Create a poster: Symbolism “a sound of Thunder”

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Create A Poster: Symbolism

“A Sound of Thunder”

In “A Sound of Thunder” the butterfly is not only a symbol, but an allusion to the scientific theory “the butterfly effect,” a phenomena whereby even a slight change to a complex system can lead to larger, unpredictable changes over time. Create an illustration that explores the layers of meaning of the butterfly in this story. Beneath your illustration(s) explain your choices.
: cms -> lib6 -> AZ01001175 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1026
Domain -> Something Out of Nothing: Marie Curie and Radium
Domain -> Constellations
Domain -> I must approve the story you choose. No pre-approval will mean a 5 point deduction
Domain -> Name-Period
Domain -> Asl signed Presentation Rubric Family Tree Teacher Name: Mrs. TrimbleSmith
Domain -> Problem-Solution Writing Prompts
Domain -> Warning: You must read these summaries to keep up with the plot changes in this epic, quizzes over summaries may be in your future!
Domain -> Don’t Float Your Quotes!!!
1026 -> What does the impact of fear and the unknown have on the human psyche and the choices that people make?
1026 -> Alliteration: The repetition of initial identical consonant sounds or any vowel sounds in successive or closely associated syllables

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