Connecting to the Early Years Learning Framework

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Learning Story


Connecting to the Early Years Learning Framework

  • Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity

  • Outcome 2: Children are connected and contribute to their world

  • Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

  • Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

Today Aurora made a garden from the decoration flowers; this has followed on from the children’s interest of creating a jungle in the digging patch. Aurora discussed the garden with her friends; what they needed to make the garden. Aurora and her friend filled up the container with sand because she decided that it needed some more dirt in there. The girls decided that the flowers were roses, so Aurora warned her friend to watch out for the prickles. Aurora used her fine motor skills while handling the decoration flowers and digging into the sand. Aurora was interested and engaged in the process of planting the flowers. She discussed her favourite colours with her friend, and brought in real world knowledge into the play portraying her understanding and broadening her knowledge. Aurora is developing her social skills and communication by interacting and contributing ideas with her friends. This shared project is developing her sense of wellbeing, as she recognises her contributions.

At Kindergarten we are extending the children’s interest in butterflies and their life cycle. As a whole group project on butterflies the children decorated a calico butterfly that we had cut out. Aurora decorated the wings with her friends; she manipulated and experimented used a variety of materials such as glue, oil pastels, streamers, feathers, ink and stickers in. The outcome was beautiful; the butterfly is hanging within the centre for all the parents and children to see their contributions. This furthered auroras sense of contribution and connectedness to her world by investigating and exploring new ideas.

Aurora brought her caterpillar balloon to show her friends which was wonderful; everyone was very interested to see it! Aurora appeared to be excited about her caterpillar and happily showed and talked about it with her friends the caterpillar balloon. By brining in this show and tell it allowed her the opportunity to confidently and effectively communicate with her peers.
Aurora extended her interest of butterflies through learning experiences, such as drawing butterflies using oil-pastels. Aurora created a gorgeous butterfly with vibrant colours and used patterns within the wings. She is further developing her fine motor skills by grasping the oil pastels and using them, even using the very small pieces to draw. Aurora appeared to be very pleased and proud of her butterfly; by celebrating her achievements Aurora is developing a strong sense of identity.
Aurora created a butterfly by designing and cutting out a template and decorating it with bright scrunched tissue paper and paper patty pans. This was a great experience for practicing our cutting with scissors and gaining confidence in using them. Aurora decorated her butterfly by referring to a butterfly picture over on the drawing table. She placed two pieces of red scrunched up tissues paper on the bottom of the butterfly’s wings, the same as the picture. By scrunching up the tissue paper Aurora is strengthening her hand muscles, which is great for her fine motor development. She is also an independent and involved learner, by analysing and mirroring the picture of the butterfly within her artwork.

What next?

Aurora is curious and interested in butterflies; her Mother even told me she was talking about them at home and was excited to bring her caterpillar to kindergarten. I will continue to support her interest by providing opportunities for her to share her knowledge and explore with her peers. I will also extend onto other play based learning experiences to help broaden her interests and encourage initiation and participation in group projects.

I will support Aurora’s interest in drawing by providing her with the opportunities to experiment with different mediums and tools.


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