Create a Map Tour in Builder Mode

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Tutorial for ArcGIS Online
Create a Map Tour in Builder Mode

Create a Map Tour in Builder Mode

Tutorial Overview

Story maps are a combination of Web maps and ready-to-use Web application templates and text that are used to tell a story. In this tutorial, you will create an empty Map Tour that you will be able to populate using a wizard.


By completing this tutorial, you will become comfortable with the following GIS skills:

  1. Locating features on a map using relative and absolute locations,

  2. Adding information and media to map features,

  3. Configuring story maps.

Background Information

Story maps use text, multimedia content and interactive functions added to a Web map to tell a story. Some examples of where a story map might be suitable are historical events, world events, places visited, damage caused by natural disasters, etc. To create a map tour in builder mode, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Save and share a Web map

  2. Choose and publish the Web application template Map Tour

  3. Configure the story map and share it with everyone and/or a group.

References and Reading

  • The Map Tour App

Part A: Getting Started

To begin the tutorial, open ArcGIS Online in an Internet browser.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Online using your login.

  2. Click Map at the top of the page to open the Map Viewer.

Part B: Creating a Map Tour

The Map Tour Web app template is used to guide users through a story map in an interactive viewer. It features an interactive map, a photo/video and text panel, and a thumbnail carousel. In this section, you will create a Web map, and add content to it in the Map Tour.

  1. Zoom into the Cawthra Woods then save your Web map.

    1. Search for Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School.

    2. Center the map on the Cawthra Woods.

    3. Select a suitable Basemap.

    4. Click the Save button and choose Save As.

    5. Create an appropriate title for your Web map. Add meaningful Tags, a Summary and click the SAVE MAP button.

    Note: Tags are keywords that can be used to search for content in ArcGIS Online.

  1. Create a map tour.
    1. Click the Share button.

    2. Share your map with our class group by clicking the box next to your selection.

    3. Click the CREATE A WEB APP button.

    4. Look for the Build a Storymap template titled Story Map Tour and select it.

    5. Click the CREATE WEB APP button. Enter a Title
      and then add Tags and a Summary.

  2. Configure
    your story map.

    1. In the “Where are your images or videos?” Screen, choose “I need to upload my images.”

    1. Click CREATE THE LAYER on the next screen.

    2. Select the Add button at the bottom of the page.

    3. Upload your image. Add the required information: Media, Information and Location to add a new point to your map tour. To find the location of your point, you can either zoom to it or search by address.

    4. Click on Add tour point when the information is ready to be added.


    1. Continue adding images.

    2. Click on the Organize tab to delete or change the order of your tour points.

    3. Click Save at the top of the screen.

  1. Editing your Map Tour
    1. You can make changes to text by selecting the icon .

    2. You can also make changes to the media and image.

  1. Changing your application settings

    1. Click on Settings to make changes to the application settings.


  1. Sharing your Map Tour

    1. When you are ready to share your Map Tour, click on Share and then click Open in the Share your Tour dialog box.

Many stories can be told through different types of story maps. In this tutorial, you have created a Map Tour story map. Visit the story maps gallery from Esri Inc to explore the world of story maps

Future Considerations

If you want to learn more about how to make customized story maps and collecting your own data, check out the Introduction to Story Maps tutorial:

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