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Introduction 4

What’s it about? 4

Archetypes 4

Part 1: Making Characters 5

Race 5

Attributes 5

Skills 6

Derived Statistics 6

Profession & Infrastructure 6

Edges & Hindrances 6

Gear 7

Background Details 7

Part 2: Professions & Infrastructure 8

Professions 8

Infrastructures 23

Part 3: Setting-specific character generation rules 25

The Influence Skill 25

Knowledge skills 25

Languages 26

Seasoned 26

Pulling Strings 26

Advancement 27

Part 4: New Hindrances and Edges 27

Hindrances 27

Edges 31

Removed Edges 32

Background Edges 32

Combat Edges 33

Leadership Edges 33

Influence Edges 33

Power edges 34

Professional Edges 35

Social Edges 35

Weird Edges 35

Part 5: Setting rules 35

Critical Miss 35

Gritty Damage 35

Research 36

Breakthroughs, successes and time 36

Hacking 38

Part 6: Pulling Strings 39

Failed Influence Roll Table 39

List of pulling strings 40

Part 7: Resources 65

Cell Creation 65

Locations 65

Standard Facilities 66

Computer Facilities 67

Medical Facilities 67

Radar Facilities 68

Training Facilities 69

Vehicle Facilities 69

Work Facilities 69

Research Staff 70

Operations Staff 70

Pistols 71

Rifles 71

Heavy Weapons 72

Launchers 72

Ammunition 72

Melee Weapons 73

Thrown Weapons 73

Explosives 74

Surveillance 74

Intrusion 75

Communications 75

Electronics 75

Software 76

Scientific Equipment 76

Chem Craft 77

Medical Equipment 79

Clothing/Body Armor 80

Tool Kits 80

Combat Accessories 81

Restraints 81

Hostile Environment Gear 82

Standard Vehicles 82

Special Vehicles 83

Vehicle Accessories 84

Profession specific equipment 84

Part 8: PSI Powers 87

Making PSI-sensitive characters 87

Psychic disciplines 87

Power points 87

Using powers 87

Terminology 88

Power edges 88


Biological Psychokinesis PSI Powers 89

Clairvoyance PSI powers 90

Cognition PSI powers 92

Psychokinetic PSI Powers 94

Telepathy PSI powers 95

Chemcraft 98

Psi Drugs 99

Hypnosis 100

Hypnotic techniques 101

PSI-equipment 103

Implants 103

Part 9: The Supernatural 107

Seepage 108

Seepage Levels 108

Seepage Points 108

Corruption 108

Incarnate 108

Forsaken 109

Locus 109

Edges 109

Invocations and Supernatural Manifestations 110

Provocation 111

Controlled Invocation 111

Manifestation Tables 111

Manifestation Descriptions 112

Rituals 114

Ceremonial Tradition 114

Shamanic Tradition 114

Taoist Tradition 115

Caribbean Tradition 115

Learning new rituals 115

Performing Rituals 115

Charm 115

Psychic Links 116

Ritual Teamwork 116

Failing a Ritual 116

Orichalcum 117

Ritual Description Format 117

Ritual List 118

General Rituals 120

Divinations 121

Somatic Rituals 122

Physical Rituals 123

Blessings and Curses 124

Psyche Rituals 125

Illusion Rituals 127

Spirit Rituals 128


Savage Conspiracy X takes what this author sees as probably the best RPG setting ever made, and converts it to his current favorite rulesystem. This conversion could not have been made without the awesome world that George Vasilakos and the rest of Eden Studios invented in the mid-90s, so all credit goes to George and his team.

What’s it about?

It is strongly recommended that the GM and players refer to the old 1st Edition books or the Unisystem line of Conspiracy X books to learn more about the world and the conspiracy that is Aegis. This is not a complete game, and even if it’s far from impossible to run this game with only the conversion available, it is very helpful to have other source books available for reference and fluff.
In short, the world is our own, at least that’s what it looks like. Behind the scenes, alien races plot and scheme, government conspiracies control most aspects of everyday life in the US, psychic powers are real and supernatural events are a fact – albeit with a pseudo-scientific explanation.
The players are part of one of these aforementioned conspiracies. Aegis protects the US against and investigates paranormal events, including, but not limited to aliens, the supernatural, cryptozoological sightings, etc., at the same trying to keep it a secret for the government and covering up any of its own secret and highly illegal psychic research. Fighting for humanity’s future – in secret – is not an easy task.
But this is not their day job. Normally, they are in positions throughout the government (but the private sector is also possible). They have been recruited into Aegis due to their positions of power and the strings they can pull on Aegis’ behalf. Why do you think the US has such an enormous deficit? Partly because of the military industrial machine, but partly because government officials for decades have funneled money from legitimate government directorates and towards Aegis’ goals of humanity’s survival.

What type of character you play is determined by your choice of Profession in part 2, but since there are 99 professions to choose from, it can be a little daunting. You should take some time to look over the archetypes here, and try to find something in the profession list that fits. Your GM may also help you narrow down your choice of professions based on your archetype.


Civilian – Aegis also recruits from the private sector. Journalists, lawyers, business owners, politicians, rich dilettantes etc. may all have resources at their disposal that Aegis is interested in. Your imagination is the limit here. If you can convince your GM to play a stay-at-home mom, that’s fine too!
Criminal – Aegis isn’t too picky on who they recruit, as long as they are certain of his loyalty to the conspiracy. It’s not unknown for murderers or gangsters to be recruited either, although they are usually watched for the slightest sign of behavior that may jeopardize the secret conspiracy.
Doctor – Every group needs a healer, right? In Savage Conspiracy X, this character is more than simply a healer. He may be vital in missions battling unknown viruses, perform alien autopsies or invent new drugs that enhance the human body.
Hacker – The computer wizard is a staple of any espionage film or novel. By using supercomputers 10 or 20 years beyond what’s commercially available, these specialists are able to crunch number at an amazing speed and get access to systems and servers in order to gain information.
Law enforcement / investigator – Whether or not he is a member of a legitimate police force or a private investigator, this character is good at investigation, connecting clues and solving mysteries. He probably has a lot of pull in the police department.

Parapsychologists – While not having any psychic or ritual trainings themselves, they are knowledgeable about the subjects at hand, and may aid psychics, use hypnosis or conduct occult research for various purposes.

Pilot – Whether he is a air force fighter pilot or an army helicopter pilot, this character is an ace behind the stick.
Psychic – Both Russia and the US have had strong, government controlled programs developing psychic abilities in people as a weapon against the enemy. Even though many psychics are drug addicts or go grazy, it can be challenging to play people who literally can kill his enemies with his mind.
Ritualist – Even though Aegis have studied less the phenomenon known as Seepage, than they have psychic abilities, there are those who are able to perform rituals and do ”magic”. It’s all about shaping the Seepage though, but this is the closest you come to playing the typical wizard of a fantasy campaign.
Scientist/engineer/tech guy – While it may sound boring on paper, everyone in Aegis Prime agrees that the war against the extra-terrestrial threat will probably not be won by soldiers, but by the minds who becomes experts on alien physiology, technology or even anthropology.
Secret Agent / spy – Think Jason Bourne, even James Bond. This characer is part of the Intelligence sector, your typical CIA spook with a lot of combat training but also utility skills like stealth, breaking & entering and diplomacy.
Soldier – No matter if your character hails from the army, air force or navy, his military training should influence this character. He should excel in combat heavy missions.

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