Creative portion ideas for a book presentation

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Please Note:

  • Poster Size” = 36inches X 24inches minimum sized (may be larger)

  • (*) Denotes that this cannot be done by itself and must be combined with another

  • (3) Denotes that you must have at least 3 creative portions when using this idea

  1. Tell about your favorite part of the book in your own words.* (cannot be used with #4)

  2. Make a hanging mobile with (10-15) pictures and objects from the book. (1/2 handmade) Explain each object/picture

  3. Make a (poster sized) collage with overlapping pictures/illustrations (at least 10 & at least ½ must be hand-drawn and colored) to illustrate items from the book. Each illustration should be explained how it relates to the book.

  4. Read interesting parts of the book aloud, directly from the book. (do not paraphrase) * (cannot be used w/#1)

  5. Describe what you liked or disliked about some of the characters.* Have these written out; include pictures

  6. Dramatize a short skit of a certain part of the book, including a script and characters (may include classmates!)

  7. Demonstrate something you learned.* A lesson about life, or something you’ve changed since reading the book

  8. Make a peep box (a box where you have to look inside) of the important part. (must be shoebox size or larger)

  9. Paint a mural of the story or parts of it. (must be poster size or larger)

  10. Draw or paint main characters from the book- include their names. (poster size or larger)

  11. Make hand-drawn/colored paper dolls, complete with costumes, of characters in the book. (must be 12”, or larger)

  12. Compare this book with another you have read on a similar subject. *

  13. Produce a “movie” DVD (short film 3-5 min.) of a scene from the book.

  14. Gather a collection of (6-10) objects that represent the book and explain the role each plays in the story.

  15. Put together a 3-D scene about the book. (must be at least 12 inches or larger)

  16. Create a puppet show with stick puppets. (may include classmates- have a script for them!)

  17. Devise a poster to “advertise” the book. (at least 3 of the illustrations must be hand-drawn/colored)

  18. Draw a map showing where the story & settings take place. (poster-size, hand drawn, labeled, and colored)

  19. Tell about the author and/or illustrator. * (have this written out on poster size paper, include a photo)

  20. Tape record and play back a portion of the story.

  21. Make a diorama (lifelike scene in a shoe box- or larger) of an important setting in the book.

  22. Do a lifelike soap or balsa-wood carving. (3)
  23. Design and make hand-drawn/colored stand-up characters. (must be 18”, or larger)

  24. Compose a poem about the story, with 3 or more stanzas. *

  25. Tell a story with music added -to set moods created in the book.

  26. Design/Wear a costume the character(s) might have worn. Have items with the

costume (explain their role in story)

  1. Write a letter to the character(s) in the story or the author of the book. * (have this on poster size paper)

  2. Write letters as if one character was corresponding with another.* (have these on poster size paper)

  3. Tell the story from a/the character’s(s’) point of view, using “I, me, my, we, us, etc.”

  4. Give an account of things you would have done similarly or different if you had been one of the characters.*

  5. Point out parts of the story that shows how a/the character(s) has CHANGED.

  6. Act out a conversation between two characters in the story; play both characters. (have props to show who’s speaking)

  7. Act out a conversation between yourself and a character and/or yourself & the author.(have props to show who’s speaking)

  8. Draw/color a (poster size) picture of the ending of your story and think of a title for it. Discuss this with class.

  9. Prepare a (poster size) plot pyramid diagram chart of all the fiction elements from the story. Include pictures.

  10. Write a play about a scene when the character(s) is in trouble. (try to include classmates as actors in play)

  11. Prepare a poster-size newspaper with articles about the characters’ activities. Include headlines, hand-drawn pictures
  12. Create a Crossword Puzzle OR Word Search (15+ words) w/ hand colored illustrations (make copies for all) (3)

  13. Tape record a 3-5 min. radio show about an important part of the book.

  14. Make a report card (poster size) for your book, including grades for setting, plot, characters, etc. *

  15. Make a hand-drawn/color illustrated on both sides bookmark that would best represent an aspect from the book.**(3)

  16. Write a journal entry as if you were one of the characters in the book. * (have this written out on poster size paper)

  17. Make a list (poster size) of “10 Rules to Live By” the main character(s) live(s) by. *(Must include hand-drawn pictures)

  18. Find 20 difficult vocabulary words in the book. (Poster size & copies for all ) Explain how used in book w/illustr. (3)

  19. Compare and Contrast (show Venn Diagram with likes/differences) characters from the book.* Include pictures.

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