Course title: british sign language intermediate 2

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Languages at York St. John University


Venue: York St. John University, Lord Mayor’s Walk

Start dates: w/c 25.01.16 (Easter Break: 21st March – 8th April)

Day/Time: See Timetable

Number of sessions: 12 including assessment Length of sessions: 2 hours

Course description:

BSL Intermediate 2 follows on from BSL Intermediate 1 and is suitable for students who wish to make progress towards Signature Level 2 competence, by completing the equivalent of unit 202 (see overleaf for more details).

BSL Signature Level 2 is designed to enable learners to develop an ability to communicate with deaf people using BSL in a range of familiar and work-related contexts, participating in longer and more open-ended exchanges than Level 1.
By the end of the course you should be able to...

  • Tell a story, relate the plot of a book or film and take part in a discussion.

  • Understand the gist of a range of authentic signed conversations in familiar contexts.

  • Understand a wide range of authentic texts in familiar contexts.
  • Communicate ideas accurately and in an appropriate style over a range of familiar topics.

  • Demonstrate deeper knowledge and understanding of deaf culture and values.

  • Make a short presentation on a chosen theme (decided at the beginning of the course).

  • understand BSL order

  • understand non-manual features

  • in exam, student must sign story on chosen theme for 3 – 5 minutes

Details of previous experience or knowledge needed

Successful completion of BSL Intermediate 1 or unit 201.

Study time outside the classroom and method of assessment

As a member of the public, a member of staff or a current student at YSJU you are very welcome on this course and should be aware that class time is mainly spent on practical work, i.e., signing. You will progress quickly by doing some extra work at home by practicing with videotapes and DVDs, and by ensuring that you watch certain programmes aimed at the deaf community (at least 2 hours per week). Your tutor is a native BSL user with many years’ experience of teaching BSL to adults. Students will take a practical assessment (30%) and a recorded formal presentation (70%) incurring no extra fees. The course is worth 20 credits, which can be put towards part of a degree at York St.

John University.


Students can opt to take the BSL SIGNATURE Level 2 assessments to gain the nationally recognised qualification. This incurs extra assessment fees (see overleaf).

Opportunities for students of British Sign Language (BSL)

at York St John University to obtain national accreditation

This information relates to an OPTIONAL opportunity to obtain a national accreditation in BSL Level 2, built into delivery of our Intermediate modules in BSL here at York St John.
‘SIGNATURE’ (formerly the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People) offer the nationally recognised BSL Level 2 Certificate. This eagerly sought after qualification is now offered at York St John University to all our students who successfully complete Level 2 modules, at an additional cost.
Important Note

To achieve the ‘SIGNATURE’ BSL Level 2 Certificate, students must achieve the three Intermediate modules, therefore attending York St John University for three semesters and must take and pass all levels of assessments. These assessments will take place alongside the internal assessments that are naturally part of the York St John course. There are no extra costs incurred for the normal internal assessments, but there are extra costs incurred to take the external ‘SIGNATURE’ BSL Level 2 assessments (see table below).

The BSL Level Two course involves three modules thus:


Number of contact hours

Cost to student per additional assessment (approx.)*

201 (Receptive Skills)



202 (Productive Skills)



203 (Conversational Skills)



The content of units 201, 202 and 203 will be automatically covered if you attend York St John’s Intermediate classes.

Students who attend the course regularly, practice the recommended number of hours and make proper use of tutorial time can expect the pass the assessments with ease.
How to enroll: Applications and payments should be completed online via the Online Store
If you have any queries, please contact the Languages Administrator at:

Tel: 01904 876507

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