Creation to Christ Audio Files

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Creation to Christ Audio Files

Please note the following:

  • These audio files were primarily created to be an aid to you as your learn to tell C2C. They can be especially helpful as you hear new vocabulary in the context of a sentence and hear the rhythm of the story.

  • Though there are eight files that make up C2C, it is only one story. The files were broken into 8 parts to make learning the story easier (same as in the “C2C learning materials”) and to make the files smaller in size. Try listening to all 8 files continuously.

  • The MP3 audio files are intended to be an example only. These examples are not the ‘perfect’ way to tell C2C. They are one person’s telling.

  • These files were not created to distribute to locals. C2C is best shared person to person not by listening to a recording. However these recordings could be used in a training context to give learners another example of how to tell C2C.

  • You will notice that the male and female telling of C2C are not exactly the same. (They only way for them to be identical was to have them read the story.) C2C is meant to be told so each person’s version will be slightly different.

  • The man’s voice version of C2C at times uses a little more complex grammar. If you are using C2C in a city context, this version may be more suitable.

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