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INGLÉS (Literature) Level 5
Prof. Estela Riviere

Writing literary essays

  • The elements of a good essay.

  • The introduction

  • The thesis statement

  • The body

  • The conclusion

Students need to have read the following material and be able to write a literary analysis essay on any of it:


Stories: R.K. Narayan, ‘A Horse and Two Goats’

Ted Hughes, ‘The Rain Horse’

Morris Lurie, ‘My Greatest Ambition’

Ahdaf Soueif, ‘Sandpiper’

Penelope Fitzgerald, ‘At Hiruhamara’

Poetry: Gerard Manley Hopkins, ‘Pied Beauty’

Allen Curnow, ‘Continuum’

Ted Hughes, ‘Pike’

Christina Rossetti, ‘A Birthday’

Margaret Atwood, ‘The City Planners’

Boey Kim Cheng, ‘The Planners’

Norman MacCaig, ‘Summer Farm’

Elizabeth Brewster, ‘Where I Come From’

William Wordsworth, ‘Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’

All My Sons, by Arthur Miller


Students need to know the elements for the analysis of prose, poetry and drama which they learnt at level 4.

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