Cuca Fresca’s Story

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Cuca Fresca Backgrounder
Cuca Fresca’s Story

Created by a member of the fourth-generation of an historic cachaça-making family and her husband, Cuca Fresca is a family owned and operated company with a passion for making exceptional quality cachaça for all to enjoy.

The idea for Cuca Fresca came when Araci Ferreira brought small batches of her family’s cachaça from Brazil to New York for Cuca Fresca’s other co-founder, Phoenix Kelly-Rappa, because she was unable to find anything like it on the American market. Ms. Ferreira’s desire was to make superior artisanal cachaça something that was readily available to anyone who wanted to experience a spirit that Brazilians had treasured for centuries.

She decided on the name “Cuca Fresca”, which literally translates to “cool head” and is a Brazilian expression meaning “to be relaxed”, because she felt it perfectly captured the essence of the experience she wanted people to have while enjoying Cuca Fresca.

Methods of Production

Cuca Fresca’s master distillers know that excellent cachaça begins with superior quality sugarcane. For this reason, they use organically grown sugarcane that is grown, handcut and pressed at their distillery. Their cane is never burnt during harvest, resulting in a sweeter flavor.

Cuca Fresca comes from Minas Gerais, Brazil’s most famous cachaça-making region, and is double distilled using artisanal alambique copper stills. After the distillation is complete, each batch of Cuca Fresca Prata rests in oak barrels for one year to attain its uniquely smooth flavor. Cuca Fresca Ouro, our aged cachaça, is left in Jequitiba wood barrels for four years. Aging in this native-Brazilian wood imparts a natural gold color and complex notes of raw honey, caramel and peppery spice.

Each bottle of Cuca Fresca is filled with cachaça from a single batch that has been triple filtered. This production method affords Cuca Fresca the ability to closely control every step of the cachaça-making process and continue to deliver a consistently premium product.

Organic & Green

Cuca Fresca’s Prata and Ouro cachaças are made from organically grown sugarcane, are fermented and distilled with all-natural ingredients and are USDA certified organic. Cuca Fresca Exports, LLC has been called an “Eco-Leader” of the beverage industry (Beverage World) because of its dedication to organic production methods, its support of the Rainforest Foundation and other environmental charities.

Cuca Fresca Packaging

In February 2012, Cuca Fresca unveiled a completely new package design. Created by Miami-based design firm, The Workshop, Cuca Fresca’s new package was designed to look like a “modern classic” and truly reflect the quality of their product. Many of the elements of the label are symbolic, from the sugarcane background, to the number of stars around the logo (one for each of Brazil’s 27 states, to the icon of the macaw (Brazil’s national bird) perched on two criss-crossed pieces of sugarcane. Cuca Fresca recently relaunched their all-natural ready-to-drink Caipirinha, which is made from Cuca Fresca Prata, fresh lime juice and natural sugar.

Products & Awards

Cuca Fresca Prata (Silver)

Double Gold Medal Winner-San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Gold Medal Winner/90 Points-Beverage Testing Institute

Highest Rated Cachaça-Paul Pacult’s Ultimate Beverage Challenge (2010)

Highest Rated Cachaça-Beverage Testing Institute’s International Spirits Review

Cuca Fresca Ouro (Aged 4yrs in Jequitiba)

Gold Medal Winner/92 Points-Beverage Testing Institute

2nd Highest Rated Cachaça-Paul Pacult’s Ultimate Beverage Challenge (2010)

Silver Medal Winner-San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Cuca Fresca Classic Caipirinha (RTD)

Gold Medal Winner/93 Points-Beverage Testing Institute

Highest Rated Fruit-Flavored Ready-to-Drink Cocktail-Beverage Testing Institute’s

International Spirits Review

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