Course: Foreign Foods Instructor: Ms. Ashton Smith Plan Hour

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Santa Fe High School

Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Course: Foreign Foods

Instructor: Ms. Ashton Smith

Plan Hour: Red 5th Hour (12:47-1:59) and Black 4th Hour (11:12-12:43)

Rationale: Foreign Foods provides insight to geography, customs and traditions, and food habits of foreign countries and regional foods of the United States.
Description: Foreign Foods enables students to gain a broader understanding of the world food situation and how different regions and countries vary according to geography, customs, traditions, and food habits. The students will conduct research on the various regions and countries and prepare a presentation for the whole class. After each presentation, foods from that particular region or country will be prepared.
Course Goals

  • To develop questions and ideas to initiate and refine research.

  • To conduct research to answer questions and evaluate information and ideas.

  • To organize typed reports and oral presentations.

  • To compile puzzles, worksheets, study guides, geographical maps for each presentation.

  • To collect recipes for food labs.

Materials Needed:

Notebook paper to stay in room Paper (daily) Pen/Pencil

Grading Policy:

Advice: (Some suggestions from Ms. Smith…)

  • Use class time given to work on assignments and projects.

  • Bring your necessary supplies daily.

  • Don’t work on other homework during class unless told otherwise.

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