Creative Brief Template Solution

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Creative Brief Template Solution

A Creative Brief or Design Brief template is a must for any marketer who works with agencies. You’ll go back to this document template every time you start a new creative project and it will save you hours of rework and frustration later in your project. The template contains detailed descriptions of each section and how to develop the brief.

Developed by

Jonathan Burns

Strategy Cube Inc.

Creative Brief: [Project Name]

The purpose of writing a Creative Brief is to clarify your thinking upfront and to force you to make decisions at the beginning of the marketing project so that the marketing or advertising agency can start working on it with a complete picture of what you want. This process allows the design and production process to happen efficiently and therefore less expensively. People who don’t take the time to write a creative brief frequently end up making many changes to the requirements of the project during the project and this causes rework and ultimately leads to missed deadlines, higher costs and frustrated designers and agencies. A Creative Brief should be so complete that if you handed it over to the agency and disappeared for the duration of the project, the end result should be pretty close to what you wanted.


Project name


Client company name


March 28, 2017


Contact name at the client



Project Description

Briefly describe the project in one or two sentences.


Briefly describe any background to this project that would be helpful to the agency. Why are you doing this project? Is it part of or connected to anything else? i.e this is a new product launch for our company but there are 2 competitors in market; or we have had this product for years and have just decided to invest in marketing it better. What’s going on in the market? Mention important trends. What are competitors doing?


What are the end deliverables? What will the agency actually provide you? i.e a printed brochure, a functioning website, a radio ad, a poster, 500 CD’s with cover artwork etc.


List the requirements of the end deliverables. What are the key specs and requirements. i.e. quantity, sizes, weights, technical specs, commercial length, video formats, audio formats, other file formats etc.

Mandatory Elements

List the mandatory elements. Be careful here not to put too many items as you will tie the hands of your agency as far as the concepts or designs go. Ideally, you want to give them freedom to be as creative as possible. Potential mandatory items might include: a logo, a tagline, a website URL. By putting items on this list you are saying “Don’t show us any creative that does not have these things on it.”

Advertising Communication Strategy

It is important to include this section below because good agencies need this information in order to produce creative material that is “on strategy” for your brand. If you don’t give them a Communication Strategy then you are expecting them to create one for you out of thin air and that’s not their job. Their job is to take your Communication Strategy and bring it to life creatively in the elements you have asked for. The inputs to the development of the Communication Strategy are generally research data and analysis using established marketing frameworks. However, in a small organization it is often just knowledge you have about your organization and stakeholders that you can’t expect the agency to know, combined with some analysis (careful thought) of the options and a sense of where you want to go in the future.

WHO do you want to reach?




Strategic Target

This is the subset of the total population that you want to target. The “strategic” adjective implies that you have made a definite choice, based on good data, regarding who is most likely to respond to your offering.

Women, 18-49 years old

Prime Prospects

This is the subset of your Strategic Target from whom you expect to get the greatest response in the immediate short term. They should also be people who are relatively easy to target in clusters of some kind.

Women who go to a fitness club or class at least 2X per week

WHAT will you say to them?




Benefit or Unique Selling Proposition

This carefully chosen sentence or phrase must define what compelling benefit you will offer to your user or consumer. It must be focused on them and what they will gain, not a descriptor of positive attributes of your product or service (which are features). It must be short and to the point.

ThermaSilk helps you get the look you want and the protection your hair needs.

Reason To Believe (RTB)

This carefully chosen sentence or phrase must define why your consumer or user should believe that you can deliver your benefit. It is often a backup of your claim and states credentials or deeper explanation to make your benefit promise more compelling and believable. RTBs can be rational or emotional.

Thermasilk contains patented silk protein formulas which protect your hair against the damage that blow dryers, curling or flat irons can bring and work with heat to give you intense conditioning.

Brand Character

If your brand were a person what key words about their character would you want to emphasize? (Eg. Fun or serious? Inspiring or chummy?)

Beautiful, flirty and aspirational.


These are positive attributes of your product or service that ultimately create or deliver the benefit described above.

Comes in 200ml, 750ml and 1L sizes.

Comes in 4 versions: Normal, Dry, Oily, Permed/Color Treated.

Widely available at retailers across Canada.

HOW will you communicate it?




Other Media Plans

If you know what media you plan to use for other elements in the campaign then outline as much as you can here. It will help your agency develop a more holistic execution for you (one that ties in with the rest of your plan and therefore has a more powerful marketing effect.)

Direct mail to 200,000 homes in Nov 09

Follow-up calls in Dec 09

Web viral campaign in Dec 09

You should not expect the agency to use your exact language from the Benefit or RTB statements in their executions. It is their job to be creative and to come up with language, headlines etc that communicate the meaning of the Benefit and RTB even if it’s in different words. When you see their creative concepts you should compare them back to this Creative Brief and ask, does their creative version communicate the message you asked for, even if in different words? If yes, then their creative is said to be “on strategy”, which it needs to be. If no, then their creative is “off strategy” and needs to be revised.

Insights into Target

This should ideally be based on research or focus groups, but if you know your stakeholders/end-users well you can write it yourself (Eg. They are skeptical of ______________, they resonate with _______________, they are concerned about ___________, they are looking for ____________).

Design Strategy

If you have an existing Design Strategy or Design Theme that must be followed, you should clarify that here. You would likely only have this if you have asked an agency to develop one for you. The Design Strategy is sometime referred to as Brand Guidelines or a Mood Board. It specifies which fonts, colors and design theme have been chosen for this brand. A Design Theme is a metaphor that defines the aesthetic direction of the Brand. It is an inspirational, not a literal execution. For example, the design theme of ING Direct is “orange citrus fresh”. The design theme of FIDO is “as trustworthy and unique as your dog”. The design theme of the Gillette Venus shaving line is “sea glass.” When a brand does not have or consistently use a Design Strategy or Theme then over time the advertising produced for the brand will look like it was made by very different agencies with different styles and it may not even look like it was all from the same brand. This tends to weaken the brand in the marketplace.

Priority of Communication

When a person looks at a piece of advertising, their eye often goes to certain elements first which cause them to draw conclusions about whether or not the item is relevant. It also impacts how long they continue reading before they move on. In this list you specify the order of priority for the headlines or visuals as a guide to help the designer.

Desired Response

What do you want the viewer of this ad to do? Just know about you? Call and sign up? Refer a friend? Feel something? Have you enabled that response to the best of your ability (by setting up a 1-800 # or a website with a tell a friend engine?)


Will you be supplying existing photography and video for which you have the rights?

Will any new photography or video be required?

Do you expect the agency to source stock images or video?

Talent Objectives

If applicable, what guidelines can you give the agency on the kind of talent (models/actors) you want in any photos or video elements? Do you want only certain ages, races or styles of people? Are you looking to show diversity and of what: age, race, style? If yes, then communicate it here.


What is the budget for this project? Are there any Fiscal Year end deadlines that have to be factored in?


Clarify any deadlines that must be met including intermediate steps like legal or regulatory approval and language translation. This is a good place to outline the key dates in the Artwork Process like Creative Brief approved, Initial Concept Presented, Final Concept Approved, Wording Approved, Final Design & Artwork Approved, Final Artwork produced, Final Artwork arrives at destination.

Final Approval Person

Who will be approving these materials and who is the FINAL approver? (As in, if there is a disagreement on something who will make the final call?).


Signatures below indicate that the Creative Brief is approved and the agency may begin work.

Project Manager Signature


Final Approver Signature


This creative brief template was developed by Jonathan Burns at Strategy Cube Inc. You can find out more about us at Jonathan is an ex Procter & Gamble Brand Manager who now consults to small and medium size businesses on marketing and strategy projects. Several of his best tools for marketing strategy and management can be purchased at Enjoy!

Sample Creative Briefs
Note: the details of these briefs have been substantially altered to protect the confidentiality of the companies involved.

Client Name


Website Development Project Brief v1.0
Purpose of the website:



1. Create a strong first impression

  • Inspire people to want to be involved with us

  • Build brand equity

2. Support the Business Development process

  • Move a prospect closer to becoming a client

  • Clearly show that we are legitimate agency

  • Explain who are, what do we do, how do we do it, what do we stand for

  • Explain what makes us different, better

  • Improve Client Service efficiency

  • Real time reporting for clients

  • Video conferencing

  • Remote training

  • Knowledge centre

  • Recruit new employees

  • Solicit client testimonials

Success criteria:



  • Unique visitors (must visit >1 pg for more than 1min)

  • Time spent and pages visited, time per page

  • <70% of clients have visited website

  • Repeat visits

  • Conversion (prospect becomes a client)

  • Advocacy (prospect or client tells others about website/Company Name)

  • Real-time reporting client satisfaction score

  • % of new hires who visited website before joining

Who will the users be?



  • Potential & current clients

  • Potential & current employees

  • Competitors

  • Consultants

  • Suppliers

  • Friends

Who do we want to target?



  • Potential clients

  • Current clients

  • Current clients

  • Potential & current employees

  • Consultants

What are their needs/priorities?



  • What makes us different, better

  • Client testimonials

  • What products & services we deliver

  • Who we are (team), how do we do it,

  • Our vision, purpose, values

  • Proof of legitimacy (Member of ____), Code of Ethics)

  • Contact info

  • Map of how to get here

  • Parking instructions

  • Pricing/costing

  • Privacy policies and info

  • Info on fundraising ideas

  • Access to real time reporting tools

  • Video conferencing

  • Remote training

  • Virtual tour

  • Tips on calling, how we do what we do, links & resources, how to select a vendor

  • List of useful articles

  • Community boards/message centres

  • Expert on call

What are our needs/priorities beyond those above?



  • List of accomplishments (focused on the ultimate cause & the people we help)

  • Recruiting strong candidates

  • Running boards:

    • Largest donation to date

    • Best caller

  • Photo/bio/taped calls from best callers

What are the content buckets?

Note: Do not worry about the names of the buckets – those will be refined in the next week as we do the site map.



  • Home Page

    • Brief opening Flash

    • Communicate our purpose/big idea succinctly

    • What makes us different

  • About Us

  • Who are we (key people)

  • What do we do

  • What’s unique about us

  • Clients

  • Identify & support our clients causes

  • Link to their sites

  • Client testimonials

  • Contact Info

  • Contact info details

  • Map to our office/Parking instructions ready to print on 1 page

  • Ready-to-go emails of HTML content with key portions of the website for Sales Reps ready to send. Should link people to the website.

  • Flash demo on how we work

  • Some kind of emotional story/demo to show that we care about “making an impact” and ______________

  • President’s message (video is a maybe)

  • Case studies

  • Photo/bio/taped calls from best callers

  • Running boards:

  • Largest donation to date

  • Best caller

Design considerations, elements we want to include:



  • Site needs to be scalable/expandable

  • All elements (design & copy) should show that we are innovative, unique, different

  • Impactful photo(s) on front page

  • Give user choice of HTML or Flash on splash page

  • Flash intro must be powerful, simple and quick

  • Use Photographs more than words

  • Showcase the impact we make (pictures, photos, testimonials, videos etc).

  • Color preferences– we like white backgrounds (simple, clean)

  • Personal/humorous touch in Bios

Details on opening Flash Intro & Key Visuals:

Communication Objective:

To clearly and with impact communicate that we care about ____________

Desired Flow:

A series of high-impact photos showing the people our work impacts and ending with an inspiring photo that clearly communicates that “_________________”

Photographic criteria:

  • Use close-up portraits as much as possible(color or BW)

  • Eye-contact with subject and an emotional connection are critical

  • Market segments we should showcase

    • XXX

    • XXX

    • XXX

  • Talent/shots required at minimum:

    • XXX

    • XXX

    • XXX

Possible QUOTES to end with:

Examples of good/bad websites:

GOOD websites

What we like about them

MEDIUM websites


BAD websites

What we don’t like

Suppliers/agencies/in-house resources available:

    • XXX

    • XXX

    • XXX


$XXXX agreed with agency for a fairly basic Flash site as part of her package that included developing. Need a re-quote for a combo Flash-HTML split site.

Roles & responsibilities:


Project leader


Final approvals

Providing input/perspective,

Will get the site live and do the testing.

Creative design of site, key visuals





Develop Project Brief



Gain President, VP Marketing alignment to Project Brief



Brief agency (on key creative elements)



Design site map/architecture & align with President



Copy development & align with President



Static page design development



Company Name stakeholders digest and get aligned on feedback



HTML coding



HTML site testing



HTML Site Live


Flash coding



Flash site testing



Flash Site Live


Register site with search engines






May - Sept, 1992



Brand X Relaunch Sampling & Promotion elements





CREATIVE VISION: To relaunch Brand X behind a holistic campaign visually tied by signature creative.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: To develop holistic copy and design for all direct to consumer sampling and promotion elements (POP, display stands, shelf trays & shelf talkers/bobbers).

Brand X announces its biggest NEWS since it launched in 1987! This summer Brand X will:

  • Relaunch its lineup of 2in1s and conditioners in new packaging

  • Launch 4 new SKUs of Shampoo in addition to the current 2in1s and conditioners

Brand X is a $XX million business and the market leader in the XX category with a 10.1% share of the market. Brand X sees the launch of XX as incredible opportunity to reach the 57% of consumers who don’t use a 2in1. Brand X has aggressive plans to grow its market share by 11% in Yr 1 and is excited about the potential of the new line-up to strengthen its position as the Haircare Market Leader.

EVENT: Packaging change from pastels to all white bottles

EVENT: Introduction of Brand X New Shampoo

MESSAGE: Brand X has a whole new look, but the product inside has not changed.

MESSAGE: Brand X now has shampoo only in addition to 2in1s

OBJECTIVE: Keep 100% of current Brand X users in the franchise as we change packaging

OBJECTIVE: Bring new users into the Brand X franchise as we launch the new shampoo





1. Generate excitement and awareness (at home & in store)

  1. TV copy teaser campaign to announce new look

1. Generate excitement and awareness (at home & in store)

  1. TV copy to announce regular shampoo

Door to door sampling of entire line-up including new shampoo, conditioner

2. Ensure that Brand X is visible and easy to find in-store

End-aisle POP header cards

2. Ensure that Brand X is visible and easy to find in-store

  1. Display:

Pre-packed floor stand displays

Pre-packed flip tray displays

Pre-packed sidewinder displays

Mixed Display Ready Palettes


In order to quickly and simply choose the creative supplier for these executions, we are asking you to come back to us with creative concepts for 2 of the ideas:

  1. A POP header card for “Brand X has a whole new look” message, and

  2. The sample overwrap/brochure for the “Brand X now has a new shampoo” message.


POP Header Card (For packaging change) (XXX Pieces, Budget $XXM)


To ensure that Brand X users can find their version of Brand X in its new white packaging


To develop an intrusive POP header card that will draw consumers attention to the Brand X brand they are familiar with and communicate that the brand has a whole new look although the product inside has not changed

Priority of Communication:

  1. Brand X’s packaging has changed but the product inside has not

  2. Holistically tie to T.V. copy (key signature visual)

Net Takeway:

  • Brand X has changed it’s packaging but I can still easily find the Brand X product I’m looking for

Mandatory Elements:

  • Maintain key equity visuals - Brand X signature shot, pack shot and clear branding

  • Separate English and Spanish executions (TBC)

Nice To Haves

  • Brand X selling line: “For hair so healthy, it shines”

Sample Overwrap/brochure (XX MM pieces, Budget $XX)


To convince Brand X rejectors / 2in1 non users that there are now two ways to get great hair: Brand X 2in1s, or Brand X Shampoos and Conditioners.


To replicate successful portions of the Asian Tri-pack Sample

Priority of Communication:

  1. Intrusive first impression (Don’t throw me out!!)

  2. Convince recipients to try the sample.

  3. Now Brand X has a new Shampoo (in addition to 2in1)

  4. Holistically tie to T.V. copy (key signature visual)

Net Takeway:

  • Brand X has a complete line of Shampoos and Conditioners that now includes a new shampoo.

Mandatory Elements:

  • Maintain key equity visuals - Brand X signature shot, logo and pack shot

  • Brand X selling line: “For great hair all the time”

  • European success model elements:

  • Some way of clearly communicating that there is a sample inside - could be a window in the overwrap/brochure but doesn’t have to be.

  • Male and female visuals

  • Separate English and Spanish executions

Nice To Haves

  • Interactive and having perceived value

  • Build off Brand A Asian sample


  1. All production elements to be executed by company approved suppliers.

CREATIVE BUDGET & PROJECT SCOPE: Management/creative development fee for all items TBC

EVENT: Packaging change from pastels to all white bottles

EVENT: Introduction of Brand X Shampoo Only







  1. End-aisle display POP

  2. Shelf talkers/bobbers

  3. Print advertisement in trade publications

  4. Memo to head-offices of key accounts






  1. Sample overwrap

  2. Pre-packed displays

  3. End-aisle display POP header cards

  4. Mixed Display Ready Palettes

  5. Shelf trays

  6. Shelf talkers/bobbers










Creative expectations meeting


Preliminary designs presented (2-3 top ideas only)


Winning design / Agency chosen


Supplementary Information on BRAND X:

Primary Target: Women aged 21 - 35 who primarily use competitive shampoo and occasionally a 2-in-1.

Secondary Target: Men aged 21 - 35 who primarily use competitive shampoo and occasionally a 2-in-1.
Primary Target Information:

Specifically, she is in her mid-20's to mid 30's. She works and lives in an urban city on a middle income.

Attitude / Beliefs:

1) Primarily, this target consists of competitive regular shampoo users who desire Brand X's benefit of _________hair, but refuse to purchase Brand X because it is a 2-in-1.


  • I would love to have great Brand X hair, but I won’t use a 2in1 on my hair.

  • XX% of representative consumers say they would never use a 2in1 -Shampoo Plus Conditioner due to a strong attitude that 2in1 does not work as well as separates. (Source)

Consumer Habits & Practises Study

Never use a Shampoo Plus Conditioner (Rep Consumers)


Disagree or strongly disagree that 2 in 1 works as well as shampoo & conditioner - Rep Consumers


- 2-in-1 Non-Users



Tactical benefit

Now Brand X has shampoo in addition to its 2-in-1’s

Equity benefit

Brand X makes your hair great all the time.

Equity support

Brand X contains _______ that coats the hair shaft, improving the whole length of your hair.

Brand Character

Brand X is the expert on great hair. (Please see the attached reel of current on-air Brand X copy to get a better sense of the Brand X character.)

The category is highly fragmented (many brands and SKUs) and there is low loyalty. Users tend to switch around between brands and products hoping to get better results from their products. Image is very important in this category. Some of the factors that influence purchase intent are advertising, packaging, scent, product performance and price. In the last few months, 2 new brands have been introduced which may threaten Brand X somewhat: Brand Y and Brand Z.

All channel share data for 6 months (1991) in % of total market volume for period

Brand A


Brand X


Brand B





Produce a 30s radio ad for air in Country (length of ad TBC based on Agency reco)

Both Spanish and English ads required

Broadly speaking Women 18-35

Specifically: Moms with kids under 18

Note: while teenage boys may play the games, they are NOT the target of the contest as they do not represent a significant amount of consumption for CLIENT brands
BENEFIT: You could win a Ford Explorer or a Burton family ski & snowboard equipment package

CHARACTER: Fun, upbeat


  • call to action to go to website,

  • hosted by XXXX

  • see posters in participating stores for details

  • minimum legal disclosure TBC by legal

I can win a a Ford Explorer or a Burton family ski & snowboard equipment package by playing this cool contest at

At minimum hit major cities in [regions]. Go for max reach for min 2 weeks starting early Feb 1997.
Production: $8,000

Media: $125,000

Please provide

Desired airdate would be around week of Feb 1-7

Ensure time for

  1. legal revisions (min 2-3 days),

  2. Spanish translation

  3. approval by CLIENT, PARTNERS

TV Advertising Creative Brief: Project X



Fall 1991


Project X” Promotion TV Copy





Project Description: Develop a :15s (if possible) television commercial in English and Spanish to support the FALL “Project X” Promotion. The goal is to begin airing Feb 2, 1991 by which time the promotional materials will be in store. We will need a decision on whether or not we can execute the spot in 15s vs. 30s. by Dec 8, 1990 when the media requests are due.
BACKGROUND: The “Project X” promotion will drive consumption of CLIENT participating brands by obtaining incremental display and feature support during the key Fall 91 period. To maximize participation the promotion is focused around a mail-in contest where consumers can win 1 of 2 national grand prizes consisting of: A Brand Item A, 2 Brand Mountain bikes and $1,000 worth of Brand camping equipment. (1 grand prize in the West, one in the East) There will also be regional prizes (4 regions in Country F) consisting of two Brand mountain bikes.



To generate awareness and excitement for the CLIENT promotion to win 1 of 2 national grand prizes consisting of: A Brand Item A, 2 Brand Mountain bikes and $1,000 worth of Brand camping equipment.

Secondary Objective:

To communicate a “call to action” to the consumer to go into stores and look for the promotion display.

Desired Consumer Response:

Consumers will look for the promotion display in stores and will ultimately purchase involved CLIENT products as they participate in this promotion.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Mothers aged 25-40.


Consumers (moms?) can win 1 of 2 national grand prizes consisting of: A Brand Item A, 2 Brand Mountain bikes and $1,000 worth of Brand camping equipment for their families by looking for this promotion in stores now.


By purchasing two of the participating brands on display, families get a chance to win 1 of 2 national grand prizes consisting of: A Brand Item A, 2 Brand Mountain bikes and $1,000 worth of Brand camping equipment.


active, family, outdoor, fun

CONSUMER INSIGHT: I wish there was a way I could get out of the city with my family for a fun, healthy vacation. We all love biking and maybe if we had the right gear we’d go camping.

  • Display POP must be very prominent in the spot so consumers will know what to look for in stores

  • Focus should be on the chance to win a Brand C

  • Some brand identification of participating products (A pack shot can be obtained Agency F at telephone xxx)

  • Partner firm’s logos: Brand, Brand


CLIENT approval to strategy

CLIENT approval to storyboards

Partner/Brand approval to storyboards

CLIENT presentation of rough cut

CLIENT approval of fine cut

Partner/Brand approval of fine cut

Dub and distribute


Feb 2, 1991

BUDGET: $41,000 for production and talent (ex. media costs)


Account Director ____________________________________

Marketing Director __________________________________

Account Executive __________________________________

Assistant Brand Manager _____________________________


Database Acquisition Contest






Company A Database Acquisition Contest





OBJECTIVE: To get as many target consumers to opt-in to receive future email communication from COMPANY A at the lowest acquisition per person.
Success Criteria:

  • xxx target consumers acquired (opted-in) and enriched (see Background for the definitions of these terms)

  • Acquisition cost per person < $xx.00

  • Within budget

  • Timing: Consumer data acquired and transferred to Vendor A by date


To develop and execute an internet based contest in the date window for the purpose of acquiring opted-in Segment A and Segment B for COMPANY A’s Online Database.


COMPANY A is working towards enlarging its current permission marketing database so that it can use the database to speed up awareness & trial of new initiatives and maintain and increase the loyalty of its existing key consumers. In Sept-Oct 00 we had broken the work into 3 sections:

  1. Acquisition

Acquire name, email, address, sex, age and opt-in for multiple brand communication

  1. Enrichment

Ask an additional 5-9 questions to identify Segment A and Segment B

  1. The Envelope

Figure out what the “envelope” of the email would look like. Would it be a consumer newsletter or COMPANY A branded or brand specific, one-off messages (no envelope).

We recently decided to stop active focus on #3, the Envelope, and to allow the xxx group to work that project. We will focus our attention on #1 and #2 and preferably execute them together via a contest in date.

Contest Expectations:

The contest proposal should deliver on these 5 Key Success Factors for a successful Internet contest:

1. Target

  • A clearly defined target (they should at minimum have some common interests and communication preferences)

2. Prizes

  • A big prize, relevant to the target. (i.e cars, condos, trips etc have been very successful) Consider weekly prizes so that people feel like there are more chances to win and more chance of immediate gratification.

3. Easy-to-enter

  • A quick and simple sign-up process. (Should take less than 5 minutes)

4. Tell-a-friend

  • Make it easy for them to email their friends about your contest. You may choose to reward consumers with extra contest entries for every friend they refer.

5. Partner for Traffic

  • Partner with a top website to get traffic. Preferably a Top 20 website like

Technical Expectations:
  • Data capture specs are attached. (Field names & formats) Please see attached Appendix 1.

  • All data will be finally stored in the COMPANY database run by Vendor.

Data to be Captured: Please see attached Appendices 1& 2
Executional Mandatories:

  • COMPANY A Opt-in wording (see attached data capture specs)

Role of other COMPANY A suppliers:

Vendor B - will handle the prize fulfillments and may also handle the prize draws if necessary. (*Note: they have not been briefed on this project yet)

Key contact is XXXX tel: XXX email: XXX

Vendor C – will store all the data acquired during the contest in the COMPANY A Vendor A.

Key contact at XXX is XXX X tel: xxx email: xxxxx


Project description doc final

Suppliers return proposals

Contest development

Contest runs


Budget: in thousands of $


Prizes & fulfillment

Supplier to build/host contest site

Online advertising/email list purchase for traffic

Target Consumer:

Primary target - Women 25-40 with kids

Broader target - Women 18-60

Consumer Beliefs:

  1. She is looking for value and is willing to enter a contest to win a substantial, relevant prize.

  2. She is concerned about her privacy. She does not want to get on a mailing list and receive lots of junk mail. She may be willing to receive email about products she is interested in.


  • Description of strategy and plan to reach the objective

  • Budget and timelines

  • 1 to 3 creative concepts (eg storyboard or rough layout) AND a written description of the concept(s)

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