Cv 2007/’08 Kay Sentance Born 1966 in Nairobi/East Africa

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CV 2007/’08 Kay Sentance

Born 1966 in Nairobi/East Africa.

Lived there for 4 years before moving to the Seychelles for 2 years.

Lived , studied and worked in Germany for 22 years

My background is in Interior Architecture, which I studied in Düsseldorf. Germany.

After having worked in design offices for four years I became more involved in Theatre.

For the past 14 years I’ve been working as a Prop Maker and Set Designer.

My work encompasses many different approaches and techniques with various media ranging from clay to polystyrene.

These experiences have also enabled me to work in Building Conservation.

This I have been doing now for 8 years in addition to my Theatre work.

I’ve worked in office environments as part of a team well as self directed in a freelance environment and feel comfortable in both.

Having lived in Germany for 22 years I am fluent in German.

I’ve worked as-

Carpenter’s assistant for a year.

An interior designer for 2 years.

A trade show designer for further 2 years.

3 month work experience in a metal workshop. Düsseldorf/Germany.

Assistant designer it the Oberhausen Theatre /Germany

Set painter at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf/Germany

Prop maker and set painter at Northampton Royal Theatre/UK

Prop maker at the Oxford Playhouse for 6 years /UK

Puppeteer’s assistant to Steven Motram

Production manager for Productions at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford/UK

Set designer for 8 shows at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford/UK

Prop maker for OTTC Theatre, Oxford /UK

Polystyrene carver for ‘Siemens’ trade fair stand/Germany

Film set dresser for an American production in Oxford.

Educational workshops for ‘Coral Arts’ and ‘Creative Partnerships’

Artist in residence at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

Invited presentation at Queens College Belfast in collaboration with

Brookes University ,Oxford

Building conservator on various projects , including the Bodleian Library ,Oxford.

Lead artist with “Creative Partnership” collaboration at St. Josephs School, Slough.

Prop buyer and maker for ‘Tree of life’ Story Museum, Oxford.

The above is abridged-more information on request.

During 2007/’08

Theatre and Installation work,

* Simultainiuos installtion/transmission of old Radios sets,

as part of the Oxford /Bonn twinning exchange.October 2007

* Part of “Gift” exhibition at OVADA gallery in Oxford.

This was as part of the TIE (the Ideas Exchange) group.March-May 2008

* Project management as Pegasus Theatre for their “Journeys to freedom” Festival.

Sept.’07 March ‘08

* Assistant curator for “The Greenham Museum”

A false/alternative history museum about Greenham common

devised by Roger Perkins.March ’08 .

* Prop maker and workshop leader at Larkrise School,Oxford

with “The Story Museum” developing a story exhibit with year 6.June-July’08


*‘ArtWash’. Futher development and funding applications

for an artist- led space in a working launderette.

Founded by myself in 2003.

* ‘Dragons’ Tale”tour with Cecilia McFarlane-a dance production.Oct.-Dec.’08

Building Conservation-

* Uncovering and reconstruction of victorian wall painting-

St Peter’s church, Northampton.

* Uncovering and repairs to a victorian ceiling in the Assembly rooms at the

Grand Thaetre- Leeds .July-August’08

* “St Pancras- Chambres”London.Time estimation for repair and conservation work

August ‘08


* All Souls, Oxford. Repainting of sundail designed by Sir Christopher Wren.


Theatre Conservation

Tim Boyd

Ms Katkov

Technical Manager 55 Weyland road

Oxford Playhouse

Beaumont Street Oxford

Oxford OX3 8PD

Oxford OX1 2IW
Kay Sentance

Rose Cottage, Great Haseley. Oxon. OX44 7JG

ksentance @

07986 985376

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