Creation Myth Project English 11

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Creation Myth Project

English 11
We have read a few Native American creation stories/myths. Surely you have read other creation stories in Greek and Roman mythology, the Bible and probably other places as well. Obviously, there are many viewpoints on creation. While some relied on myths and legends, others relied on Gods and ancestors. No matter the method, we get a taste of how ancient people viewed creation.
In this project, you are going to write and illustrate your own creation story or myth. Be as creative as possible.
Your creation project project/myth must contain the following:

  • Original idea of creation/moral – Do not copy another myth, legend, or fable

  • Well-written tale of how this creation took place

  • Must include at least three examples of the following: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, sensory imagery

  • Must include an illustration of your tale

    • This illustration will follow the same pattern of the examples we have been going over in class. This illustration should follow the circular pattern of the evolution of your story. You must also provide text and pictures to accompany your story.


  1. Myth must be classroom appropriate

  2. Myth must be at least one full page typed or hand written, front and back

  3. Myth must discuss the creation of something we haven’t explored publicly as a society.

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