Contract Law-Worksheet

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  Contract Law-Worksheet

Through your life you will have to sign various contracts some of them will be very important and others trivial. This worksheet will introduce you to the various parts of a contract. What is needed to make the contract binding and when the contract should be in writing. You will be able to build upon this worksheet with future class material. Most importantly you will be able to apply this worksheet to your own life outside the classroom.

Directions: Open a blank word document. Place your name in a header. Key the number and the question before each answer. Please answer each question in a complete sentence. Save this document as contract law worksheet. Remember to save often you do not want to lose your work. You will need to explore the underlined hyperlinks to find the answers to the questions. When you have finished answering the questions print out your answers and hand them in.

  1. In your own words, what is a contract?

  2. What are the three key elements of a binding contract?

  3. Using the hyperlink from question number two define each of the key elements for a binding contract.

  4. What are the age requirements for a person to be competent?
  5. When can a person be under the age of majority and enter contracts legally?

  6. Does a contract always have to be in writing?

  7. What are the “Statute of Frauds” and its purpose?

  8. The website used above lists seven examples of when contracts must be in writing. Provide at least three.

  9. From reading the articles on the various website's visited through out this worksheet, tell what you feel is the most valuable part of a contract and why.

  10. Search the web for an example of a case that involved an oral contract that was contested. Summarize the case and cite the web address.


Contract Law-Web Worksheet

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Student has included the number and question before each answer. Student has keyed their name in a header. (4)

The student has not included the number and question before each answer. The student has not included their name in a header. (1,0)

English Mechanics

No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. (4)

2 or more errors.



Answers were in full sentences and were based on the websites provided. (10)

Answers were not in full sentences and the answers did not come from the websites provided. (6-2-0)


The student followed all directions and completed the worksheet. (2)

The student did not follow all directions and complete the worksheet. (0)



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