Creating a Storyboard for The Lantern Bearers

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Creating a Storyboard for The Lantern Bearers

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a collection of the main events of the story. The main events are brief details and concise words to communicate what the story is about. To illustrate this another way, the main events are like the core of a tree and the branches, leaves, or needles, are the details about the main events. Remember that the storyboard is a collection of the main events written in the order that the events occurred.

The Main Events for Chapters I-V

In Novel Studies class on Wednesday, March 11 we reviewed the main events in Chapter 1: The Terrace Steps. Then we divided into pairs, each pair was assigned a chapter, and each pair was responsible for writing out the main events for their assigned chapter and reference the page number where the main event was found. Written below are the main events that the pairs came up with for chapters I-V.

I The Terrace Steps

  1. Aquila returns home from Rutupiae. (page 1)

  2. Aquila shows his dolphin tatoo to his family. (page5)

  3. Flavian tells the story of the power struggle between the Saxons and the Roman people. (page 10-12)

  4. Aquila is recalled to duty. (page 14)

II Rutupiae Light

  1. Aquila’s troop leaves Britain to return to Rome, but Aquila stays. (page 22-23)
  2. Aquila lights the Rutupiae Light for the last time. (page 26)

III The Wolves of the Sea

  1. Aquila returns home again. (page 28)

  2. Saxons attack Aquila’s family farmstead (page 34-37)

  3. Aquila is tied to a tree and Flavia is captured by the Saxons. (page 40-41)

  4. Another group of Saxons find Aquila. (page 43-44)

IV Ullasfjord

  1. The Saxons take Old Bruni’s thrall. (page 49)

  2. Aquila reads the story about Odysseus to Bruni. (page 53)

  3. Aquila learns that the bird catcher betrayed his family and that his family died for the cause of the Royal House and hope for Britain. (page 60)

V Wild Geese Flighting

  1. We learn about the seasonal patterns of the Saxon people. In the winter the Saxons rest (page 62). In the spring the Saxons plant their fields and leave for raids (page 62). At the end of summer, they harvest their crops and return from their raids (page 63).

  2. Old Bruni dies. (page 76)


Each student will create a storyboard in their new novel studies workbook. How?

  1. On page 1 create a colorful title page with the following:

  1. the title of the book – “The Lantern Bearers”

  2. and subtitle – “Storyboard”

2) Page 2 of your storyboard book is for Chapter 1, the third page is for Chapter 2, the fourth page is for Chapter 3 and so on. Therefor, one page in your storyboard book equals one chapter of the novel. I have included a sample, Chapter I: The Terrace Steps, for you to see how to set up each page of the storyboard. (This was also written on the board in Class 6.)

***For each chapter of your storyboard remember to include the following:

  1. The chapter number written in Roman Numeral form followed by the title of the chapter.

  2. Four equal rectangle sections, framed with a colorful boarder. (see the sample provided)

  3. In your best handwriting, write the main events at the top of each rectangle and number the sequence of main events. One main event per rectangle please. There is a maximum of 4 main events per chapter. (***Chapter V only has two main events, so you can leave two rectangles empty)

  4. Reference the page number for each main event

  5. Your storyboard must have at least one colorful drawing per chapter. You may choose which main event to draw.

Through group work the main events for chapters 1-5 have been completed. All you have to do to create your storyboard is:

  1. Set up a page for each chapter, leaving room for the title and creating the four rectangles.

  2. Follow the instructions above to transfer the main events to your storyboard.

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