Creative Writing Assignment: Halloween Scary Story Directions

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Creative Writing Assignment: Halloween Scary Story

Directions: On the bottom of your lollipop there is a colored dot. Your assignment is to begin your scary story with the first sentence of your color and then likewise, to end your story with the closing sentence. What you write about in between is up to you! If you do not finish in class you must finish for homework. NO EATING IN THE LIBRARY, IT IS A HALLOWEEN TREAT FOR LATER!
Purpose: This is a creative short story writing assignment, so use your imagination to write a truly scary story that is APPROPRIATE for school. It will be graded. How will you make it all flow from the prompts to the story? How will you wrap it up to bring it all together? Mechanics will be heavily graded so use your spell check wisely!

  1. You must use the two writing prompts to begin and end your short story.

  2. Your paper must be at least a page.

  3. Your paper heading should include the color dot that you were assigned on the lollipop.

  4. Your short story must have characters, a plot, a unique setting and a conflict.

  5. What you hear, see, smell, taste, touch etc must be incorporated into the story.

Red Dot:

Opening sentence- On a blustery, autumn evening three friends walked home from school through the graveyard that bordered their neighborhood.

Last sentence- Who would have known that the dead have parties too?

Purple Dot:

Opening sentence- I heard a scream from the bedroom window, when I looked up I saw my mother pointing down at me.

Last sentence- I will never, ever question my mother again.

Black Dot:

Opening sentence- I stuck my hand inside the bag and felt a slimy substance and thought, “Where am I?”

Last sentence- I thought things like that only happened in movies. I don’t think I will ever need to be reminded again.
Green Dot:

Opening sentence- An old man was raking dry, fall leaves into the road. I decided to help out my health grade and do a little community service, so I began helping him bag the leaves. All of a sudden…

Last sentence- Who knew that the living dead were among us?
Yellow Dot:

Opening sentence- When my (girlfriend/boyfriend) and I went to the movies that

night I never expected…

Last sentence- I didn’t think that ghosts and goblins existed. I will never say never again.

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