Cue for Treason Chapter Summaries


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Cue for Treason Chapter Summaries

Ch 1

The farmers have gathered in the middle of the night to destroy Sir Philip’s wall. Sir Philip and his men come along and Peter throws a rock at Sir Philip. One of his men fires and shoots the hat off Peter. Peter and the other men escape.

Ch 2

In the chapter the constable came looking for Peter. He was in trouble with the law. To protect himself and the other farmers, Peter leaves for Penrith.

Ch 3

Peter started on the journey. He arrived in Penrith and runs into Tom Burney, a family friend. He tells Peter that Sir Philip is looking everywhere for him. Peter decides to attend a play to get his mind off of things. He is sighted by Sir Philip, and hides in a trunk.

Ch 4

In Chapter 4 Peter is hiding in a trunk. He feels safe for the time being as he is taken out on stage. He is not sure the actors will trust him. He decides to stay in the trunk until he gets out of the city, then pop out and make a run for it.

Ch 5

The players discovered Peter in the wagon. They accepted him and were very kind. Mr. Desmond asked him to join the troupe as they were short handed for a young boy. (Girls were not allowed to act.) Peter was sleeping in the wagon the night after his first performance in Kendal. He was awoken by someone with a knife!

Ch 6

Peter was threatened by a young boy who wanted to join the players. He impressed Mr. Desmond with his acting, and was accepted. He played the parts of girls very well. Mrs. Desmond asked if they wanted to write letters home, Peter discovered Kit’s was addressed to Sir Philip Morton!

Ch 7

Kit never wanted to play games or swim with the other boys in the troupe. The group continued to move toward London, but it was becoming difficult to put on plays. They decided to “share out” and go their separate ways. Kit told Peter he was asked to go on with the Desmonds. Peter was jealous and when they fought, Peter discovered who Kit was.

Ch 8

Peter and Kit decided to stick together. They left with the Desmonds, but were in an accident and Mr. Desmond broke his leg. Peter and Kit continued on to London, but couldn’t get work, even with Mrs. Desmond’s letter. They met Shakespeare.

Ch 9

Shakespeare took Peter and Kit under his wings. He gave them a place to sleep and something to eat. They got parts in his plays, and Peter received a letter from his mother telling him not to return anytime soon.

Ch 10

Kit ran away before the play began. Peter had to play Juliet. Kit thought Sir Philip would recognize her, and ran away so she wouldn’t have to marry him. Sir Philip wanted to marry her to get her estate. Peter had to act well so Sir Philip wouldn’t recognize him. He did such a great job, Sir Philip gave him a gift.

Ch 11

The company is preparing to perform for the Queen. They are going to do a comedy which the Queen loves, Merry Wives of Windsor. The Queen rewards the crew with lots of food, but more importantly with the advertising they receive by being her favorite actors. The crew loved the food more!

Ch 12

The Yellow Gentleman stole the play script from Peter. He conned Peter for one shilling. When Peter tried to get it back, the man denied even knowing him. Peter and Kit devise a plan to get the script back. While Peter was in the house, he overheard a conversation about the Queen. When they got the script back they noticed that there was a message in the sonnet.

Ch 13

Peter and Kit took the script and their story to Sir Joseph Williams. He was from Cumberland himself, and he was high up on the Queen’s staff. He took them to see Sir Robert Cecil, the head of the secret service. His nephew Francis Bacon helped them solve the clue - sendnewsbypeel - Peter figured it must be Sir Philip’s peel tower.

Ch 14

Peter and Kit traveled to Cumberland with Mr. Boyd to find out what Sir Philip Morton was up to. They disguised themselves as peddlers. When they arrived Peter’s Mom was glad to see them but thought it unsafe for them to stay. Peter decided to go to the stronghold.

Ch 15

Kit, Peter and Tom went to the Stronghold where they were camping out. They began spying on the peel tower with a perspective glass. They continued to watch the tower, nothing was happening. It wasn’t until much time had passed that they decided to go to the tower for a closer look. When they went up to the tower they saw signs that someone had been there. While at the tower they heard someone coming and they managed to get away. It was Sir Philip and the yellow gentleman. Others also arrived and they continued to watch until they felt everyone had left. Tom went into the tower to investigate, while Peter stood watch.

Ch 16

Kit and Peter went to the tower to find Tom. Peter went in and Kit stood watch. Peter discovered the plot because he overheard two men talking. The plan was to murder the Queen. The murder would take place during the play, King Henry the Fifth. They would shoot her from behind the curtain.

Kit signaled Peter that a man was coming but he chose to stay hiding. Peter wasn’t able to find Tom, but he did find a pool of blood on the floor. While trying to hide from the men in the tower, Peter slipped on a step and knocked himself out, the men heard him fall.

Ch 17

Peter woke up in an unfamiliar place. He was with Duncan. He went to run away and realized he was on an inlet. Duncan managed to get Peter and tie him up. Duncan began asking Peter what he knew and who else knew of the conspiracy. Peter managed to knock Duncan out with a stone and cut himself loose with a broken piece of glass. Peter planned to escape by swimming the river. Peter was not killed by the men because they wanted information from him. They wanted to know who else knew about the conspiracy.

Ch 18

A storm began to blow into Ulltswater. Peter tied Duncan up, first making sure that he was still alive. Peter decided to swim the four miles across the water. The thought of the conspiracy kept him going because he knew that he was the only one who knew the details and could save the Queen. When he crossed the river he was spotted by two men who were looking for him. They chased Peter up a cliff until Peter wrestled one of the men off the cliff to his death.

Ch 19

Peter returned home, meeting his Mom, Dad and Kit at the door. Sir Philip and his men came to the farm looking for Peter. Peter and Kit were hiding in the loft of the house. Sir Philip requested that he search the house but Peter’s father refused to let them in. They began to try to bang the door down. Kit and Peter were able to sneak out of the house through a small hole at the back of the house. They were heading to Keswick.

Ch 20

Kit and Peter went to Keswick to tell Mr. Armthwaite, a magistrate, what was going on. They soon realized that he was part of the plot. They managed to escape on two of his finest horses and began heading for London to deliver the news to Sir Robert themselves.

Ch 21

Kit and Peter are on their way to London. They realize that they cannot trust anyone. They are afraid that they do not have enough money to make it to London. They then looked into Mr. Armthwaite’s pouch and found food and money that would help them get to London. They decided to take a different road to London called the Great North Road.

Ch 22

Peter and Kit chose to travel a different road. That night they stayed in an Inn. The people were very nice and Peter and Kit made up a story that they were delivering their fine horses to their owners in York.

The next day while traveling they met a group of miners, who were a mean bunch. They forced them off the road and their horses, planning to steal them. The miners planned on putting Peter and Kit into the huge pot hole that was along the road. On their way there they ran into a group of men on horses. The miners took off quickly on the horses. Peter and Kit realized it was Sir Philip and his men.

Ch 23

Sir Philip and his men did not see Kit and Peter on the trail because they were to interested in the horses ahead. Peter and Kit managed to make it to a wooden area where they thought they would be safe. They heard voices in the distance and they thought it was Sir Philip and his men. It turned out to be the Desmonds. After hearing Peter’s story they agreed to help. They acted the part of the Queen’s army and arrested Sir Philip and his men when they rode by. Peter and Kit planned to leave for London. They knew they had to get there soon because the play had been pushed ahead two days.

Ch 24

They built the stage and began preparing for the play. The Queen arrived in all her fancy attire. John Somers was hiding back stage waiting for his cue but the cue was never heard. He was taken away by the guards and Peter and Kit were relieved.

Ch 25

Kit was given a dress to wear. She and Peter were taken to the Queen to tell their story. In return for what they had done, the Queen agreed to be Kit’s guardian. She also agreed to take down the wall that Sir Philip had built and return the land to Peter and the people of Cumberland. In later years Kit and Peter married and lived with their sons near Ullswater.


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