Dai Senso! Axis Empires Scenario Book

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Dai Senso! Axis Empires

Scenario Book

Game Design by Alan Emrich, Thomas Prowell and Salvatore Vasta

© 2011 Decision Games

Introduction 2

Playing DS for the First Time 2

Game Preparation 2

Campaign Game Balancing 3

A. Training Scenarios 3

A.1 August Storm 3

A.1.1 Scenario Setup 3

A.1.2 Units and Markers Setup 4

A.1.3 Axis Faction Setup 4

A.1.4 Soviet Faction Setup 4

A.1.5 Special Rules 4

A.2 The China Incident 4

A.2.1 Scenario Setup 4

A.2.2 Units and Markers Setup 4

A.2.3 Axis Faction Setup 4

A.2.4 Western Faction Setup 4

A.2.5 Special Rules 5

A.3 Tora! Tora! Tora! 5

A.3.1 Scenario Setup 5

A.3.2 Units and Markers Setup 5

A.3.3 Axis Faction Setup 5

A.3.4 Western Faction Setup 6

A.3.5 Special Rules 6

B. One-Map Campaign Game 7

B.1 War of Resistance 7

B.1.1 Scenario Setup 7

B.1.2 Units and Markers Setup 7

B.1.3 Axis Faction Setup 7

B.1.4 Western Faction Setup 7

B.1.5 Soviet Faction Setup 7

B.1.6 Special Rules 8

C. Two-Map Campaign Games 8

C.1 1937: The Rising Sun 8

C.1.1 Scenario Setup 8

C.1.2 Units and Markers Setup 8

C.1.3 Axis Faction Setup 8

C.1.4 Western Faction Setup 9

C.1.5 Soviet Faction Setup 9

C.1.6 Special Rules 9

C.2 1938: The Cornered Mouse 9

C.2.1 Scenario Setup 9

C.2.2 Units and Markers Setup 9

C.2.3 Axis Faction Setup 10

C.2.4 Western Faction Setup 10

C.2.5 Soviet Faction Setup 11

C.2.6 Special Rules 11

C.3 1939: Fateful Decision 11

C.3.1 Scenario Setup 11

C.3.2 Units and Markers Setup 11

C.3.3 Axis Faction Setup 11

C.3.4 Western Faction Setup 12

C.3.5 Soviet Faction Setup 13

C.3.6 Special Rules 13

C.4 1940: Opportunity Awaits 13

C.4.1 Scenario Setup 13

C.4.2 Units and Markers Setup 13

C.4.3 Axis Faction Setup 13

C.4.4 Western Faction Setup 14

C.4.5 Soviet Faction Setup 15

C.5 1941a: When Tigers Fight 15

C.5.1 Scenario Setup 15

C.5.2 Units and Markers Setup 15

C.5.3 Axis Faction Setup 15

C.5.4 Western Faction Setup 16

C.5.5 Soviet Faction Setup 17

C.5.6 Special Rules 17

C.6 1941b: The War in the Pacific 17

C.6.1 Scenario Setup 17

C.6.2 Units and Markers Setup 18

C.6.3 Axis Faction Setup 18

C.6.4 Western Faction Setup 18

C.6.5 Soviet Faction Setup 19

C.7 1942: Waking Giant 19

C.7.1 Scenario Setup 19

C.7.2 Units and Markers Setup 20

C.7.3 Axis Faction Setup 20

C.7.4 Western Faction Setup 21

C.7.5 Soviet Faction Setup 21

C.8 1943: Magic & Vengeance 22

C.8.1 Scenario Setup 22

C.8.2 Units and Markers Setup 22

C.8.3 Axis Faction Setup 22

C.8.4 Western Faction Setup 23

C.8.5 Soviet Faction Setup 24

Designers Notes 24


The DS scenario book is divided into several sections:

  • Introduction: The section you’re reading right now includes advice on playing DS for the first time and general instructions on setting up a game.

  • A. Training Scenarios: This section contains three shorter scenarios for learning how to play DS.

  • B. One-Map Campaign Game: For those who are short on space, we have a one-map campaign game.

  • C. Two-Map Campaign Games: This is the meat of the book. There is one scenario for each year from 1937 to 1943; the critical year of 1941 has two scenarios to choose from.

  • Designers Notes: Some musings about the design philosophy behind DS.

Playing DS for the First Time

If you are new to DS, we’d recommend that you set up scenario A.1 August Storm. Then you can learn while playing by using this “jump start” procedure.

Step 1: Before you start playing, read the sections of the rulebook listed under “Read Before Playing” in the August Storm Scenario Setup instructions found in A.1.1.

Design Note: If you’re familiar with wargames, you should have little problem understanding the core concepts introduced at this time.

Step 2: Set up the August Storm Scenario, following the steps listed in “Game Preparation” below and the setup instructions found in A.1

Step 3: With the rulebook in hand, you can begin playing. Follow the Sequence of Play closely – the rules are presented in the order you will use them in the game. Read a section, then play out that Phase or Segment. We’ve listed the important rules you’ll encounter as you go through the Sequence of Play under “Read As You Play” in A.1.1.

Design Note: You won't play quickly this way, but you should end up with a firm grasp of DS's mechanics. And don’t worry too much about getting something wrong. You’ll have fun no matter what rules you don’t get right the first time. We’re happy to report that the game is pretty much indestructible this way.

Step 4: After you’re feeling comfortable with August Storm, try a run at scenarios A.2 The China Incident and then A.3 Tora! Tora! Tora!, following the same read-and-play strategy we’ve presented for you. Each of those scenarios will introduce new rules to learn as you go.

Step 5: After a few training scenarios, we hope you’ll feel comfortable enough to tackle one of the campaign games. At this time, go back and read the whole rulebook before setting out to play.

Design Note: Be especially sure to read section 12 on War States, because you won’t have read them during the training scenarios.

If you’re the impatient type, you can skip the Look-Up Rules before tackling a campaign game. Remember, sections 14-16 are rules you’re meant to “look up” as you play.

You should also spend some time reading the Players Notes on the back of each faction’s Aid Cards – they contain some useful information regarding the strategic decisions you’ll face over the course of the game.

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