Contribution to Story County Community Foundation and/or our Family of Funds

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Contribution to

Story County Community Foundation

and/or our Family of Funds


Address____________________________________ City, State, Zip___________________________
Email (if available)­­­­­­­­­____­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________
Total Amount of Contribution $____________
Make checks payable to: Story County Community Foundation

Story County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

(Contact SCCF if you would like to make a contribution using other assets such as stock, grain, etc.)
____Please keep my/our donation anonymous from the public

____Please keep my/our donation anonymous from the agency (if applicable)

Endow IA Tax Credit: Most gifts to SCCF funds qualify for an Endow Iowa tax credit equal to 25% of your gift, in addition to the normal federal charitable income tax deduction. Those funds not eligible are marked “no tax credit.” Tax credits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis until the annual limit of $6 million is reached. If the tax credits have been depleted for this calendar year, they will be issued for next year.
I would like my gift to go to the following fund or funds

(list of SCCF Family of Funds on reverse side; if dividing, list amounts):

Story County Community Foundation Funds

____Story County Community Foundation Endowment*

Unrestricted endowment allowing SCCF to make grants to meet current and emerging needs of the county
____Story County Community Foundation Operations Endowment*

Endowed operational support to further SCCF’s mission
____Story County Community Foundation Operations Passthrough

Unrestricted fund for immediate use where needed (no Tax credit)
____Story County Economic Development Endowment*

Endowment for economic development activities/projects in Story County
* Through the SCCF endowment funds, you will help build a permanent source of charitable assets to

meet emerging, as well as existing, needs of the communities and organizations in Story County.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Please contact us with any questions you may have.
Story County Community Foundation | P.O. Box 1666 | Ames, IA 50010-1666

(515) 232-9200 | |

Story County Community Foundation Family of Funds

______ACCESS (Assault Care Center) Endowment

______ACTORS Endowment (no tax credit)

______Ames Christian School Endowment

______Ames Education Foundation Band Endowment

______Ames Education Foundation Endowment

______Ames Foundation Endowment

______Ames Historical Society Endowment

______Ames Historical Society Self-Directed Endowment

(no tax credit)

______Ames Morning Rotary Endow Iowa Fund

______Ames Public Library Collection Endowment

______Ames Public Library Friends Foundation Bequest Fund (no tax credit)

______­Ames Public Library Friends Foundation Endowment

______Ames Public Library Friends Foundation

Project Smyles Fund (no tax credit)

______Arc of Story County-Supporting Individuals with Disabilities Fund

______Ballard Education Foundation Endowment

______Bethany Lutheran Church of Kelley Endowment

­­­______Bethany Lutheran Church of Kelley Operations

Endowment (no tax credit)

______Bethany Manor Chaplaincy Endowment

______Bethesda Lutheran Church, Ames Iowa Endow Iowa Fund

______Bethesda Lutheran Church, Ames Iowa Endowment

(no tax credit)

______Boys & Girls Club of Story County Agency Fund (no tax credit)

______Boys & Girls Club of Story County Endowment

______Cambridge Community Center Fund (no tax credit)

______Center for Creative Justice Agency Fund (no tax credit)

______Center for Creative Justice Endowment

______Central Iowa RSVP Endowment

______Central Iowa Symphony Endowment

­­­­______Collegiate Presbyterian Church Building Endowment

­­­­______Collegiate Presbyterian Church General Endowment

______Collegiate Presbyterian Church Program Endowment

______Collegiate Presbyterian Church University Ministry Endowment

______Creative Artists’ Studios of Ames Endowment (no tax credit)

______Cyclone Country Aktion Club Endowment

______Dancenter Dancer Company Foundation Fund

______Emergency Residence Project Endowment

______Endowment to Restore Ageless Educational Principles

______First United Methodist Church Operating Fund Endowment

______Food at First Endowment

______Friends of Ada Hayden Heritage Park Endowment

______Friendship Ark Homes Endowment

______Gilbert Education Foundation Agency Fund (no tax credit)

______Gilbert Education Foundation Endowment

______Heartland Senior Services Building Fund (no tax credit)

______Heartland Senior Services Endow Iowa Fund

______Heartland Senior Services of Story County-Help Will Come Endowment

______Jeff Benson Family Iowa Lincoln Highway Endowment

______Kiwanis Club of Ames Agency Fund (no tax credit)

______Kiwanis Club of Ames Foundation Endowment

______Leadership Ames Endowment

______Mainstream Living—Reno Berg Endowment

______Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation Endow Iowa Fund

______MGMC Foundation Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center Fund

______Memorial Lutheran Church & Student Center Endowment

______MICA Story County Dental Clinic & Oral Health Endowment

______Michael S. Miller Memorial Scholarship Endowment

______Monsignor James A. Supple Endow Iowa Endowment

______Monsignor James A. Supple Endowment (no tax credit)

______Nevada Community Historical Society Endowment

______Nevada High School Class of 1966 Legacy Scholarship Fund

______Nevada Public Library Endowment

______Octagon Center for the Arts Endow Iowa Fund

______Octagon Center for the Arts General Restricted Fund

______Outdoor Alliance of Story County Endowment

______Raising Readers in Story County Endowment

______Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp Endowment

______Roland Public Library Foundation Fund (no tax credit)

______Rotary Club of Ames Foundation Centennial Fund (no tax credit)

______Sidonia & Charles Goetz Ames Historical Society Endowment

______St. Andrews Lutheran Church Endowment

______Story City Friends Endowment

______Story City Historical Society Agency Fund (no tax credit)

______Story City Historical Society Endowment

______Story County 4-H Foundation Endow Iowa Fund

______Story County Conservation Endowment

­­­­______Story County Medical Center Foundation Endowment

______Story Theater Company Fund (no tax credit)

______Timothy Ryan Jenks Memorial Fund

______United Way of Story County Agency Fund (no tax credit)

______United Way of Story County Endow Iowa Fund

______United Way of Story County—Frankee Oleson Women

with Initiative Endowment

______Wilma H. & Kermit L. Helland Nevada Senior

Community Center Endowment

______YSS Foundation Endow Iowa Fund

Make a Difference where you live!

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donate -> Contribution to Story County Community Foundation and/or our Family of Funds

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