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Dagwood’s Band Reviews

September issue of “Nite Times” (page 36)

This month I decided to venture away from the normal music scene of the hard rock metal that I have loved for decades and still do enjoy listening to. I decided to slow my head banging Saturday night down a few notches. No I am not slowing down my pace maker, I just needed something different this month.
This past Saturday, we went to see a one woman musical show known as American Gypsy. When I say "show", that is exactly what I mean! American Gypsy puts on one hell of a show!
The stars of this extravaganza are Jodi, with the lead vocals, lead guitar, big smile, big "eyes", (guys you know what I mean here), wearing low cut and short outfits, and in the shadow hides the little appreciated sound guy named Bob. "Hi Bob!"
American Gypsy is as much a demanded performer at most, if not all bike rallies around the 5 state area, she has played everywhere from an 8 stool bar in Wisconsin, to great outdoor concerts! Jodi doesn't like standing in one place during her songs. If there is a table to stand on, she will do it. Better hold onto your drinks as she will dance on the bar if there is not enough room for her to roam. I saw her dancing on tables, and she makes the girls of Coyote Ugly look like amateurs. There is nothing better than sitting at your table with a cold beer and having a hot woman dancing on your table! Yeah Baby!!!

Picture this, Jodi has one of her short skirts on that makes her look like she has legs up to her chin and she is dancing and singing to you. The best part of this, is you get to keep that money in your pocket for your next beer and drool over the view in front of you. Does a night out get any better than this for under $25?? She looks better than the girls at the stripper bars, and it won't cost $20 for a table dance that will last thirty seconds!

For anybody out there who is curious, yes, I did bring Blondie with me. I had to protect myself, as I didn't want to try to explain that I had spent the night with a beautiful blonde at the bar and she danced at my table. This way if I talk about Jodi in my sleep, I am covered with the "get out of jail" free card".
American Gypsy sings an array of songs from the 70's up to present. She does many songs that we haven't heard in a long, long time. As soon as she starts a song, you will just smile and say "I remember that one"!!
The best part of Jodi's show, besides looking at her, would be the many original songs she plays. My favorite is called "Your Momma Don't Know". It is about a young man who keeps dating beautiful women in his town, only to find out from his Dad that these women are all his sisters and his Momma don't know. At the end of the song is a very good twist that makes everybody paying attention laugh. She sings about "tired of being older than the cop that pulls her over" and "birth control and beer". Every one of her originals, are stories that make you wonder if they were written because of real life experiences. If they are, you really want to get to know Jodi better, but unfortunately, there is Bob hiding in the shadows "Hi Bob!
Another good original tells the story Jodi's plans for the future. This song is titled, "When I Grow Up, I Wannna Be A Bitch". Guess she has not reached this plateau in life yet, as Jodi is a long way from being a bitch!!!! You really should buy one or both of her CD's, so you can hear these songs anytime you want to.

Audience participation is requested for several songs. Most of the time, it is needed for singing the words. But one song does need Vanna White turning the cue cards. There were more than enough volunteers to help out with the cue cards just to be close to Jodi.

American Gypsy spends almost every Friday and Saturday night at her "office". She loves her job, and how many of you can say you love going to your office! Granted, Jodi's office is a different bar every weekend, but still it is an office. Every person in the bar gets special attention, because she doesn't have fun unless you are smiling and enjoying your night out.
Jodi was singing one of my favorite songs to us, and I was joking with her. It must have been good, because she started laughing and forgot where she was in the song!! In fact, this happened a few times at other tables as well. Not a problem, Jodi just composes herself and continues on like nothing embarrassing happened.
If you have a chance to catch the American Gypsy show, I would strongly advise you do so. There is great music and, you can carry on a conversation with the people next to you. The American Gypsy show is fun entertainment for all ages 21-80, but if you bring your Grandparents with you, cover their ears for a couple of her more provocative songs such as "My Best Friend Is Peter". Let your mind wander on this one and keep supporting our local musical talents.
May you all live as long as you want and never want as long as you live!!!


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