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he Global Zionist Government.

Egypt is rebelling against these Monsters, why aren't we?

I Suggest We do it in style with Liberty Villages in our own neighborhoods. Build the solar units in your garage, turn our backyards into gardens, put up windmills and tell zoning, the neighborhood associations and the Banksters to go to hell!
Liberty Villages Concept

A Decade of Deceit! Time to fight back!

By Clayton R. Douglas

In 1994, I bought 5 acres on the north half of a tiny two house town 30 miles from the nearest small town. Bingham was still on the map and I bought the old post office and general store in 1994. The ranches that surrounded it filled up half a page in the Socorro, NM phone book. Carrizozo was 30 miles to the East, Socorro 30 miles west.

I started my Free American Magazine, my radio show and the Militias in New Mexico. That certainly brought a lot of heat on me after two Jewish Organizations, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) publicized my involvement in and promotion of the Militia nationwide when my little local newspaper went national in full color. Their attacks and cries of Racism and Antisemitism were unfounded and untrue. I did start the militia in New Mexico but I did it in Governor Gary Johnson's office. The Chief of the New Mexico State Police was a subscriber for ten years. Ever elected official in the Santa Fe Roundhouse got a copy of my magazine each month.

SPLC and the ADL never quit. When my name and the Free American appeared in an SPLC inspired FBI document sent to all police departments, I called both the governor and the Chief the next day and told them I thought someone was trying to arrange my death by cop. The document was recalled by the governor the next day. Attacks on my advertisers, supporters and guests continued. Some people who appeared on my shows or wanted to help were killed or imprisoned on false or inflated charges. Roger Christie was arrested shortly after appearing on my show to talk about his THC Ministries in Hawaii. That was 3 years ago. He has not gone to trial and is being held without bond by the Feds.

I spent ten years in what I considered an ideal location. Fate had put me ten miles from the Trinity Site. My neighbor said he slept through the first Atomic Blast across the street on White Sands Missile Range. My children learned to drive themselves to school. They played football and had a good childhood, growing up in a small town where everyone knew them and they were always safe.

We had a coke box out front, a library of books, film, Miracle 2 Soap and a little beef jerky. The garden was producing lettuce, corn and other produce. My sons went to militia training on the NRA Range outside Raton, NM and out shot all the adult militia men. Because of the magazine We had a little traffic from readers and the guys that worked on White Sands. I wanted to build that traffic. At various times we had folks drop in with their campers and RVs. Some stayed and helped around the place then caught the wind.

I decided a restaurant and a motel or RV Partk would be an attraction and a money maker. . Rumors were spreading that the Trinity Site was about to be turned into a national park. There was plenty of traffic on US Hwy 380.

On a trip to Ruidoso, the ski resort 40 miles to the west, I found old fashioned looking cabins made by Cavco at some resorts. Just Outside Red River and Santa Fe, I found Yurts and Teepees. I decided to concentrate on a configuration of teepees surrounding a yurt. I figured anyone driving down the highway and seeing a bunch of brightly lit Teepees with a sign that said Vacancy, Organic Food and Hemp Coffee would get a steady stream of customers.

arch 2004 Free American Cover

Around the first of 2004 we moved to Phoenix to publish Arizona's Thunder Riders Magazine. My friend and employee Vincent took care of the house in New Mexico, answering our phones and shipping all of our orders.

I put the Liberty Village Concept into the centerfold of my last Free American Magazine, March 2004,. the tenth anniversary of the birth of the Free American..: On the air I had referred to 9-11 as an exaggerated case of Jewish Lightning!

In April New York Times broke the story of Bush allowing the NSA to tap all our phones. Verizon Rewarded for Records Release With $10 Billion Government Contract. May 20, 2004 they tapped mine and arranged an accident that put me into a hospital for 4 months, 3 of them in a drug induced coma.. I woke up to find that I had lost almost everything and the attacks continued after I got out of the hospital. The notes and columns I wrote after getting out and learning of the three quarters of a million dollar hospital bill, were written when the attacks were continuing and became one chapter of my latest book.

Excerpt from Mystery Babylon here.

The pressure from Communist propagandists continues until the present day. The loss of my businesses, my property and my family weighed heavily on my mind while I tried to continue and re grow what I had lost. Fortunately I became eligible for Social Security and had a small income I attempted restore the Free American and intended to use that to develop my property in New Mexico. Unfortunately, I was alone and damaged goods. No one I had supported in the patriot movement came forward to help.

A woman showed up offering to help. The story is long and involved and not very pretty. The short and sweet version is I thought I had a partner. We refinanced in her name. I sold the property in Bingham to get the money to restart the Free American and Liberty Villages. The day we closed she kicked me off the property.. My property went from five acres and a home to a 37 foot fifth wheel.

To this day there are factors involved that make it damn near impossible to analysis what happened and who was responsible for the string of bad luck I weathered. The term love was tossed around. The wife I was with for 24 years left me and went to work with her father. She still tells me I am the love of her life. Guess she is just waiting for her father to die. He told her he would disown her if she came back to me after the accident.

Self doubt crept in. Was I just a bad man, a poor husband and father, a danger to our republic for reporting on the creep of Communism or was I being a purposefully attacked and demonized by the same people that attacked and demonized Sen. Joe McCarthy? Were the people that attacked or abandoned me foreign agents or well meaning people just dumbed down by our public fool system? The war on drugs was a psychological warfare on the American people. The “hippies” were attacked and demonized for using marijuana but we started a peace movement that got us out of an illegal and immoral war. Just the beginning of the wars we have been in ever since.

For years I have tried to analyze what was happening to us and prepare or counter what I believe to be coming.. It has happened many times in history. What if the Communists who invaded Russia and murdered 60 million white Christian Russians had taken over many aspects and departments inside our government? Why were these murderers in the Soviet Union given atomic weapon and our citizens victimized by a media produced “Cold War”? Who won that War? The banksters who financed and profited from all wars! ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS.

Liberty Village began as a concept for building a sustainable, self-supporting communities in rural areas of this country. It was a good plan, with a specified number of structures to be raised a specified number of miles from the nearest town. These were good ideas that could have worked in a different economy or with more time to make it all happen.

   Well, the world changed in the blink of an eye. Now, money for investing in experimental communities, building structures, buying land has all dried up. Our country is reeling from bank failures, home foreclosures, staggering unemployment and governmental ineptitude. The house of cards collapsed, folks, there is no going back. My companies and my property was lost along with a million other Americans who lost their homes.

In the subsequent contemplation Liberty Villages exist. There may not be a physical location in a rural area, there may not be a group of people living on some land off the grid, but Liberty Village is still here, in a different form. 

    Liberty Village is not a place, not a collection of buildings located on a piece of land somewhere. Liberty Village exists everywhere and nowhere, it is a concept, a new paradigm, a way of surviving the global-level social and economic changes we are currently experiencing.

    Liberty Village is an online community with information, ideas, research and encouragement. We are reinventing our society right now, and Liberty Village will be with you, bringing ideas, plans and ways to connect with others as we create a new society on top of the ashes of the old one.

    If you own a house you can barely afford to keep and you open that home up to share it with someone who can help you with the mortgage and bills, you are part of Liberty Village. If you are contemplating replacing your lawn with a vegetable garden, you are part of Liberty Village. If you are installing a rain collection system, a solar panel or anything else that will help you conserve resources, you are living in Liberty Village. If you are a small rancher or farmer struggling to maintain your way of life and you allow others to live on your land in return for their help, you have created Liberty Village.

    Liberty Village means being willing to let go of what no longer works and find new and creative ways to work with what you already have. Liberty Village means being willing to share your resources and allow others to share with you. Liberty Village is understanding we are all connected and that we all need each other to survive the current shift.

    We learned a very important lesson, starting with Hurricane Katrina and continuing to the present, where we are witnessing the train wreck of our economy. While our government is scrambling around in a panic trying to figure out what to do to save bankers and large corporations from their own bad management and greedy business practices, the message being sent out loud and clear is that we the people are on our own.

    So – What do we do? Do we sit in the wreckage crying over the “stuff” we have lost or do we get busy and figure out how to live with what we already have. “Stuff” will not save us, the government will not save us and the big corporations will not save us.

We have to save ourselves and each other. We have to create things that work, like barter systems, home sharing, land sharing and back yard farming.

We all have gifts, skills and resources to share or trade. Let’s get busy.

Read about attacks on Farmers and the medical value of whole milk and butter

Alternative Currencies

Building a New Economy! 


Police raid and trash farmstead
Arlington, Texas government thugs
This is the Government response to the Liberty Village Concept of Self Sufficiency! The war on independent farmers with the backing of the Corporate Farm Company Monsanto continues.

"No Food We Don't Own!"
- See more at:

"You will comply or we will destroy you"

Using a bogus claim of "marijuana growing", thugs from the Arlington, Texas police department under the direction of the mayor's office raided and trashed a small farmstead destroying food crops including 20 producing blackberry bushes and a field of sunflowers and carted away essential farm equipment. 

Did they find any evidence of marihuana growing?

No they did not.

But they did find "code violations" and while conducting the search and destroy raid, police kept eight adults in handcuffs, one reportedly for several hours.

- See more at:

This illustrates why we need an organization to protect the urban or country farmers. This is why we need to work together, organize and prepare under the banner of FREE AMERICANS and converting our towns and communities into Liberty Villages! CRD

To see how they work and understand who the real haters are! See this article that went out to millions of Americans trying to demonize me and thereby this concept for Self Sufficiency. The Ninth Plank of the Communist Party is "Corporate Farms"/ They do not want you to be able to feed yourself or your families! CRD


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