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Switch Issue #1

Written by young people for young people.

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Switch is a magazine written by young people (12 – 25 years old) and contains articles, news stories, fiction, games and health information aimed at young people and their peer groups.
Switch is managed by an editorial team of young people, who decide content, layout, themes and occasionally write articles. Each issue conveys a positive view of young people on a range of topics and issues they face as young residents of Geelong.
Switch releases issues sporadically. Each issue of the magazine is well over 30 pages of full colour magazine just for you! 1000 copies are distributed free at all local secondary schools, libraries and youth venues.
Each issue receives a launch event, which is also managed and designed by the editorial committee of young people.
Previously known as The Piercing Truth, Geelong’s youth magazine has covered such hard hitting topics as bullying, discrimination, and issues relating to sexuality and young people.
The magazine also receives and publishes many light hearted articles. Content for Switch is obtained in various ways including projects, school programs and through public workshops. These vary each issue.
If you’d like to be involved, want to submit an article or piece of artwork, want us to include your upcoming gig or just want to subscribe to the online version of Switch magazine, send us an email to

Editorial Committee: Alastair McGibbon, Jessica Dickers, Amanda Sherring, Kim Sinnott, Van Nguyen and Hannah Hall Production Manager: Helen Grogan Production Services: Adcell Media Cover: Hannah Hall

Privacy Notice: If you chose to enter or partake in any competitions, surveys or offers in this featured issue of Switch, then you are required to provide some personal details about yourself to us. In case you do, they will not be used or given to third parties, unless contacting you in regard to said promotions.
Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the young people writing the articles and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the City of Greater Geelong.


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Switch magazine!! It’s been a while for Geelong’s youth magazine, but now we’re back to rock your socks off and generally look awesome whilst doing so. There’s been some major changes over the last few months– not only have we gained some great committee members, we’ve also completely redesigned the magazine, and hopefully you agree the new look suits us! If you have any ideas for stories, features, reviews or even some tips in regards to the design of the magazine, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at
As usual, we’d like to thank Cr Jan Farrell and Mardi Janetzki for their support, and Helen Grogan for her fantastic job keeping us all on track. Happy reading!
The Switch team

Rant. Make-up or hideaway.

Written by Krystie Gross

I CAN’T remember the last time I walked down the street and saw a group of 14 year olds who actually looked 14. What I could see, though, was two-inch thick concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss; jeans that barely go over their butt, and tops that show off their mosquito bites. Their hair that has so much hairspray in it, it looks like a cyclone wouldn’t hinder its shape.

I’d have to admit when I was a little younger I splashed out and wore make-up to school. Only the basics though, and only if I had the time. When you have to spend two hours in the morning putting your face on so you can cope when someone else looks at you, there is a problem. The question we should be asking is: why do these young girls want to hide themselves from the world? For attention?

The attention that is received from the gallons of makeup applied is not normally the most desirable. Do you really want your 14 year old daughter catching the bus to school every day, dealing with 18-year-old boys are attracted by the fact they “look” like a 16 year old? A lot of the guys that I knew in my final year at school would go after the 14 year olds. This was because, and I quote: “They are easy and hot.” If you are going to let your daughter go into the world looking like a hooker, then first have THETALK with them; “Not all guys want the same thing, learn to distinguish between them.

”Inform your child of future complications that may arise from a constant use of pharmaceutical products every day. The younger you start, the longer you will have to manage your looks and still have the same feeling when you walk into a room.

Look at Brittany Spears for instance. In her early work, she concentrated on what she had to change about herself, wearing a tonne of make-up. She ended up going crazy. Whereas Avril Lavigne interpreted how other people acted, showing how she felt on the inside in how she dressed, and her make-up was kept to a minimum. People I have talked to thought it would have been the other was around when it came to who would eventually go crazy.

Natural beauty is the best sort of beauty. Covering up blemishes and impurities does not eliminate them. At the end of the day they are still there standing out against your skin as you remove the mask. Some would prefer to hide flaws from others and deal with them alone, rather than be picked on at school. It really makes you think about the world we have all created, where14-year-old girls are hiding their real selves in order to fit in and be accepted by older peers, and even, at times, by their own families. So, I leave you with this question:
Why do these girls want to hide themselves from the world?

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