time.

A) Beethoven, çok sayıda eleştirmen ve dinle­yici tarafından tüm zamanların en iyi beste­cisi seçilmiştir.

B) Pek çok eleştirmen ve dinleyici Beethoven'ı tüm zamanların en iyi bestecisi olarak kabul eder.

C) Beethoven, pek çok eleştirmen ve dinleyi­ciye göre tüm zamanların ene iyi bestecisi­dir.

D) Beethoven'ın tüm zamanların en iyi bestecisi olduğunu düşünen pek çok eleştirmen ve dinleyici vardır.

E) Pek çok eleştirmen ve dinleyicinin ortak gö­rüşü, Beethoven'ın tüm zamanların en iyi bestecisi olduğudur.

51. – 55. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümlenin İngilizce dengini bulunuz.

51. AIDS virüsü insan vücudu dışında he­men öldüğü için hastalık tesadüfi fizik­sel temas ya da hapşırma yoluyla ya­yılmaz.

A) Since the AIDS virus quickly perishes outside the human body, the disease is not spread by casual physical contract or by sneezing.

B) Once outside the human body, the AIDS virus dies; therefore, the disease cannot be caught through, casual physical contact or sneezing.

C) There is no risk of catching the disease AIDS as a result of casual contact or sneezing as the virus perishes as soon as it is outside the human body.

D) Because the virus causing AIDS cannot survive outside the human body, there is no risk of catching the disease by touching someone casually or by being near someone who sneezes.

E) There is need to fear catching the disease AIDS by casual physical contact or by sneezing as the virus which causes the disease dies once it is outside the human body.

52. Arama cihazlarının yaygın kullanımı so­nucu, bugün uçak kaçırma olayları es­kiden olduğu kadar yaygın değildir.

A) As a result of the extensive use of detection devices, the incidence of plane hijacking are not so common nowadays as they used to be.

B) A reduction in hijacking incidences, has been achieved recently thanks to the extensive use of detection devices by airport security.

C) Once common, the incidences of plane hijacking are now rare due largely to the widespread use of detection devices.

D) The improvements made in detection devices and their use have cut down the number of hijacking incidences recently.

E) In spite of the extensive use of detection devices, the incidences of plane hijacking are just are common as they used to be.

53. Tıp bilimindeki gelişmeler, yaşlanmanın yarattığı bazı güç kaybı durumlarının geciktirilebileceğini göstermektedir.

A) Progress in medicine has failed to produce anything which can reduce the effects of the aging process.

B) No matter what advances are made in medical science, the declines produced by aging can only be retarded very slightly.

C) According to medical research, it may be possible to retard some of the declines produced by aging.

D) Progress in medical science indicates that some of the declines produced by aging can be retarded.

E) There are some indications from medical research that it may be possible for some of the declines produced by aging to be retarded.

54. Çoğu zaman, tamamlanmış bir projenin kötü akustiğini düzeltmek, işi başlan­gıçta doğru dürüst yapmaktan daha pa­halıya mal olmaktadır.

A) It would be cheaper to construct a completely new building than to bring these acoustics up to the required standard.

B) It cost some to correct the bad acoustics of the building than it would have done if the project had been completed properly initially.

C) The estimated cost of correcting the bad acoustics is greater than the amount spent for the completion of the project in the first place.

D) Care should be taken to complete the job correctly in the first place as correcting bad acoustics in a finished building can be more expensive.

  1. Correcting the bad acoustics of a completed project often costs more than having done the job properly in the first place.

55. İlk yolcu uçakları, l. Dünya Savaşı'da kullanılan bombardıman uçaklarından dönüştürülmüştü.

A) The earliest bombers, which were used in World War l, were constructed from converted passenger planes.

B) The earliest passenger planes were converted into bombers, which were then used in World War l.

C) The earliest passenger planes were converted from the bombers which had been used in World War l.

D) The first passenger planes were constructed from converted bombers, which were no longer needed after World War l.

E) After World War l, the bombers were converted to make the first ever passenger planes.

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